CBSE Class 11 Multimedia And Web Technology Question Paper Set A Solved

Read and download CBSE Class 11 Multimedia And Web Technology Question Paper Set A Solved designed as per the latest question paper pattern and Class 11 examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The past year Question Papers for Class 11 Other Subjects have been provided with solutions which will help students to assess their performance and find out topics in Other Subjects grade 11 which they need to improve to get better marks in Standard 11 exams. After solving these last year papers also refer to solved Sample Papers for Class 11 Other Subjects available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject


1. Mention any two input devices and its usage. 

2. Differentiate between RAM and ROM. 

3. Explain the components of a computer system.

4. Answer the following:

a) 1 GB=__________________Byte.
b) _________________ =1024 Tera byte.

5. What are the functions of an Operating System? 

6. How Disk Defragmentation is different from Disk Cleanup? 

7. What are the three different types of software? Give examples for each. 

8. Write a short note on plotter. 


1. Define URL. 

2. Differentiate between container and non-container tags. Give examples for each. 

3. Explain the use of <a> as an anchor tag and <a> as a link.

4. Write the HTML code to generate a webpage in the format given below:

Consider the following while writing the HTML code:

a) Title of the page should be “Kanha Wild Life”.

b) Background color of the page should be silver.

c) Font for entire document is “Times New Roman”.

d) Text style of the main heading should be “Arial Bold” and color should be “red”.

e) Image used is kanha tigers.bmp

f) Use the concept of nested list for creating the list specified.

g) Table in the center should have a border of 5 pixels and color in maroon and the spacing between the cell content and border is 10 pixels.

h) The text “Reach Us “is the link to another web page “contact us .html”.

CBSE Class 11 Multimedia And Web Technology Question Paper Set A Solved 1

5. Name the Tag and Attribute used for the following:
a) Marking up text to retain its formatting.
b) To have an 8 pixel thick horizontal line centralized across 50% of the window.

6. What is a definition list? Which are the three tags used to create a definition list. 

7. Correct the error and rewrite the following HTML code: (each error carries ½ marks each)
<head>My Blog</title>
<style type=”txt/css”>

H1 { font-style=”Lucida Handwriting” colour:”rgb(0,255,0,0)” }
P{ text-transform:”overline” }
<body bgcolor=”d:/flower.jpg>
<h1> My Blog<h1>
<paragraph> My Blog is the best </paragraph>

8. Ranjan has created a web page with the url “ http://” .You now want to link to this web page,when you click on the photograph of Ranjan which you have placed on your web page.Assume that the name of the file containing Ranjan’s photograph is “d:/myfriend.jpg”.Create the image link.

9. What is the use of align and valign attribute of a <TD > tag. 

10. Write the Html code to create the following frame set:

CBSE Class 11 Multimedia And Web Technology Question Paper Set A Solved 2

11. Write the code to create the following form in html:

12. Write any two advantages of CSS 

13. Use CSS properties to find the following output:

CBSE Class 11 Multimedia And Web Technology Question Paper Set A Solved 4

The color of the background is yellow and the border colour is Green.

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