CBSE Class 11 Entrepreneurship Question Paper Set B Solved

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1 “Earlier, hair oil was available only in tins and introducing it in plastic small packs has become convenient for customers to carry and use”. Mention the core value of an entrepreneur referred in the above case.

2 Define market research. 


3 Daniel has a cotton textile manufacturing unit. He basically serves the customer with the same products. He does not want to take risk and his strategy is easier and comfortable. Mention the strategy adopted by Daniel in his business.

4 Dr. Abraham M. George, is the founder of The George Foundation. It was established in January 1995 in Bangalore, India. Their mission is to work towards poverty eradication, promote environmental health, and strengthen democratic institutions and values in developing countries. Dr. Abraham M. George is totally different from Sanders, founder of KFC. Mention any one difference between the m.


5 A group of persons sit together and generate a number of business ideas by innovating alternative ways of meeting the needs and solving problems. It is usually an unstructured discussion in which one idea leads to another. This is a very productive method for generating as many ideas as possible Identify the way of generating business ideas discussed in the above para.


6 What is an entrepreneurship? 


7 “A consumer's attitude can be formed and changed through personal contact with influential persons such as respected friends relatives and experts. Opinion leaders are examples of people who are respected by their followers and who may strongly influence the attitudes and purchase behavior of followers”. How is this factor mentioned in the above para used by the firms to earn profit? Give an example.

8 Some companies expand the business into unrelated industries. For example TATA which has business in automobile, salt, consultancy services etc. Identify the business strategy adopted by the firm. Explain.

9 It is the process that activates the entrepreneurs to exert a high level of effort for the achievement of his or her goals. Identify the concept and organise the process of the concept referred in an orderly sequence.

10 Hina Shah, a pioneer in the space of women entrepreneurship for more than three decades, and founder of the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD), says, "Currently, the overall environment for women entrepreneurship in India is conducive and a series of initiatives has been taken up to encourage it. However, from a macro policy point of view, women entrepreneurship development has been a residual category.” Identify any two proble ms in the wome n entrepreneurship development.

11 Redman, an entrepreneur knew the importance of marketing research but he needs clarifications on the good aspects of marketing research. Can you help him with a few characteristics that make marketing research a good research?

12 Society and family plays an important role in encouraging young minds to take up entrepreneurial venture. Explain and also mention the good values that society need to have to encourage women entrepreneurs to come forward with their new business ideas.

13 „An entrepreneur is the owner of the enterprise and an employee is in the service of the enterprise and both work in the interest of the enterprise‟. Analyze the differences between them.


14 Identify the features of Social Entrepreneurs. 


15 There are a number of aspects involved in marketing aproduct or service .some of them are controllable and others are uncontrollable. Those which are uncontrollable, least could be done about them. What are those controllable aspects of marketing?

16 “These are called as the chance of loss. It is the possibility of some adverse occurrence in businesses”.
Identify the concept mentioned in the above statement and explain types of the concept identified in the statement.

17 Naman and Aman are classmates in Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) ,Ahmadabad . Naman had various ideas of ventures to be started to exploit the business opportunities in Gujarat.

Aman told Naman to go for detailed process of evaluating all business ideas Naman had. But Naman replied that “evaluating various business ideas are a big waste of time”. Aman said “Amidst of rapidly changing environment, it may seem that evaluating ideas are a big waste of time. One may think that if one takes time to evaluate one‟s entrepreneurial ideas one will miss the quickly closing window of opportunity. However, there are good reasons why idea evaluation is an important step in researching the ventures feasibility”. Mention those good reasons of evaluating business ideas before venturing into a business.

18 Identify the advantages of entrepreneurship. 


19 Kareem, an engineering graduate from Coimbatore began a unit to produce submersible pumps. He started the enterprise with enthusiasm, but when he faced some difficulties in the execution of their plans, he lost confidence and finally gave up the business venture.
a) Identify the barriers of entrepreneurship discussed in the case and explain any two other barriers.
b) What value would you like to suggest to entrepreneurs like Kareem?

20 Competency is a set of defined behaviors that provide a structured guide enabling the identification, evaluation and development of the behaviors in an individual. Can yo u identify some of the entrepreneurial competencies?

21 The range of activities performed under Business can be broadly classified as
a) Industry and b) Commerce. But both aspects are different from each other. Can you find the major differences between these two?

22 “Entrepreneurial skills can be inculcated in the young minds of our country. There are organizations that help to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies”.
a)What are these organizations called?
b) How does such organization help start-ups in fund raising?


23 “Economic growth depends on the rate of innovation in the economic field, which in turn depends on the number and quality of entrepreneurs in the society”. How does an entrepreneur act as an agent of progress in the society?

24 Igor Ansoff’s Matrix is a very useful frame work for detecting new intensive growth opportunities. Explain those growth strategies with the help of his matrix

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