CBSE Class 7 Mathematics All Chapters MCQs

CBSE Class 7 Mathematics All Chapters MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 7 Mathematics with answers have been prepared as per the latest 2021 syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 7 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions for important part of exams for Grade 7 Mathematics and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter wise MCQs for NCERT Class 7 Mathematics and also download more latest study material for all subjects



Q1.Which of the following is the additive inverse of – 27 ?

(i) --27 (ii) 27 (iii) 0 (iv) 1

Q2.Which of the following is the value of (--12)x(--2)x(--5) ?

(i) --120 (ii) 120 (iii) 0 (iv) 1

Q3.Which of the following is the value of (--4)x [ (--5)+ (--3)] ?

(i) --32 (ii) 120 (iii) 32 (iv) –23

Q4.A shop keeper makes a profit of Rs.5 on each pen & incurs a loss of Rs. 2 on each pencil box. What will be his net profit if he sells ten pens & ten pencil boxes?

(i) 20 (ii) 30 (iii) 50 (iv) 100

Q5.Which of the following is the simplest form of [ (--5)+ (--7)]/ [(--2) + (-- 1)] ?

(i) --12 (ii) 12 (iii) 4 (iv) --4



Q1. Which of the following is the equivalent fraction of 3/4 with numerator 18 ?

(i) 18/12 (ii) 18/20 (iii) 18/4 (iv) 18/24

Q2.Which of the following is the perimeter of the rectangle of length 3/4 m & breadth 1/4 m?

(i) 2 m (ii) 1 m (iii) 3/8m (iv) 4m

Q3.In a class of 40 students, 3/5 of the total number of students are girls. How many students of the class are boys?

(i) 24 (ii) 20 (iii) 16 (iv) 15

Q4.A car runs 16 km using 1 litre of petrol. How much distance will it cover using 2.5 litres of petrol?

(i) 16km (ii) 40km (iii) 32km (iv) 50km

Q5.Which of the following is the value of 0.1 x 51.7

(i) 517 (ii) 51.7 (iii) 0.517 (iv) 5.17

Q6.A vehicle covers a distance of 89.1 km in 2.2 hours. What is the average distance covered by it in 1 hour?

(i) 40.5 m (ii) 40.5km (iii) 4.05 km (iv) 405 km



Q1.Which of the following is the mean of first five natural numbers ?

(i) 2 (ii) 3 (iii) 4 (iv) 5

Q2. Which of the following is the mode of the data 1,1,2,4,3,2,1,2,2,4 ?

(i) 1 (ii) 2 (iii) 3 (iv) 4

Q3.An unbiased die is tossed once. Which of the following is the probability of getting an even number?

(i) 1 (ii) 1/ 2 (iii)1/ 3 (iv)1/ 4

Q4.A container contains 3 red & 4 black balls. If one ball is selected at random from the container, what is the probability that it is black?

(i) 3/7 (ii) 4/7 (iii)1 (iv)zero

Q5.Study the following graph & answer the following questions?


(a) Which class has the maximum number of children ?

(i) V (ii) VI (iii) VII (iv) VIII 

(b) Which class has the minimum number of children ?

(i) IX (ii) X (iii) VII (iv) VIII

(c) Which of the following is the ratio of students of class VI to the students of class VIII ?

(i) 4 (ii) 5:6 (iii) 6:5 (iv) VIII

Q6.A number is selected at random from the first five natural numbers. Find the probability that the number is a prime? 

(i) 3/7 (ii) 4/7 (iii)3/5 (iv)2/5




Q1. Which of the following is the value of ‘m’ in the equation 3m – 14 = 4

(i) 4 (ii) 5 (iii) 6 (iv) 7

Q2. Which of the following is the solution of the equation 2x – 3y = 1

(i) x= 1, y = 1 (ii) x= 1, y = 2 (iii) x = 2 , y = 1 (iv) x =--1, y = 2

Q3. The sum of three times a number & 11 is 32. Find the number?

(i) 6 (ii) 7 (iii) 10 (iv) 21

Q4. The sum of the ages of three persons is 50 years. What will be the sum their Ages after 5 years?

(i) 65 (ii) 55 (iii) 150 (iv) 21

Q5. One – fifth of a number minus 4 gives 3. Find which of the following is the number? 

(i) 20 (ii) 7 (iii) 15 (iv)35 





Q1.How many altitudes can a triangle have ?

(i) one (ii) two (iii) three (iv)four

Q2.The exterior angle of a triangle is 120° & one of its interior opposite angles is 70° .Find the measure of its other interior opposite angle ?

(i) 90° (ii) 50° (iii) 60° (iv) 100°

Q3.The angles of a triangle are in the ratio 2:3:5 . What is the largest angle of the triangle?

(i) 54° (ii) 36° (iii) 90° (iv) 100°

Q4.Δ ABC is right-angled at C. If AC = 5cm & BC = 12 cm , what is the length of AB ?

(i) 7cm (ii) 17 cm (iii) 13cm (iv) 20cm

Q5.What is the perimeter of the rectangle whose length is 40cm & a diagonal is 41cm?

(i) 164cm (ii) 162 cm (iii) 81cm (iv) 98cm

Q6.Among two congruent angles, one has a measure of 70. What is the measure of the other angle?

(i) 140° (ii) 35° (iii) 70° (iv) 110°

Q7. Δ ABC ≡ ΔDEF. If AB = 7cm, what is the length of DE ? 

(i) 14cm (ii) 16 cm (iii) 7cm (iv) 18cm



Q1.Which of the following is the ratio of 3Km to 300m?

(i) 10:1 (ii) 1:10 (iii) 100 : 1 (iv) 1:100

Q2.If 5:x = 3:4 , what will be the value of ‘x’

(i) 3/20 (ii) 15/4 (iii) 20/3 (iv) 4/15

Q3.In a computer lab, there are 3 computers for every 6 students. How many computers will be needed for 24 students?

(i) 18 (ii) 12 (iii) 4 (iv) 8

Q4.Out of 32 students, 8 are absent. What per cent of the students are absent?

(i) 40% (ii) 8% (iii) 4% (iv) 25%

Q5.In a city, 30% are females, 40% are males & remaining are children. What per cent are children?

(i) 40% (ii) 30% (iii) 60% (iv) 70%

Q6.Ram saves Rs. 400 from her salary. If this is 10% of her salary, what is her salary?

(i) 40000 (ii) 9000 (iii) 4000 (iv) 10000

Q7.An article purchased for Rs.1000 is sold for Rs.1100.What is his gain percentage?

(i) 40% (ii) 30% (iii) 20% (iv) 10%

Q8.You have Rs.2400 in your account & the interest rate is 5% per annum. After how many years would you earn Rs.240 as interest?

(i) 1yr. (ii) 2yrs. (iii) 4yrs. (iv) 8yrs.

Q9.The population of a city decreased from 25000 to 24500. Find the percentage decrease in population?

(i) 4% (ii) 3% (iii) 2% (iv) 1%

Q10.What rate gives Rs. 280 as interest on a sum of Rs.56000 in 2 years? 

(i) 2.5% (ii) 0.25% (iii) 25% (iv) 0.025%



Q1. Which of the following is the standard form of 36/-24?

(i) -3/2 (ii) 3/2 (iii) 2/3 (iv) 2/-3

Q2. What is the value of ( --7/5) + ( --2/3)

(i) -31/15 (ii) 31/15 (iii) 15/31 (iv) 15/-31

Q3. Which of the following is the additive inverse of – 4/7 ?

(i)--4/7 (ii) 4/7 (iii) zero (iv) 7/4

Q4. Which of the following is the multiplicative inverse of – 4/5 ?

(i)4/5 (ii) --5/4 (iii) zero (iv) 5/4

Q5. What is the value of ( --7/5) x ( --15/14)

(i) –3/2 (ii) 3/2 (iii) 2/3 (iv) –2/3

Q6. How many rational numbers are there between 2 & 4 ?

(i) zero (ii) one (iii) two (iv) uncountable

Q7. What is the value of ( --7/15) ÷ ( --14/15) ? 

(i) –1/2 (ii) 1/2 (iii) 98/225 (iv) –2




Q1. The circumference of a circle is 44 cm. What is its radius ?

(i) 42cm (ii) 21cm (iii) 7cm (iv) 14cm

Q2. What is the area of the circle of radius 7cm ?

(i) 49cm2 (ii) 22cm2 (iii) 154cm2 (iv) 308cm2

Q3. Diameter of a circular garden is 9.8cm.Which of the following is its area?

(i) 75.46cm2 (ii) 76.46cm2 (iii) 74.4cm2 (iv) 76.4cm2

Q4. If each side of a square is 1m, which of the following is its area?

(i) 10cm2 (ii) 100cm2 (iii) 1000cm2 (iv) 10000cm2

Q5. What is the area of a rectangle of dimensions 12cm x 10cm?


(i) 44cm2 (ii) 120cm2 (iii) 1440cm2 (iv) 1200cm2


CHAPTER -12 & 13.



Q1.Which of the following is the coefficient of ‘x’ in 3x3—4x2 + 7x –8 ?

(i) 3 (ii) --4 (iii) 7 (iv) –8

Q2.What is the sum of (3x—7y +5z) & (--2x + 3y) ?

(i) 5x—4y (ii) x—4y+5z (iii) 5x—4y +5z (iv) x—10y + 5z

Q3.What is the value of ( 24ab—10b—18a) – (30ab +12b +14a) ?

(i) –(6ab+22b+32a) (ii) --54ab—12b (iii) 6ab+22b+32a (iv) 6ab—22b

Q4.What should be added to –5x + 3y to get 3x – 2y ?

(i) 5x—4y (ii) 8 x—5y (iii) --8x—4y (iv) 2x—10y

Q5.What is the value of ( 3x2—5x + 6) at x=1 ?

(i) 3 (ii) 4 (iii) --8 (iv) 14

Q6.Which of the following is the exponential form of ‘243’

(i) 32 (ii) 23 (iii) 35 (iv) 53

Q7.Which of the following is the simplest form of (--3)2 x( --4)3

(i) 576 (ii) --576 (iii) --64 (iv) –36

Q8.Which of the following is the simplest form of [(2)20 ÷ ( 2)18]x23

(i) 8 (ii) --8 (iii) --32 (iv) 32

Q9.Which of the following is the standard form of 12700 ?

(i) 1.27x104 (ii) 12.7x104 (iii) 127x102 (iv) 1270x10

Q10.Which of the following is the simplest form of 9x103 + 2x102?

(i) 9000 (ii) 9002 (iii) 9200 (iv) 209

Q11.Which of the following is the value of (–1)100 x (--1)20 ? 

(i) 20000 (ii) --1 (iii) 1 (iv) 2

CHAPTER -14 & 15


Q1.A regular pentagon has how many lines of symmetry ?

(i)3 (ii) 4 (iii) 5 (iv) 6

Q2.Which of the following letters of the English alphabet has reflectional symmetry about a vertical mirror?

(i) A (ii) B (iii) C (iv) D

Q3.What is the order of rotational symmetry of a square?

(i) 3 (ii) 4 (iii) 5 (iv) 6

Q4.How many edges are there in a cuboid?

(i) 3 (ii) 4 (iii) 5 (iv) 6

Q5.Which of the following represents the sum total of the number of dots on the opposite faces of a die ?

(i) 9 (ii) 8 (iii) 7 (iv) 6

Q6.Three cubes each with 2cm edge are placed side by side to form a cuboid. What will be the length of the cuboid? 

(i) 8cm (ii) 4cm (iii) 6cm (iv) 9cm



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