CBSE Class 4 Computer Studies Tools of Word Processor MCQs

CBSE Class 4 Computer Studies Tools of Word Processor MCQs with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 4 Computers with answers have been prepared as per the latest syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 4 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions are an important part of Term 1 and Term 2 exams for Grade 4 Computers and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter-wise MCQs for NCERT Class 4 Computers and also download more latest study material for all subjects

Tools of Word Processor Class 4 Computers MCQ

Class 4 Computers students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for Tools of Word Processor in standard 4. These MCQ questions with answers for Grade 4 Computers will come in exams and help you to score good marks

Tools of Word Processor MCQ Questions Class 4 Computers with Answers

Question: Which shortcut is used for Font?

  • a) Ctrl + Shift + F
  • b) Ctrl + F
  • c) Shift + F

Answer: Ctrl + Shift + F

Question: In MS Word 2010, the default font type is ________ font

  • a) Calibri
  • b) Cambria
  • c) Arno Pro

Answer: Calibri

Question: Which helps to make you work readable?

  • a) Formatting
  • b) None
  • c) Editing

Answer: Formatting

Question: The normal text in the word document appears in __________ font size

  • a) 11
  • b) 15
  • c) 17

Answer: 11

Question: How many text alignment are there in MS. Word?

  • a) four
  • b) five
  • c) one

Answer: four

Question: Which we have to click from them to make the text bold?

  • a) Ctrl + B
  • b) Ctrl + Z
  • c) Ctrl + A

Answer: Ctrl + B

Question: Line space can be set by clicking on the __________ on the paragraph group of the home tab.

  • a) Line
  • b) Both
  • c) Paragraph Spacing

Answer: Line

Question: What is the shortcut keys of paste?

  • a) Ctrl + V
  • b) Ctrl + P
  • c) Ctrl + Z

Answer: Ctrl + V

Question: A print preview of the document will be displayed on the __________ side

  • a) right
  • b) left
  • c) upper

Answer: right

Question: __________ is the default line spacing in MS. Word?

  • a) 1.15
  • b) 1.25
  • c) 1.10

Answer: 1.15


Question: Which is a powerful graphical word processing program?

  • a) MS Word
  • b) MS Excel
  • c) MS Power Point

Answer: MS Word

Question: MS Word can be used for ____________.

  • a) all of these
  • b) printing
  • c) editing

Answer: all of these


Question: To make the selected text underline , we have to press

  • a) Ctrl + U
  • b) Ctrl + Z
  • c) Ctrl + I

Answer: Ctrl + U

Question: Which shortcut key we have to click for increasing Font size?

  • a) Ctrl + Shift ++ >
  • b) Ctrl + Shift + <
  • c) Ctrl + Shift + =

Answer: Ctrl + Shift ++ >

Question: Text appears by default in ___________ colour.

  • a) Black
  • b) Green
  • c) Red

Answer: Black

Question: Font has features _________for text in your document.

  • a) Both
  • b) Bold
  • c) Italic

Answer: Both

Question: __________ command reverse the last action performed.

  • a) undo
  • b) redo
  • c) paste

Answer: undo

Question: Which shortcut key is used for highlighting the word?

  • a) CTRL+ALT+H
  • b) Shift + F7
  • c) Shift +F2

Answer: CTRL+ALT+H

Question: Press _________ function key from keyboard for spell checking

  • a) F7
  • b) F5
  • c) F2

Answer: F7

Question: Microsoft word is one of the powerful __________ application

  • a) word processing
  • b) multimedia
  • c) graphic

Answer: word processing

Question: If we don’t want to make a change on spell check. Click on ____________.

  • a) Ignore rule
  • b) Exit rule
  • c) Close rule

Answer: Ignore rule

Question: To make the selected text italic, we press?

  • a) CTRL+I
  • b) none
  • c) Shift+I

Answer: CTRL+I

Question: CTRL+Z is short key of which text?

  • a) undo
  • b) redo
  • c) copy

Answer: undo

Question: MS word has the features of

  • a) both
  • b) formatting
  • c) editing

Answer: both

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