CBSE Class 10 English HOTs and Value Points Set D

Class 10 English HOTs QuestionsDatabase for chapter Application of Derivatives.Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. The students should practice these HOTs Questions to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination. Based on CBSE  and NCERT guidelines. Based on the same pattern as released by CBSE every year. CBSE releases HOTs Questions every year. These papers are released prior to the CBSE board examinations so that students can do practice. database of 1 marks, 2 marks, 3 marks and 5 marks questions.





Thinking the right, positive way makes for success, happiness and a satisfying life. Negative way leads to failure, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Many develop the way of thinking that others are watching them with a sharp and critical eye and disapproving them.  It makes them shrink mentally and emotionally. The potential remains unused. Living to win others’ approval makes for a major personality defect. The fact is that others have neither the time nor the inclination to examine  us  as we  think. They  are too busy  living their own  life. Anyway, why fuss about them? Unsuccessful people are under self- created pressure. They say, ”What will others say?” ”What’s their thinking about me?” Another form of wrong attitude is, “I must act as Mr. S does.” “If I am not like him, I am a failure.” When you are pre- occupied by such thoughts, you are trying to become someone else. You become a pretender, losing all your ownness. You become frustrated and a failure. Many greenhorn writers, for example, instead of developing their own talent, ape a celebrity and end up with a pile of rejection slips. Then give up. Many greet troubles, which make their life harsher. They mar it because it makes them uneasy and distressed. Practical, positive, constructive thoughts bring the best out of you without distortion. Do what can be done about a setback without brooding  over the morbid and miry  side of it. Heed facts without pushing them under the carpet. Be rational. Sentimentalism besets and befogs the mind. Self-pity has never converted failure into success. The do-it yourself man learns to accept disappointments. He gets more out of life. He respects his own efforts and recognizes their values. One who learns from his mistakes, makes a full man. He emerges a winner in the long run. One who ignores mistakes, emerges a whiner.A whiner, when trouble or defeat comes his way, blames somebody else: bad luck, circumstances, work conditions, hostile environment or some other influence. He never thinks of heart-searching and self-analysis to get to the root of his failure. He does not discover his own faults. Self-analysis could be of tremendous help to him, and bring about the needed

transformation. Failure is success inside turned outside.

K suffers from a sense of inferiority. He is very often in   a state of misery. Consequently, he is full of self-pity. Life has, for him, become a nightmare. Failure is his fate, in his own words.It works wonders when you recognize faults which should be corrected. This attitude brings a sense of satisfaction.

It  also  builds  self confidence  and character, develops  personality, mental toughness which  enhances  one’s ability  to face life courageously. Your success depends on your own attitude more than any other factor.

On the basis of your reading the passage answer the following questions.

(a) Many people shrink mentally and emotionally and their potential remains unused. Explain what affects their minds.
(b) “Unsuccessful people are under self created pressure.” Which pressure leads such people to be unsuccessful?
(c) What kinds of thoughts compel somebody to become a pretender and a failure in their object?
(d) When a ‘whiner’ is unsuccessful in his aim/object, he reacts and blames. How does he explain his failure
The following factors bring out of you the best without distortion.
a) ______________
b) _______________
c) _______________
(i) To get to the root of failure one must think of ____________________and ____________________.
(iii) Complete the following blanks with the suitable antonyms from the passage.
     a) Negative thinking leads to ________________.
     b) Many think that others are disappointing them. This _____________ constitutes a major personality defect.
     c) Self pity cannot change a failure into ________________.
     d) Our thinking may shrink or ________________ our _________________ ability to face life.
Wildlife is a collective term that includes animals, bees, butterflies, crustacean, fish, moths, aquatic and land vegetation which forms a part of any habitat. Wildlife is a national resource that maintains ecological balance and is beneficial for economic, recreational and aesthetic purposes. With the expansion of agricultural and industrial activities the number of wild animals has gradually become less. Some of the species become extinct and others are on the verge of being so. Mass scale killing of wild animals for their meat, bones, fur, hair, skins has depleted their numbers. Therefore, the need for wildlife conservation has now become a necessity.
Pollution, climate change, deforestation, industrialization and population explosion have destroyed the natural habitat of wildlife. Along with illegal hunting, habitat reduction and its degradation has threatened the biodiversity in the industrial world.
Certain regions that are very rich in species are known as hot spots.
Out of 25 hot spots of the world, two (eastern Himalayas and Western Ghats) are found in India, and these extend into the neighboring countries also. Important threats leading to extinction of species and consequent loss of biodiversity are as follows:
* Destruction of habitat
* llegal poaching in wildlife
* Over-exploitation
* Pollution
* Other threats

 On the basis of degree of threat, following three categories have been identified:

a. Endangered Species: These are those species whose number has been reduced to a critical level. So these may become extinct if the same factors continue to operate.

(b)Vulnerable Species: Populations of these species are still abundant but their home range has been adversely affected, so these may become endangered if the same factors continue.

(c) Rare Species: These are those threatened species, which are very less in number and are usually confined in a specific area.

(d)Endemic Species: The organisms or species confined to a definite region for their distribution are called endemic species. This definite region may be a continent or a country, a province or even a small freshwater pool. In India about five thousand plant species are endemic.

Read the passage and answer the following questions.

(1) Ecological balance is important to sustain nature and life. How wildlife, that is, a national resource maintains ecological balance?

(2) Wildlife is gradually depleting and some species are becoming extinct. What are the factors which are affecting their number?

(3) How is biodiversity being threatened in industrial areas?

(4) There are certain regions which are rich in wildlife. What are these regions called and where are they?

(5) How many categories of wildlife are identified? What is the basis of their identification?

Find the word/phrases having same meaning.

(a) Cutting of forests __________________

(b) Illegal killing of animals __________________

(c) Reduction in number __________________

(d) To find out/locate __________________


IPCC report has said it is likely that global warming would make cyclones more intense

David Adam

LONDON: Meteorologists are predicting a more active hurricane season than usual this year, but there is no way to know whether global warming has caused an individual event such as a hurricane , or whether it has made such storms worse. On the other hand, some scientists argue that storms such as Gustav are more likely in a warming world, because warmer seas make more powerful storms. If anything , the science has become fuzzier in the years after Hurricane Katrina, with studies suggesting that future storm strength could increase in places but decrease in others –  studies seized on by both sides of the debate.

Last year’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said it was “likely” that global warming would make future cyclones more intense. Studies of hurricane records suggest this trend can already be seen. Some scientists have linked an increasing number of hurricanes in the north Atlantic to global warming. Although, globally the number of tropical storms each year has hovered around 90 years over the past century, in the north Atlantic there has been a clear increase. From 1850-1990, the overall average of tropical storms in the north Atlantic was about five hurricanes. Since 1995, the 10-year average has risen, with the 1997-2006 average at about 14, including about eight hurricanes. The IPCC report said this was “more likely than not” down to global warming.

A number of factors prevent more definitive conclusions. It is difficult to use climate models to simulate the conditions that allow a hurricane to form. Although sea surface temperature is important, so are other variables, including the difference between the temperature of the sea and air, as well as the formation of high level winds that stop storms developing. It is also unclear how reliably historical records of hurricane strength can be compared, while storm activity in some regions seems to rise and fall in nature cycles over several decades.

On the basis of your reading of the passage complete the following sentences

1. Meteorologists have predicted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2. In a warming world storms . . . . . . . .as . . . . . . . . . . . .

3. Global warming is likely to…………………………...

4. Hurricanes in the North Atlantic are due ……………..

5. The factor increased the hurricanes in North Atlantic................

6. Besides sea surface temperature, the other factors stop storm developing are…….

Find words from the passage having the same meaning as-

1. Eating, drinking, ingestion

2. Doubtful, uncertain, unsure

3. Preservation, protection

4. Reaping, collecting


An important call to protect the world’s fresh –water supplies has come from scientists, government leaders, and civil society representatives who met recently in Stockholm for World Water Week. As population and incomes grow  concomitant consumption ,there is a sharp rise in the demand for water for direct use ,and as an input for food production .Many countries are also experiencing rising demand for water to grow biofuel crops.The global supply of fresh water ,which every individual needs at the rate 1,000 cubic metres per year to meet minimum drinking ,hygiene ,and subsistence requirements ,is under strain .Unpredictable monsoon patterns attributed to climate change are adding to the distress.The message to governments is that they must respond urgently with practical schemes or face escalating conflicts over water in the not-so-distant future .The priority must be to reduce water intensity in farming ,the biggest single user .Even a small but significant saving in irrigated agriculture can deliver more water for the people .That is clear from an International Water Management Institute forecast:without improved farm productivity ,including measures such as waterproofing of canal surfaces ,the volume of water lost due to evaporation annually could ,by mid-century ,be nearly double the present level of 7,130 cubic kilometers.

Conservation of water requires consumers to act wisely .Food contains a great deal of embedded water (a kilo of wheat needs 1,000 litres to produce ,according to data presented at the Stockholm conference) and discarding it as garbage wastes the precious resource .The conference heard distressing evidence of a large amount of food being thrown away every year ,mainly in the developed world .According to a policy brief released at the conference ,in the United States ,as much as 30 percent of the food produced ,valued at $48.3 billion ,is thrown away; that wastes an estimated 40 trillion litres of water ,enough to meet the needs of 500 million people .In developing countries ,a lot of produced perishes right on the farm ,in storage ,and during transport .Cumulatively ,this represents colossal burden of waste .The challenge before all countries is to translate the improved awareness into effective conservation policies .Some may choose to charge for excessive water use and also deploy technologies such as desalination to increase availability. But these represent the low-hanging fruit .A sustainable future will depend on creating strong watersheds for farming ,forming community tanks and lakes for rainwater harvesting ,and strictly enforcing rules that compel cities and towns to reuse grey water.

On the basis of your reading of the passage answer the following questions.

1. What important call was made at World Water Week in Stockholm?

2. What is individual’s approximate need of fresh water?

3. What should the government do to meet the fresh water requirement?

4. Which is the biggest single unit of water?

5. For what the consumers should act wisely?

6. What is a colossal burden of water?

7. How can the countries translate the improved awareness into effective conservation policies?

8. Give another title to the passage.

9. Find the words in the passage having the same meaning as given below :

(a) Cyclone , tornado

(b) Hot , torrid sweltering

(c) Float ,fly ,flutter

(d) Decisive ,conclusive


Her arms across her breast she laid,

She was more fair than words can say.

Barefooted came the beggar-maid.

Before the king

In robe and crown the king step down,

To meet and greet on her way.

‘It’s no wonder’ said the lords.

‘She is more beautiful than day’

As shines the moon in clouded skies,

She in her poor attire was seen,

One praised her ankles, one her eyes,

One her dark hair and lovely smile,

So sweet a face, such angel grace

In all that land had never been,

The king swore a royal oath,

‘This beggar-maid shall be my queen!

1 (a) Who was the beggar maid ?

   (b) State the two aspects of comparison with nature ?

   (c) Mention the King’s reaction on seeing the maid ?

   (d) ‘King’s going down does not surprise the lords’, Explain?

2 On the basis of your reading of the poem. Complete the following.

  (a) Give two words which show the maid’s way of dressing…….

  (b) Name a celestial being she is compared to……….

  (c) Give another word for ‘regal promise’……..

  (d) In one line describe the king’s simplicity………


A teacher who ceases to learn also ceases to be a teacher. The willingness in a teacher to learn is what makes him/her a complete teacher. A teacher is a friend, philosopher and a guide to all students under his/her care.


September 5 is an important and memorable day in the history of events as it is ‘Teacher’s Day’. All schools and colleges in the country wear a festive look, by remembring and recapitulating the great sacrifices made by the first Vice-President and second President of India, Dr S.Radhakrishnan. Dr S.Radhakrishnan, whose birth anniversary is being celebrated as Teacher’s Day every year, was an ideal Teacher with impeccable character. He loved his teaching profession more than any other professions he had taken up during his eventful lifetime. Radhakrishnan’s teaching was so enlightening and interesting that all the students listened to him With rapt attention, No student missed his class.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on September 5,1888,at Tiruttani near Madras. He was a multifaceted personality- scholar professor, orator, administrator, writer, philosopher, diplomat, statesman and patriot. His contribution towards education is stupendous and he staunchly believed that education possessed the power to alleviate all the maladies affecting our society


He believed that “Unless we have dedicated and committed teachers to take to teaching as a mission in their lives , a good educational system cannot be developed. When he became the President of India in 1962 , some people approached him and requested him to allow them to celebrate September 5. In reply , Dr Radhakrishnan said , “Instead of celebrating my birthday separately it would being proud privilege if September 5 is observed as teacher’s day From then on , the day has been observed as teacher’s day . It was a joyous occasion when india’s highest award , The Bharat Ratna , was conferred on him in 1954 in recognition of his meritorious service to mankind.

On the basis of the reading of the above passage complete the following sentences:

(a) A competent teacher is one……………………………………….

(b) To recapitulate the sacrifices made by the president Dr. Radhakrishnan


(c) No student missed Radhakrishnan’s teaching class


(d) Dr.Radhakrishnan’s strong belief


(e) According to him a good education system can be


(f) In 1962 , it was decided that September 5 ………………………...

(g) Bharat Ratna was ………………………..for……………………..

(h) President Dr.Radhakrishnan was ?..........................................................

Find the words in the passage having the meanings given below

1. Faultless , Exemplary

2. amazing , extraordinary , remarkable

3. reduce , lessen , diminish

4. presented , awarded , bestowed,



1. You are Mohit of class X A of Holy Family Public School, Lucknow. Your school is organizing a Hepatitis-B Vaccination Camp next fortnight to immunize the students against this disease. Write a notice in not more than 50 words to be put up on the Notice Board inviting students to get the Hepatitis-B vaccine @ Rs. 50/- per shot. Put the notice in a box.

2. You are the student incharge of Road Safety Patrol Wing. Your city Traffic Police is organizing a Traffic Awareness Camp in your school on 10 September 2008 at 1:30 pm. Write a notice in not more than 50 words inviting students to participate in it to ensure road safety. Put the notice in a box.

3. You are the head boy of Doon Public School, Dehradun. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words for the House Captains and Vice-Captains to attend a meeting with the Principal and House Incharge for allocating duties to students for checking uniforms, personal hygiene, late coming, reading habits etc. Put the notice in a box.

4. Imagine that your close friend has been admitted in a hospital and needs O-ve blood for an emergency operation. This rare blood group is not available at present in the hospital. On the advice of the doctors you decide to write a notice to be put up on the Notice Board of the hospital. Write that notice with all necessary details in not more than 50 words. Put the notice in a box.


1. Read the following telephonic conversation between Aditya and Mr. Verma.Aditya is leaving home in a few minutes and shall not meet his father Mr. T.K. Singh. He leaves a message for him. Write the message using not more than 50 words. Put the message in a box.

Mr. Verma: Hello! Is it 5962342?

Aditya: Yes please. May I know who is speaking?

Mr. Verma: This is Verma here. May I talk to Mr. T.K. Singh?

Aditya: Uncle, my papa is out at the moment and will be back after 2 hours.

May I take a message for him?

Mr. Verma: Sure, son. Please tell your papa that I can’t come to office today as I have to go to Dehradun all of a sudden. My son who studies in an Engineering College there has met with an accident. He is otherwise all right, kindly tell him to submit my leave application for 4 days.

Aditya: Oh! How sad! Uncle, please don’t worry, I shall leave a message for

him. Is there anything else?

Mr. Verma: No, son. Thanks a lot?

2. Read the following telephonic conversation between Bittu and Avinash. Avinash will not be able to meet Sohan. He leaves a message for him. Write this message in not more than 50 words. Put the message in a box. Bittu: Hello! Hello! I am Bittu from Mumbai Can I speak to Sohan? I am his brother. Avinash: Hello! Bittu. I am Avinash, Sohan’s colleague, sohan will come in an hour or so, can I take a message for him. Bittu: Yes, Avinash. Tell him I was scheduled to arrive at New Delhi Railway Station by the Rajdhani Express tomorrow morning at 10 am. But the train has been cancelled. Now I am arriving by the Dehradun Express arriving at New Delhi Railway station at 2 pm. Please tell him to meet me at the station. Avinash: Anything else? Bittu: No, thank you. Please convey my message. This is urgent. Avinash: Don’t worry. I shall do so.

3. The following is a telephonic message scribbled by Sahil’s mother. She later wrote this detailed message for her neighbour, Mrs. Kapur. Read the notes and write the message in not more than 50 words. Put the message in a box.

Notes:- Mrs. Preeti from Dehradun rang around 3 pm-arriving by Dehradun Express-30 April-receive-stay a week-special visits Qutab Minar, Rajghat, Red Fort etc-leaves New Delhi for Kanpur-Allahabad Express.

4. Read the following telephonic conversation between Mr. Aman and Manu :
Aman: Can I speak to Suresh?
Manu: He’s not at home at present and will be back after 2 hours.
Aman: In that case, will you please pass on an important message to him?
Manu: Yes, I am his brother Manu.
Aman: O.K. Manu. Kindly tell him to reach Hotel Ashoka at 7 pm today in
Room No. 405. There is an important meeting called by the M.D.He must
bring the file of important cases with him.
Manu: I will give him the message. Will that be all?
Aman: No, thanks. Before coming he should talk to the M.D for any other file.
Manu: O.K. Don’t worry.
As Manu is to leave for playing and will not come before Suresh returns, he
leaves a message for him. Write that message for Suresh in not more than 50
words. Put the message in a box.

1. Your father wants to buy a particular brand of colour TV manufactured by a reputed multinational company before the annual budget. He has asked you to write a short postcard to the company to seek the required information with all
the other details. Write that short postcard in not more than 50 words. Copy the format of the postcard from the question paper in your answer sheet.
2. Mukesh, who lives in Delhi, left for Ooty on a week’s holiday on Sunday. On the train he realized that he had forgotten to return the NCC uniform and two library books due on Friday and Saturday respectively. He decided to write a
postcard to his younger brother Anurag from Ooty, requesting him to return the uniform and books he left in his room. Write this postcard on behalf of Mukesh in not more than 50 words.
3. You wish to see the famous film ‘Jurassic Park’ but not alone. Write a short postcard to your reluctant friend Mohan telling him why you think he should see it too. Arrange the programme so that you may see it together at the cinema hall. Do not exceed 50 words.
4. Mohan Kumar residing at 13 C, Preet Vihar, New Delhi stayed during his vacation with a family in Srinagar under a Youth Exchange Programme. After returning home he wrote a postcard thanking the family for its hospitality and
inviting them to visit New Delhi. Write this postcard using not more than 50 words. Copy the format of postcard from the question paper in your answer sheet.
CBSE_ Class_10 English_Telegram_1
1. Vishal wrote the following letter to his father. Then he decided to send a telegram instead of the letter. Using relevant information from the letter, write this telegram in the space provided, in not more than 30 words. Copy the format of telegram from the question paper in your answer sheet. Sahota Public School Hostel Shimla Hills Shimla 31 March, 2008 Dear Papa I hope everybody at home is in fine spirits. You will be glad to know that I have fared very well in my class X annual examination. I am not coming home in the holiays because I have decided to join the Crash Course for the science subjects organized by the school during the holidays. I think this will benefit me greatly for my PMT in due course of time. Please send me some more money as I have to pay the fees and buy books also My due regards to dear mother and love to Anshu. Your loving son Vishal.
2. You are Sonu. Write a telegram to your uncle Kumaran informing him about your visit to Chennai with five of your friends. You’ll spend about a week in Chennai and will require transport for sight seeing. You need hotel accommodation also for a week. Also request him to book tickets for your return journey.
3. Suresh wrote a letter given below to his friend Gaurav. Later he decided to send a telegram. Read the letter and using the information given in it, write the telegram in not more than 25 words. Copy the format of the telegram from question paper in your answer sheet.
418, Sector 8
10 December 2008
My dear Gaurav
Thank you very much for inviting me to the marriage of your sister on 12 December 2008. However, I regret that I won’t be able to attend the same as my Mother has fallen ill all of a sudden. She is in hospital. I shall definitely see all of you when she is all right, I wish sister Sadhna all the good wishes on the auspicious occasion of her marriage. With best wishes
Yours sincerely
4. Your friend Anand Kumar attended an interview in New Delhi and visited you after attending it. You saw him off. But later you found that he forgot all his certificates and testimonials at your house. You decide to write a telegram to inform him that you are sending them through courier to his address 25 C, Baradari, Lucknow. Write that telegram to Anand using this information in not more than 25 words. Copy the format of the telegram from the question paper in your answer sheet.
1. Given below is a newspaper report on the state of cancer prevailing in India. You have been asked to deliver a speech on ‘Cancer-a silent killer’ on ‘The World Health Day’. Using information from the clipping given below together with ideas from the unit on ‘Health’ write the speech in not more than 150 words.
CBSE_ Class_10 English_Value_Points_1
2. In an interschool debate you have to speak in favour of the motion ‘Modern Gadgets have enslaved us’. Using ideas from the unit on ‘Science’ write a speech in favour of this motion in not more than 200 words.
3. You are required to speak on ‘Pollution’ in the morning assembly. Prepare your speech taking help from the following points. You may use ideas contained in the unit ‘Environment’. Write your answer using not more than 150 words.
CBSE_ Class_10 English_Value_Points_4
4. You are Subhash/Mira. Given below is a table based on data about the number of tourists who visited your city in the past two years. You have been asked to write a speech on ‘Promotion of Tourism’ to be delivered on Tourism Day at school. Taking information from the table given below together with ideas from the unit on ‘Travels and Tourism’ write the speech in your answer sheet using not more than 150 words
CBSE_ Class_10 English_Value_Points_2

1. While going to the school, Vijay, a student of class X Green Fields School, New Delhi, witnessed an accident. Many people crowded around the victims but nobody could provide first aid to them. He however knew about it. He gave them first aid and then took them to the hospital. Later he decided to write a letter to the Editor of Indian Express, insisting on the need to make training in First aid compulsory for all. On the basis of your units ‘Health’ and ‘Medicine’ write the letter in 150-200 words.
2. Given below is an extract from an article in “Newsweek”.
CBSE_ Class_10 English_Value_Points_3
Write a letter to the editor of a news paper on the health hazards caused by junk food using your own ideas and also from the units on ‘Health’ and ‘Medicine’.
3. Ranjan’s brother, Somesh after getting a dentist’s degree went to the USA but returned to India after a year. You are Debashis.Write a letter to your friend, Ranjan giving your views on:-
    (a) The action taken by his brother.
    (b) The fact that he made a right choice in coming back to India. You may use the ideas from the unit “Education” Write your letter in about 150 words.
4. T.V. is often considered an ‘Idiot box’ but you do not subscribe to this view. You find it to be a very useful medium to gain knowledge. Using inputs from the unit ‘Science’ express your views on the utility of T.V. in 150 words.
1. Here is a table showing how forests have been cut to develop residential/industrial colonies in the district called TARAI.
CBSE_ Class_10 English_Value_Points_5
Having looked at theses figures, write on article on the need to conserve forests for a happy future in your answer sheet in not more than 200 words.
2. You are required to write an article for your school magazine on the ‘Importance of Music in Life’. Write it in your answer sheet using not more than 200 words with the help of these notes.
CBSE_ Class_10 English_Value_Points_6
3. Dabboo Wadhwa of class X is moved to see the children of his age ragpicking on garbage mounds in the city. So he decided to write an article for his school magazine containing his reaction and suggestions to improve the future of millions of children engaged in this profession. Using ideas from the picture
Given below, together with your own ideas, complete this article in not more than 200 words.
CBSE_ Class_10 English_Value_Points_7
4. The following table is a bitter comment on man‘s greed. He adulterates food articles to earn a few extra bucks at the cost of the health of innocent people. This motivates you to raise a voice against the moral corruption of manufacturers. Write an article to be published in a newspaper on ‘Adulteration in food articles’ in not more than 150-200 words.
CBSE_ Class_10 English_Value_Points_8
In the passage given below one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.
Thanappa is practical and                        e.g. Thanappa is a practical
intelligent person. He understands           a) _________________
the gravity the situation.                         b) _________________
He knows the marriage is                        c) _________________
postponed it will far                                d) ___________ ______
Reaching implications, boy                      e) _________________
will go off training and                            f)  ________________
that definitely weigh heavily                    g) _________________
on Ramanujam his family.                       h) _________________
Air force aims protecting important        a) _________________
areas and places, known vital points.     b) _________________
Air Force protects places                       c) _________________
by shooting the enemy planes they        d) _________________
come to these vital points                     e) _________________
The Air Force planes can fly the             f) _________________
enemy country destroy enemy’s            g) _________________
planes. Then enemy has few                 h) _________________
planes left to attack.
Never I was so sad my life.                 a) _________________
A letter from elder brother came.        b) _________________
It said there was a dispute in              c) _________________
the family and family property            d) _________________
was going to divided among us, the    e) _________________
three brothers. I felt so sad unhappy   f) _________________
at once the memories of past life        g) _________________
came flooding my mind.                     h) _________________
It really an unlucky day when            a) _________________
I decided to go the planet Quta-Pi.     b) _________________
A spaceship some strange planet       c) _________________
arrived. Some from this spaceship     d) _________________
came and captured me. They took     e) _________________
me their planet Earth. They kept me  f) _________________
in glass prison. I felt very miserable.  g) _________________
I given some poisonous substance to eat. h) _________________

The following paragraph has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction as given in the example against the correct blank no. in your answer sheets.
                                                                         Incorrect            Correct
1. Four suspects who has been                                 has                  have
held on connection with                                       a) ________ ________
The kidnapping or murder                                    b) ________ ________
of Adnan Dede tell                                               c) ________ ________
The interrogators that he had                               d) ________ ________
tried for kidnap                                                   e) ________ ________
him two times ago                                               f) ________ ________
But each times they failed.                                   g) ________ ________
Then they try the third time and succeeded.          h) ________ ________
                                                                         Incorrect         Correct
2. Folk tales offer a lots of advice.                            lots                 lot
Much of them deliver the message                        a) ________ ________
quite clear. There is a story about                         b) ________ ________
Birbal not being allowed to attending                    c) ________ ________
The King’s free lunch. The reason was                   d) ________ ________
which he was not dressed properly. This                e) ________ ________
happened inspire of the high intellectual                f) ________ ________
abilities. The advice thus conveyed was                 g) ________ ________
‘don’t judge the books by its cover.’                       h) ________ ________
                                                                         Incorrect          Correct
3. The ancient Greeks revered honey so much             as                as so
that much playwrights conveyed the                        a) ________ ________
luxurious lifestyle with the Athenians                       b) ________ ________
with its description of cheese cake                           c) ________ ________
eaten with honey. Honey be known not                    d) ________ ________
only for its sweetness, and also for                          e) ________ ________
its soothing qualities. Unless sugar                          f) ________ ________
became commonplace in a late 18th                        g) ________ ________
century, honey is also used in traditional remedies.   h) ________ ________
                                                                              Incorrect      Correct
4. Children love picnics and outings of their parents        of                 with
though they are equally happier doing things
with                                                                        a) ________ ________
them around the house. A parent may make              b) ________ ________
His child feels special by following some simple          c) ________ ________
rituals. Bed time stories, the game of cards or           d) ________ ________
simply talking and laugh together before going to
                                                                              e) ________ ________
bed. Some give children a wonderful sense                 f) ________ ________
of well being. They hardly ever forgot these moments
                                                                             g) ________ ________
and cherish them throughout there lives                   h) ________ ________
CLOZES (Gap Filling)

Use the information to complete the paragraph by writing suitable words or phrases in each space. Do not add any new information. Write your answer in the answer sheets against the correct blank number.
1. William Shakespeare – playwright and poet – birth 1564 – Stratford upon Avon – son of John Shakespeare – marries Ann Hathaway, 9 years his senior – goes to London 1591 – wrote 154 sonnets, 37 plays and some narrative poems – death 1616
William Shakespeare was a great playwright and poet. He was born (a) ___________. His (b) _________was John Shakespeare. At the age of eighteen he married Ann Hathaway (c) ______________ nine years his senior. He (d) ______________ to London in 1591 (e) _______________ he wrote 154 sonnets, 37 plays and  ome narrative poems (f) He____________ in 1616.
2. Lizards - reptiles – found world-wide but not in the coldest regions – some – no limbs, resemble snakes – different from snakes in having eyelids and ear opening.
Lizards are reptiles (a)___________________ are found world-wide (b)_________ in the coldest regions. Some (c) _______________ no limbs and their bodies (d) ______ snakes. However there are two (e) ______________ between the lizards and the snakes. While the (f) _______________ have eyelids and ear opening the latter do not have these.
3. Death of poultry birds – clarification – severe cold – not bird flu – found no traits or symptoms of flu – owners of poultry farms – to contact experts – if deaths of birds on large scale – keep farms clean – make sure workers wear masks and gloves – use of disinfectants.
The Deputy director of Haryana Animal Husbandry Department today clarified that the poultry birds (a)_______________ in some parts of Haryana over the past few days had succumbed to severe cold and not bird flu. He further said that no traits or symptoms of flu (b) _________________ in the birds. The owners of the poultry farms have (c) ____________ to contact experts in case of death of birds on large scale. They have also been advised to keep their farms clean and use disinfectants. They (d) ___________________ that the workers wear a mask and gloves while among the birds.
4. Celebration of Tree Plantation day every year – continuity of deforestation – a great irony – much fanfare – less attention to trees – rate of survival – illegal felling – fuel / firewood – poaching – livelihood – active involvement – problem of hunger and poverty – preservation of environment.
We are celebrating ‘Tree Plantation Day’ every year – but it is ironical that forestation is still (a) ________________. There is much fanfare on the particular day, but the trees (b) _____________. Consequently, only a handful of them (c) ____________ the ravages of sun, wind and rain. Another threat to forestation is the felling of trees (d) _________________ by poachers who use the wood as (e) _______________ to cook food or sell it earn their livelihood. We will not succeed (f) _____________ until the poor people are involved in forestation.

Read the dialogue given below. Based on your reading, fill in the gaps with appropriate words or phrases. Do not add any new information.
1. Magician :   I can do anything
    Boy :          I don’t believe it.
    Magician :    Tell me what should I do?
    Boy :           Can you give me a kilo of Gold?
The                     magician                        boasted that
(a)_______________________________________________. The boy said that
(b)__________________________________________________. When the magician challenged the boy
(c)_________________________________________. The boy asked him
2. Wife :            Our T.V. is out of order.
    Husband :     God has heard my prayer,
    Wife :           What do you mean?
    Husband :     Now I can sleep peacefully at night.
Wife complained to her husband that (a) __________________________________. Husband said
(b)_____________________________________________________________. When wife asked what
(c) ___________________________________________________,the husband replied that
(d) _____________________________.
3. Neelu :  I don’t care for these new reality T.V. programmes.
   Meenu :  Why’s that?
   Neelu :   Well, they are so….so….
   Meenu :  Unrealistic?
   Neelu :   Yeah, that’s it.
Neelu declared that she didn’t care for those new “Reality” shows. Meenu enquired
(a) _____________________________________. Neelu paused and muttered
(b)_________________________________________. Seeing that she didn’t find words Meenu asked
(c)__________________________________________. Neelu at once
(d)____________________ and asserted (e) ____________________________________.
4. Patient :          I want to consult the doctor.
   Receptionist :   He is busy. You can come tomorrow morning.
   Patient :          Then it will be my ghost coming tomorrow.
   Receptionist :  Then you can see an exorcist here.
The patient told the receptionist (a) ______________________________________. The receptionist replied
(b) _________________________________________.When the patient tried to frighten here by saying that
(c)___________________________________________, the receptionist calmly stated
(d) ________________________________________________.

1) Given below is a set of instructions that describe the process of sedimentation. Complete the following paragraph, which describes how soluble salt can be separated from the insoluble.
Take a beaker. Fill it half with water. Mix salt and sand. Allow it to stand for sometime till sand settles down. Pour the solution into another jar. Sand is left at the bottom of the beaker. This is called Sedimentation.
A beaker is taken. It (a) _____________________________. Salt & sand.
(b)____________. The mixture.
(c) __________________________________________for sometime till the sand
(d)_____________________________________________________. Then the solution
(e) _______________________________________ into another jar. This is called Sedimentation.
2) Read the instructions for planting a Sapling. Using these instructions, complete the paragraph below describing how to plant a sapling. Select a sapling and patch of land. Dig the earth with a spade and make a pit. Put some manure in the pit and mix it with soil. 
Plant the sampling in the middle of the pit and fill it with soil. For planting a sapling, a sapling and a patch of land is selected. Then
(a)________________. Next
(b) _______________________________. Then
(c)_________________________. Finally,
3) Read the instructions for making Onion Salad and complete the paragraph given below.
Take some fresh onions, cucumbers, green chili, coconut milk, tomato and vinegar. Slice the onion in rounds. Wash the sliced onions in salted water. Mix the slices with cucumbers, green chili, coconut milk and vinegar. Decorate the salad with tomato slices. To make onion salad, fresh onions are taken. Then (a)_______________________________. Next
(b)________________________________________________________. The slices are
(c) ____________________________________________________. Finally
4) Listed below are some maintenance measures which are a must for all homes. Read and complete the paragraph below.
Polish the wooden furniture regularly to maintain its lustre. Clean the fan and light fittings fortnightly with a soap solution. Regularly air mattresses, pillows and blankets. Clean and disinfect the dark cupboards, as they make excellent hiding places for mosquitoes and moths. The wooden furniture
(a) _____________________________________________. The fan and light fittings should
(b)__________________________________________. The mattresses, pillows and blankets
(c) ____________________________________________. The dark cupboards, which make excellent hiding places for mosquitoes and moths
(d) ___ _____________________________________________________________.

Complete the dialogue given below in a suitable way. Write the answer against the correct blank number. Do not copy the whole sentence.
(1) Rahim : Good morning Raju. Where are you planning to go today?
     Raju : (a) _____________________________ yet. What is your plan?
     Rahim : My uncle is in hospital. I (b) _________________________ in the evening.
     Raju : (c) ___________________________________with you?
     Rahim : (d) __________________________________ if you come with me.
(2) Gayatri : Hello Reema (a) _________________ here?
     Reema : I have been working here for five years.
     Gayatri : (b) ____________________________ visit Delhi?
     Reema : Yes once. That was when my father was working there.
     Gayatri : (c) ______________________ Delhi. Can you tell me something about it
     Reema : Now (d) _________________________ I will tell you about it in the evening.
(3) David : Dear Thomas, I could not sleep last night.
    Thomas : (a) _______________________________________________?
    David : I had a severe headache.
    Thomas : (b) _______________________________?
    David : (c) __________________________ any way I am going to consult a doctor now.
    Thomas : (d) _____________________________________________ you?
    David : No Thank you.
(4) Renu : Hello, can I speak to Miss Meenu Junjhunwala?
    Meenu : (a) _____________________________
    Renu : Could I borrow some money from you?
    Meenu : (b) ________________ but I will ask Jeevan to help you.
    Renu : (c) _________________ He is a miser.
    Meenu : (d) ___________________but not now. He will certainly help you.
Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences. Write the correct sentences in your answer sheet against the correct blank numbers.The first one has been done as an example.
1. Water/indispensable/us/to/very/is e.g. Water is very indispensable to us
     a) Our/lies/very/on/earth/in fact/it/ existence/depends
     b) Water/the/world/with/a/be/out/like/body/a/with/life/out.
     c) We/hence/not/should/water/waste.
2. a) Friends/life/good/make/our/happy/extremely.
    b) Not/find/now a days/easy/good/is/it/friends/to/but.
    c) Many/friends/know/value/in fact/not/do/of/the/good.
3. a) Driest/inhabited/is Australia/the continent/world/in.
    b) Percent/Australia/live/cities/in/ninety/of/people/millian/people/twenty.
    c) Majority/so/the/on/cities/of/the/are/coast/south eastern.
4. a) Super/life line/markets/urban/of/society/are/the/an.
    b) Real estate/has/growth/to/super market/contributed/been/of/the.
    c) Traditional//unlike/grocerystore/supermarket/consumers/provide/single roof/under/a/every thing.



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