CBSE Class 10 English HOTs The frog and the Nightingale

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The frog and the Nightingale

1 In spite of the frog’s crass cacophony how could he emerge as the winner?

1)Clever, manipulative-exploited the nightingale’s vulnerability

2 The Nightingale is responsible for her own death. Comment.

2)Too naïve to the explitative and cunning manipulations of the frog-lacked self belief.

3 What characteristics helped the frog to overpower the Nightingale?

3)Shrewd, cunning,boastful who took advantage of the Nightingale’s timidity.

4. How did the other creatures of the forest respond to the frog and the Nightingale?

4)They loathed his voice but admired the melodious voice of the nightingale.

5. Comment on jealousy and selfishness, in view of the poem the frog and the Nightingale.

5) This allegorical poem comments on the destructive nature of envy and selfishness.It laso brings into focus the fall of a talented but naïve creature.Lack of confidence can be fatal.

6 Nightingale was timorous but the frog was arrogant. Then why do both rehearse together?

6) Frog boasts of his splendid baritone and becomes the nightingale’s self appointed trainer.

7..‘She was a stupid creature’. Says the frog about the nightingale. Do you support this view?

7) The nightingale was foolish enough to believe everything the frog said about himself.Heclaims to be critic of high repute-the nightingale is impressed-nervous and prone to influence-fails to see through the motive of the frog.

8 How did the frog kill the nightingale without any blame on him?

8) Assumes the role of trainer-introduces himself with attributes that are false-Nightingale believes him. He puts her through rigorous training that ultimately breaks and kills her.

9..The frog all along intended to become ‘unrivalled’. Justify the statement.

9)The frog intended to destroy the nightingale’s self confidence with constant criticism. He became her trainer without having any musical talent-over exploited her voice –as a result she burst a vein and died.

10 How can we say that this poem is the replica of human values in this fast changing society?

10)Flattery fells the mightiest-the gullible and naïve Nightingale was no exception. Similarly lack of self esteem can make even the most talented wither away.

11 Comment on the kind of professional rivalry delineated in this poem which leaves an impact on our society.

11) Often the less talented get away with boastfulness and arrogance. The Frog’s shrewd manipulation of the naïve Nightingale helped him to exploit her and the situation. For the frog the goal was more important than the means.

12 Why does Vikram Seth generally use animal characters to convey a message to society?

12) The poem is a fable where animal characters talk and behave as humans to portray with telling effect the nature of human character and behaviour. The characters and events here symbolize the hidden motives and human weaknesses

13 “Innocence is nowadays robbed of its naturalness and exploited by selfishness.”Diagnose the statement with relevance to frog and Nightingale?

13) Innocence can sometimes lead to poor judgement as in the case of the nightingale. One becomes vulnerable and open to exploitation

14. Lack of self confidence kills your talent, the nightingale is a good example for this. Comment.

14. Nightingale was talented but innocent –ignorant about her capabilities-had a poor sense of judgement-so exploiter by the crafty frog to suit his end-he succeeded to destroy her with constant criticism.

15.Bring out the symbolism as used by the poet in the poem “The frog and the Nightingale”.

15) The frog symbolizes an overbearing critic who boasts of quality that he actually does not possess. The nightingale is a symbol of someone who is naturally talented, but not confident about her talents and easily falls into the frog’s trap and destroys herself.


1. The poem describes the present scenario of our social world as to how a person who is doing well in life is pulled down. Comment

2. Nowadays it is survival of the smartest and not the fittest. Comment keeping the frog in mind.

3. The character of the frog and the nightingale epitomize vice and virtue respectively. Elucidate.

4. The poem portrays the need for everyone to realize their own capacities, capabilities, potential and limitations. Comment keeping the nightingale in mind.

5. Talent alone is not enough to succeed in today’s world. Comment on the success of the frog and the failure of the nightingale.

6. The nightingale is unable to take the constant pressure to perform and succumbs to it. Relate its experience to your own as a Board class student and write about the pressure on you to excel.

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