CBSE Class 10 English HOTs and Value Points (1)

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CBSE Class 10 English HOTs and Value Points (1). Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) are part of the CBSE syllabus and form part of examinations. Students are requested to learn the HOTs for various subjects to score better in examinations, This portal has collection of important HOTs for all subjects and classes which have been made by experienced school teachers. Students should download and learn the HOTS.

Lesson 1- Two Gentlemen Of Verona

Q1- Appearance can be deceptive. Discuss with reference to the two boys in `Two Gentlemen of Verona`

Value Points

-One is likely to reach a wrong conclusion if one goes just by appearance.

-Superficial image may lead to wrong decision.

-Looks are not always the mirror.

Q2- How does the story `Two Gentlemen of Verona` is the hope for the society?

Value Points-

- A definite message to humanity.

- Difficulties and war could not break their spirit.

- Lived with self-respect and dignity.

Lesson 2 – Mrs. Packletide`s Tiger

Q1- A person who is in vain full of self importance and can only think of himself and can go to great length to prove his superiority. Do you think Mrs, Packletide is vain? Give reasons.

Value Points-

- Does not purse hobby of hunting but does so to boast.

- To fulfill her ego exploits the villagers.

- Careful about her own personal risk.

Q2- Do you agree with the views that the author ridicules the pretentious nature of the upper class of the prevailing society? Justify your answer.

Value Points-

- Episode of Loona Bimbleton`s flight.

- Challenge accepted by Mrs. Packletide.

- Blackmailing done by Miss Mebin.

Lesson 3- The Letter

Q1- Age and experience mellow down a person. Comment with reference to the change in Ali`s outlook?

Value Points-

- Robust hunts in earlier life.

- With the passage of time his outlook towards life changes.

- The pain of separation from his daughter changed his outlook.

Q2- Only the wearer where the shoe pinch. It is only after his daughter fell ill that the postmaster realized what Ali was going through. With reference to the story make a diary entry.

Value points-

- Postmaster insensitive towards others feelings.

- Understands the pain when he himself goes through it.

- Has a sense of guilt for his behavior towards Ali.

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