CBSE Class 11 English Sample Paper Set M

Read and download PDF of CBSE Class 11 English Sample Paper Set M designed as per the latest curriculum and examination pattern for Class 11 issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The latest Class 11 English Sample Papers have been provided with solutions so that the students can solve these practice papers and then compare their answers. This will help them to identify mistakes and improvement areas in English Standard 11 which they need to study more to get better marks in Grade 11 exams. After solving these guess papers also refer to solved Class 11 English Question Papers available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject

CBSE Class 11 English Sample Paper Set M.Sample Papers are the very important for every student. The sample papers should be practiced to gain extra marks in examinations. The sample papers have been prepared based on pattern of last year examinations and as per latest changes in the syllabus. Students, teachers and parents can download all CBSE educational material and very well prepared worksheets from this website.  All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, have also been submitted by CBSE teachers and students. 

Q 1 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :

Suddenly, Bee- Mason touched my arm and pointed across the grass .“There’s something moving near that pool” he said in a strange voice. I looked where he was pointing and saw an unusual movement in the grass. It was unusual because it seemed to be happening over several feet of ground. At the same moment, something was moving towards us steadily, disturbing the green stems with a wave like motion as it did so.

“I believe it is a water snake” I said. Immediately Bee-Mason became a different man. His eyes shone and the muscles of his face twitched with excitement. “My camera!” he said, “Keep the snake here until I return”. And off he went, splashing through the marshland.

I was now left to face a water snake which might attack me. I recalled what I read in a travel book that a constrictor had to coil its tail round a fixed object before it can squeeze its victim with its powerful muscles. I also knew that a knife would be very effective if it was stuck into the snake with skill and speed, and that by standing with one’s arms in a certain position as it attacked, there was a chance of being able to escape at the last moment. But I was not eager to try either of these methods of escape.

It was fear that made me stay in that marsh. Bee-Mason is a keen camera man and he will do anything to get a picture of a man in agony, because he knows that that is what cinema audiences like. I knew that he would rescue me if I were in real danger, but I was certain that he would wait until the last possible moment-probably until I was half way down the snake’s throat. Still, I was less afraid of the water snake than I was of what Bee-Mason would think if I failed to keep it there for him. So I prepared for action by loosening my hunting knife in its sheath.

Meanwhile, the snake had approached to within twenty yards, and was paying no attention to me. Keeping its head an inch or two above the ground, it slid through the grass as though it had no interest in anything. Calmly and gracefully, this long, spotted, brownish green creature moved towards me. It had probably never before seen a human being. Certainly it had never been frightened. Our meeting was most polite, and if it had not been necessary to get a picture of it, I should have been glad to admire its beauty from a distance. But if I had done nothing, it would have vanished into the bushes long before Bee- Mason could return. I was not really in danger of death during the fight which followed, but three things made it hard for me: firstly, I was not used to this kind of a situation; secondly, this was my first experience of a large snake; and thirdly, I was very nervous.

I looked back to see how Bee-Mason was getting along. He was about half a mile away. Under the heat of the fierce sun, he ran towards me with the camera and the tripod on his shoulder, staggering at every step. I could see that he would never reach the spot in time to film the snake unless I did something quickly; so with a last glance in his direction I stepped up to it and caught it by the back of its neck. In a flash its jaws opened, revealing its sharp white teeth. Its small, dark eyes went black with fear and rage, and it struck out with its whip-like tail. Even then I did not really think that the creature wanted to harm me. It was not hungry and it would have been quite content to go on its way. Nevertheless, it did not like this tough treatment and it fought fiercely for its freedom.
It is a strange and very unpleasant sensation to feel a wet constrictor struggling for its freedom in one’s arms. Its muscles suddenly appear beneath its skin forming hard knots and disappearing again in a moment. I stood with my feet wide apart and held the snake in a grip that would have prevented any other animal from moving. My left hand held its neck and my right hand after passing under its throat firmly gripped my left wrist. In this way, I was able to prevent the snake from breathing. Unfortunately, a constrictor, which is usually a slow moving creature, is most active when it is short of air. It struggled fiercely, and I could feel, rather than see, the blind fury of its tail, which was trying to find a tree trunk behind me. I had no fear of that, however, because I had taken special care that the fight should take place in the open.
1 Why did Bee-Mason leave his friend alone the moment he noticed a water snake nearby? 
2. The narrator chose to attack the constrictor. What does this reveal about his feelings for Bee-Mason? 
3. Was the narrator aware of the danger involved in attacking a constrictor all alone? How do you know? 
4. How did the constrictor react to being caught unawares? 
5. Find words from the above passage which mean the same as : 

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