CBSE Class 11 English Sample Paper Set C

CBSE Class 11 English Sample Paper Set C. It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.


Q.1 Read the following passage carefully: 

1 Cricket in South Asia is a carnivalesque, festive game; it carries not merely the baggage of competition and achievement, but is also a participatory cultural event that invokes images of religious festivals, convivial social gatherings, picnics and theatre. It is now gradually becoming a substitute for war, a means of redeeming self-esteem and expressing xenophobia, and a depot of weird conspiracy theories. No country now loses a game because the other side is better; a country loses only because its cricketers and cricket administrators are under-patriotic, corrupt, greedy or self-centred.

2 Unfortunately for ultra-nationalists and fortunately for the rest, cricket is one game in which the best training, organisation and preparation do not yield corresponding results. It is a subversive game that rebels against the productivity principle on which is built the world of globalised capitalism. Luck plays a major role in the final outcome of a match or series. In this respect, cricket is unlike football, tennis or chess. The grandeur of cricket and the cliched reference to its glorious uncertainties come from a cultivated ignorance of this inner contradiction in the game. Cricketers and their fans-to say nothing of the expertshave to learn to live with the unpredictability without getting overly judgmental or paranoiac. All games have some built-in uncertainties; only cricket has turned the gracious acceptance of this into a measure of character.

3 Let us not forget that in cricket the 22 players involved are never on the field at the same time. Consequently, one team may play in full sunshine, while the other may have to play under an overcast sky when the ball begins to swing. One team may bat on a green top, the other on a wearing pitch. You can never truly equalise the outer conditions for the two teams. So a cricketer not merely plays against the opposition, but also against his own fate. That is one reason why it is a typically Indian or, if you prefer, South Asian game.

4. This is a cultural region that recognises the role of destiny in human affairs. All cricketers are superstitious because of the nature of their job. Only South Asians are not embarrassed about it and have unashamedly built ritualised ways of dealing with destiny as a normal part of a cricketer's life. If you want a game where the investment of money, hard training and ruthless professionalism will pay predictable results, and the results will be a pure reflection of skill and talent, you should choose another game. 

1.1 On the basis of your reading of the passage, answer the following questions by choosing the best of the given choices.

(a) What is a cricket match according to the passage?

(i) cricket is seasonal like festivals

(ii) carnivals are organized during cricket matches

(iii) cricket match is a cultural event like a festival or a carnival

(iv) cricket is not a game but a carnival, a festival

(b) How is cricket becoming a substitute for war?

(i) Countries bet their image and self-esteem on the outcome of the game

(ii) Political interests have invaded the game.

(iii) Cricket teams receive international funding.

(iv) The spectators are filled with patriotic sentiments.

(c) Cricket rebels against the productivity principle means that _____

(i) cricket does not produce results

(ii) cricket is played by rebels

(iii) the principles of cricket are rebellious and unproductive

(iv) training and preparation do not necessarily bring success

(d) Cricketers are superstitious. This can be understood because they _____

(i) believe in the role of destiny

(ii) learn to live with unpredictability

(iii) know that luck plays a major role in their success

(iv) all the above

(e) ‘Baggage’ in para 1 means _____

(i) elements

(ii) cricket bats and balls, etc.

(iii) luggage

(iv) hand bags

(f) ‘corresponding’ in para 2 means _____

(i) writing

(ii) matching

(iii) relating to correspondence

(iv) expected

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