CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Sample Paper 2017 (3)

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Sample Paper 2017 (3). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1. (a) What is the difference between Type casting and Automatic type Conversion? Give examples 2

(b)Write the names of the header files which are necessary to execute the following C++ code 1

void main()

{ char name[40];

strcpy(name, “Vijay Sharma”);



(c) Identify and correct the errors if any, underline the correction 2

#include<iostream h>

int main


Unsigned long i,fact=1;

cout<<”Enter a number “;







cout<<”the factorial is “<<fact;


(d) Find the output of the following program (imagine header files are included) 2

void main()



char *NAME = "@KVid5yaLaY*a";

for (int x = 0; x < strlen(NAME); x++)

if (islower(NAME[x]))

NAME[x] = toupper(NAME[x]);


if (isupper(NAME[x]))

if (x%2==0)

NAME[x] = tolower(NAME[x]);


NAME[x] = NAME[x-1];




(e) Give the output of the following program 3



void Execute(int &B, int C = 50)


int TEMP = B+C;

B += TEMP;

if(C != 150)

cout << " "<<TEMP<<" " <<" "<< B <<" "<< C << endl;


void main ( )



int M = 20, N = 10;


cout <<" "<< M<< " "<<" "<< N << endl;

Execute(M, N);

cout <<" "<<M <<" "<< N << endl;



(f) Find the possible out put(s) & What will be the minimum & Maximum values 2




void main()




int N, numgus;






2. (a)What do you mean by a temporary instance of a class ? What is its use? how is it created? 2

(b)Answer the questions(i) and(ii) after going through the following class: 2

class TestMeOut


~TestMeOut() //Function 1

{ cout<<"Play over"<<endl; }

TestMeOut( ) //Function 2

{cout<<"Preparing to play"<<endl;

void MyWork( )

{ cout<<"Playing"<<endl


(i) In OOP what is Function 1 referred as and when does it get invoked?

(ii) In OOP what is Function 2 referred as and when does it get invoked? Write the statement to

invoke Function2.

(c) Define a class serverspace with the following specifications. 4

Private members of the class

Filenames – an array of strings of size[10][25]

( to represent all the names of files inside serverspace )

Availspace – long

( to represent total number of bytes available in serverspace)

Usedspace – long

( to represent total number of bytes used in serverspace)

public members of the class

(d)Answer the questions i to iv based on the following code 4

Newfileentry() – Afunction to accept values of Filenames, Availspace and Usedspace from user

Retavailspace() – A Fucntion that returns the value of total Kilobytes

available ( 1 Kilobytes = 1024 bytes)

Showfiles() – a function that displays the names of all the files in serverspace

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