CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Question Paper Solved 2019

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CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Question Paper Solved 2019. Students can download the last year board exams question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.

1. (a) Write the functions of the following pieces of network hardware :

(i) Modem

(ii) Switch

(b) Write two ways used to make sure that the data is secure and is available only to the intended and authorized persons in a network.

(c) Expand TCP/IP. Write the purpose of TCP/IP in communication of data on a network.

(d) Expand the following terms :

(i) MAC Address

(ii) ODF

(e) Explain in brief any one freedom offered by Open Source Software.

Write one example for each of the following :

(i) An Open Source Operating System

(ii) An Open Source Office Suite

2. (a) Write the data type of variables that should be used to store the following in Java :

(i) Sales amount (of Sales) achieved by a Sales Person

(ii) Roll Number of Student

(b) Distinguish between isSelected() and setSelected() methods of Java with the help of example.

(c) What will be displayed in jTextField1 and jTextField2 when the following code is executed ?

int x,y,z,t;

x = 3;

y = 8;

z = x+y/8;

t = z++;




What will be displayed in jTextField1 and jTextField2 when the following code is executed ?

int x,y,z,t;

t = 3;

z = 0;



z = z+1;


while (t>3);



(d) The following HTML code has error(s). Rewrite the correct code underlining corrections made.

<ol type="A" begin="4">

<li>List item 1</li>

<li>List item 2</li>

<li>List item 3</li>



Expand XML. For what purpose is XML used ?

(e) Write the output that will be displayed on jLabel1 and jLabel2.

String a,b,c,d,x;

a= "Keep";




int e = b.length()/4+d.length()*2;



jLabel1.setText("The value of e = "+e); 


Please click the link below to download pdf file of CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Question Paper Solved 2019.


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