CTET Teacher Eligibility Test English Language Solved Question Paper (5)

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CTET Teacher Eligibility Test English Language Solved Question Paper (5)- Solved board exam question papers prepared for CBSE students by the best teachers in Delhi. 


Directions—(Q. 1–5) Each sentence has one or two blanks. Choose the word or set of words that best completes the sentence meaningfully.

1. He went to the library ……… to find that it was closed.

(A) seldom

(B) never

(C) only

(D) solely

Ans : (C)

2. The ties that bind us together in common activity are so ………that they can disappear at any moment.

(A) tentative

(B) tenuous

(C) consistent

(D) restrictive

Ans : (B)

3. Her reaction to his proposal was ………. She rejected it ……….

(A) inevitable–vehemently

(B) subtle–violently

(C) clever–abruptly

(D) sympathetic–angrily

Ans : (A)

4. His ……… directions misled us we did not know which of the two roads to take.

(A) complicated

(B) ambiguous

(C) narrow

(D) fantastic

Ans : (B)

5. It would be difficult for one so ……… to believe that all men are equal irrespective of caste, race and religion.

(A) emotional

(B) democratic

(C) intolerant

(D) liberal

Ans : (C)

Directions—(Q. 6–10) Fill in blanks by selecting appropriate alternative.

6. I met him only a week ……….

(A) back

(B) past

(C) ago

(D) previous

Ans : (C)

7. Lovey asked me ……….

(A) why are you angry ?

(B) why I am angry ?

(C) why I was angry ?

(D) why was I angry ?

Ans : (C)

8. Even after repeated warnings, he ……… to office on time.

(A) never come

(B) never comes

(C) is never coming

(D) have never come

Ans : (B)

9. He told his wife that ……… from Germany.

(A) he will like to visit France

(B) he was liking to visit France

(C) he would like to visit France

(D) he is liking to visit France

Ans : (C)

10. Some people can ……… even with murder.

(A) get on

(B) get out

(C) get off

(D) get away

Ans : (D)

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