CTET Teacher Eligibility Test Child Pedagogy Solved Question Paper (1)

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CTET Teacher Eligibility Test Child Pedagogy Solved Question Paper (1) - Solved board exam question papers prepared for CBSE students by the best teachers in Delhi. 

Directions: Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriateoption.

1. The term 'curriculum' in the field of education refers to

(1) methods of teaching and the content to be taught

(2) overall programme of the school which students experience on a day-to-day basis

(3) evaluation process

(4) text-material to be used in the class

Ans: (2)

2. At lower classes, play-way method of teaching is based on

(1) theory of physcial education programmes

(2) principles of methods of teaching

(3) psychological principles of development and growth

(4) sociological principles of teaching

Ans: (3)

3. "A young child responds to a new situation on the basis of the response made by him/her in a similar situation as in the past." This is related to

(1) 'Law of Analogy' of learning

(2) 'Law of Effect' of learning

(3) 'Law of Attitude' of learning process

(4) 'Law of Readiness' of learning

Ans: (2)

4. 'Dyslexia' is associated with

(1) Mental disorder

(2) Mathematical disorder

(3) Reading disorder

(4) Behavioural disorder

Ans: (3)

5. Education of children with special needs should be provided

(1) along with other normal children

(2) by methods developed for special children in special Schools

(3) in special school

(4) by special teachers in special schools

Ans: (1)

6. To make assessment a 'useful and interesting' process, one should be careful about

(1) making comparisons between different students

(2) labelling students as intelligent or average learners

(3) using a variety of ways' to collect information about the student's learning across the scholastic and co-scholastic boundaries

(4) using technical language to give feedback

Ans: (3)

7. ____ is not considered a sign of 'being gifted'.

(1) Creative ideas

(2) Fighting with others

(3) Novelty in expression

(4) Curiosity

Ans: (2)

8."Children actively construct their understanding of the world" is a statement attributed to

(1) Piaget

(2) Pavlov

(3) Kohlberg

(4) Skinner

Ans: (1)

9. Kritika who does not talk much at home, talks a lot at school. It shows that

(1) the school provides opportunities to children to talk a lot

(2) teachers demand that children should talk a lot at school

(3) she does not like her home at all

(4) her thoughts get acknowledged at school

Ans: (4)

10. A teacher should make an attempt to understand the potentialities of herlhis students. Which of the following fields is related to this objective?

(1) Educational Sociology

(2) Social Philosophy

(3) Media - Psychology

(4) Educational Psychology

Ans: (4)

11. Motivation, in the process of learning,

(1) sharpens the memory of learners

(2) differentiates new. learning from old learning

(3) makes learners think unidirectionally

(4) creates interest for learning among young learners

Ans: (4)

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