CTET Teacher Eligibility Test English Language Solved Question Paper (2)

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CTET Teacher Eligibility Test English Language Solved Question Paper (2)- Solved board exam question papers prepared for CBSE students by the best teachers in Delhi. 


Directions: Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.

1. The spoken skills in a language teaching classroom can be developed through

(1) enabling activities with a focus on conversation skills leading to communicative competence

(2) group activities where learners can talk in whichever language they would like to

(3) engaging in small talk as confident agressive learners

(4) emotionally connecting with learners

Ans: (1)

2. Lalita, a teacher of young learners, provides them with opportunities to play with clay, water and sand so as to

(1) please them and make them happy

(2) dirty their hands so that they may learn to wash them

(3) build fine motor skills, especially of the fingers and thumb

(4) encourage play with no other objective

Ans: (3)

3. How will a teacher best teach 'writing' skills to a class?

(1) Through dictation

(2) By asking students to learn articles and rewrite them

(3) By brainstorming ides and asking students to write in their own words

(4) By asking students to write neatly

Ans: (3)

4. Mary, a young teacher, believes in personalised learning because she thinks that

(1) all learners must learn on their own

(2) children must enjoy their learning

(3) every person must be exposed to learning

(4) every learner is unique and needs to be given a chance to develop to the best of their ability

Ans: (4)

5. In a diverse classroom, learners find it difficult to speak and write good English and often lapse into their mother-tongue because

(1) they do not have the ability to learn English

(2) they are slow learners

(3) they are not motivated to learn

(4) they lack enough competence and the structures of the two languages are different

Ans: (4)

6. A child studying in Class-III says: “I dranked the water.” It indicates that the child

(1) has overgeneralized the rule for marking past tense verbs, showing that learning is taking place

(2) is careless and needs to be told that she should be conscious of such errors

(3) has not learnt grammar rules properly

(4) should memories the correct sentence

Ans: (1)

7. Leena uses Big Reading Books in her language classes to

(1) use these illustrated colourful books for reading together

(2) use them for big students of different ages

(3) allow students to read at home

(4) ensure books carry a lot of information

Ans: (1)

8. Grammar should be taught by

(1) giving clear explanations

(2) enabling practice in context

(3) asking students to learn rules

(4) making learners do written assignments

Ans: (2)

9. Children who are differently abled join a new school. Teachers give different reactions. Which one reflects the concept of inclusive education?

(1) "Good, it will provide a good opportunity for the children to learn to help each other and be supportive."

(2) "Such children should go to special schools where they will learn better." (3) "Oh! How can I teach children who cannot even read? "

(4) "I'm worried that my class may not accept these children and some of the mischievous children may even harm the poor kids."

Ans: (1)

10. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 stipulates that learning should be

(1) through activities in a child-friendly manner

(2) supported by extra coaching

(3) restricted to co-scholastic subjects

(4) carefully monitored by frequent testing

Ans: (1)

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