CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Our Environment Worksheet

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CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheets (83) - Our Environment

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Q.1. The picture shown below has a number of things in it. Some are living and the others are non-living. Point out which ones are living and which ones are non-living? Write them in their correct column.
CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheets (83) - Our Environment 1
Q.2. Encircle the correct answers
a) Human beings depend on plants and animals for their (food / bird)
b) Plants breathe through small holes in their (leaves / flowers)
c) Animals kill other animals for (fun / food)
d) A puppy grows into a ( boy / dog)
e) A new plants grow from ( branch / seeds)
Q3. Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct option.
fruits, Jasmine, natural things, aeroplane, absorb
a) Seeds are found inside most ________________ .
b) ___________________ is a man made things that flies.
c) __________________ is a flowering plant.
d) Roots _______________ water and mineral from the soil.
e) The things that occur in nature are called_____________.
Q.4. Name them.
a) A plant that changes is direction according to sun. _________________
b) I make food for the plants. __________________
c) The most colourful part of the plant . __________________
d) A fruit with one seed. __________________
e) I give birth to my young ones by laying eggs. __________________
Q.5. Match the following.
a) horse wings
b) fish papaya
c) fruit with many seeds fins
d) birds roots
e) fixes the plant legs
Q.6. Write the difference between living and non living things

CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheets (83) - Our Environment 2
Q.7. Draw and colour the following and name them.

CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheets (83) - Our Environment 3

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