CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Revision Worksheet Set E

CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheets (60) - Revision

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 Fill in the blanks :

1. The road must be crossed at the ________________ crossing.

2. We must always walk on the _________________.

3. Children should never _________________ on the road.

4. People should stand in a _________________ on the bus stop.

5. We must not run up or down the _______________.

6. _______________________ is the fastest means of transport.

7. _____________________ are the means of water transport.

8. _____________________ is the means of land transport.

9. We wear raincoat in the ____________________ season.

10. Trees shed their leaves in the _____________ season.

11. The shortest day of the year is _____________.

12. The _____________ season comes just before summer.

13. We feel cold in the ________________ season.

14. Big seas are called ________________.

15. The earth is made up of __________________ and water.

16. Man has made many __________________ on Earth.

17. ____________________ break down into sand and soil.

18. We should make an effort to______________ our Earth.

II. Write true or false:

1. Cross the road only when the pedestrian light is green. _____________

2. We should stand on the footboard while travelling in a bus. ____________

3. We should follow safety rules to avoid accidents. ________________

4. We should lean out of the window of a moving bus.______________

5. Never try to get in to the moving bus. ________________

6. We should obey traffic lights and road signs while driving. ______________

7. On land we can travel on roads or rails.___________________

8. We can travel long distances comfortably by a scooter._____________

9. Aeroplane is a fast means of transport._________
10. Steamer is a mean of water transport.____________
11. The aeroplane was invented by two brothers named Wilbur and Orville brothers.___________
12. A train runs on electricity or diesel._____________
13. We use room heater during summer season._______________
14. We wear woolen clothes during winter season.______________
15. Rainy season is also known as monsoon.______________
16. The autumn season comes just before summer. ____________
17. When it rains we use an umbrella and raincoat.___________
18. Wood from plants are used as a fuel. ____________
19. We get oil by crushing the flowers of some plants. _____________
20. Penicillin is a medicine. ______________
21. We get latex from the willow tree. _____________
22. Plants make the air fresh.____________
23. Jute is a fibre. ____________
24. Spices impart taste and smell to our food. ___________
25. Meat of sheep and goat is called mutton.______________
26. The oxen carry loads for us. _________________
27. We get honey and wax from bees. ____________
28. Wax is used for making shoes and belts. ______________
29. Bees collect nectar from flowers and turn into honey. ____________
30. Silk is made from a thread made by the bees. ________________
31. We get leather from buffaloes and cows. ______________
32. The donkey carries loads for us._____________
33. Land forms and water bodies are natural features. _____________
34. A stream is a big water body. ______________
35. Land forms and water bodies are man-made._______________
36. Earth is the only one place where life exists. ______________
37. Big seas are called lakes. ________________
38. Forests are our real wealth. _______________
III. Underline the correct word:
1. We should play in the (park/road).
2. We should not play with (toys/ matchbox).
3. We should not touch electric switches or wires with (wet/ dry) hands.
4. We can reach far off places in a short while by (air / land).
5. (Cycle cart/ bullock cart) is run by man power.
6. (Train/ ship) is a means of land transport.
7. A (bicycle/ car) has two wheels.
8. (Tonga/car) is a means of transport run by animals.
9. 21 December is the (shortest/longest) day of the year.
10. During (spring/winter) season, it is neither hot nor cold.
11. The longest day of the year is (23 June/ 21 December).
12. (Weather/Season) is the condition of the air that surrounds the Earth.
13. Most trees shed their leaves during (autumn/spring) season.
14. We wear cotton clothes during (summer/winter) season.
15. Quinine is a (perfume/medicine).
16, Plants give out (oxygen/carbon dioxide).
17. Cloves are (fibre/spices).
18. (Tulsi leaves/rose leaves) are used for cough and cold.
19. Groundnut is used for making (perfume/ oil).
20. Rubber is used for making (tyres/medicine).
21. We make perfumes from (seeds/flowers).
22. (Bees/silk worm) collect nectar from flowers.
23. Cheese and sweets made from (honey/milk).
24. We get wool from (donkey/sheep).
25. Belt and purse made from (leather/ wax).
26. The (donkey/oxen) plough the fields.
27. (Silk/leather) is used for making muffler and scarf.
28. Earth is (round in shape/flat in shape).
29. Big seas are called (streams/ocean).
30. Our real wealth is (forest/desert).
31. Plateau, mountains, hills and valleys are (landforms/water bodies).
IV. Give two examples of each of the following:
1. Slow means of transport run by man power.
a.__________________ b.__________________
2. Land transport having two wheels.
a.__________________ b.____________________
3. Slow means of transport run by animals.
a. _________________ b.____________________
4. Land transport having four wheels.
a.___________________ b.____________________
5. Means of air transport.
a.__________________ b._____________________
6. Plants whose roots we eat.
a. ________________ b. _____________________
7. Plants whose leaves we eat.
a.___________________ b._____________________
8. Plants whose seeds we eat.
a.___________________ b.______________________
9. Plants that give us fibre
a.__________________ b._______________________
10. Plants that give us perfumes
a. __________________b. ______________________
VII. Answer the following:
1. Why should we follow the safety rules?
2. What are road signs? Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
3. Where should children play?
Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
4. What should never be touched with wet hands?
Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
5. What is weather? Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
6. What is a season?
7. Which is your favourite season?
Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
8. Name the three seasons.
Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
9. How do we get oil?
Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
10. What is latex?
Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
11. How do we get honey?
Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
12. How is wax useful?
Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
13. Where do we get leather from?
Ans._____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________
14. What kind of animals are called beasts of burden?
15. Name three things made with milk.
16. What is the shape of the Earth like?
17. How much of the Earth is covered with water?
18. Why is the Earth called the Blue Planet?
19. Name two landforms found on the Earth.
Write what these symbols stand for:
CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheets (60) - Revision 1
CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheets (60) - Revision 2

VI. Match the following:

CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheets (60) - Revision 3

VII) Fill in the blanks to complete the names of these landforms.
CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheets (60) - Revision 4
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