CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Saudi Arabia Worksheet

CBSE Class 2 EVS Practice Worksheets (67) - Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is a country .It is a country situated in an area of the world called the “Middle East”.A country is a land that has its own government and language . A Royal family is a family that rules over a county.T he head member of that rules over a country. The head member of that family is a king.

King Abdul Aziz was the first king of S.A. The language of S.A is Arabic. All countries have a flag to represent them. The flag of S.A is green in colour which is also recognised as the symbol of peace.The capital of S.A is Riyadh .it is situated in the middle of the country. The laws of S.A are taken from the holy quran.The climate and the customs of S.A influence the dress of the country.Boys and men wear the long and loose fitting shirts know as “thoub”.The women of S.A wear the traditional “abaya”over their every day garments.


Q1.Who is the present king of Saudi Arabia ?

A1.King Abdullah is the present king of Saudi Arabia.

Q2. Who is the crown prince of Saudi Arabia?

A2. Prince sultan is the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

Q3.What is the official language of Saudi Arabia?

A3. Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia .

Q4.Who was the first king of Saudi Arabia ?
A4.King Abdul Aziz was the first king of Saudi Arabia .
Fill in the blanks:-
1. The king of Saudi Arabia was proclaimed in the year 1932.
2. The national day of Saudi Arabia is on 23 September.
3. Falcon is the national bird of Saudi Arabia.
4. Camel is the national animal of Saudi Arabia.
5. The Islamic era is based in the hijra.
6. The people of Saudi Arabia Saudis .
7. Petroleum is the national resource of Saudi Arabia .
8. King saud university is the first university of Saudi Arabia.
9. People living in desert are called bedoins.
10.The colour of national flag of Saudi Arabia is green.
11.The holy book of muslim is the quran.
12.Islam is the religion followed in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has an extremely hot climate.there is hadly any rainfall.the summer season is may to september.the weather is very hot and dry during the day time.the hights are relatively cool.the winter seasonis from October to april.the days are warm while the nights are very the coastal areas,the teamperature are mild.sand storms are common in all seasons.they appear suddenly and makes the sky hazy.the western coast of the kingdom,which faces the red sea,normally has subtropical climate.the central region has dry and relatively hot summers and dry cold winters.
Fill in the blanks .
1.The summer season in Saudi Arabia is from May and September .
2.The winter season in Saudi Arabia is from October to April .
3.Sands storms are commonly in Saudi Arabia .
4.Various types of cactus grown in Saudi Arabia .
Choose the correct answer
1.(hail/asri)is the only part of Saudi Arabia.
2.The climate of Saudi Arabia is (extreme/equable).
3.The ship of the desert is (horse/camel)
Saudi Arabia has many cities,both old and new .Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh is a modern town with sky scrapers,parks,markets,educational institutions and hospitals.the broad roads are lined with royal places and air-conditional government buildings.Jeddah on the west coast along the red sea,is a commercial city and busy seaport.Mecca and Medina are the holiest centre of pilgrimage for the muslims .every year lakh of muslims go to mecca and madina.situated on the Arabian gulf ,Dammam is one of the most impotant cities of the kingdom cities . Saudi Arabia is developing fast. Many industries are located here.The holy kaaba is in the city of makkah. The prophets (PBUH) mosque situated in the city of madinah.
Q1.What is the capital of Saudi Arabia ?
A1.Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia .
Q2.Name some important cities of saudi arabia ?
A2.Riyadh,Jeddah,Dammam,Jubail,Taif,Makkah,Medina are the important cities of Saudi Arabia .
Q3.Name 2 industrial cities of Saudi Arabia
A3. Jubail and yanbu.
Fill in the blanks
1.Abha is the hill station of Saudi Arabia.
2.Jeddah is the port city of Saudi Arabia.
3.Jubail is the industrial city of Saudi Arabia.
4. The two holy cities of Saudi Arabia are makkah and madinah.
Match the following:-
1. The largest city of S.A                   Makkah &Madinah (2)
2. The two holy cities of S.A              Jubail & Yanbu(4)
3. The second largest city of S.A        Taif & Abha (5)
4. The two industrial cities of S.A       Riyadh (1)
5.The two hill stations of S.A             Jeddah ( 3)
Saudi Arabia people make a visitor welcome .even a strange. First coffee. Gahwah is prepared and drunk in tiny cups with dates.then .without milk tea(shai) is offered.After these formalities a meal is served.which is usually lamb or chicken with rice (kabsa).The meal is presented by the host on a big round tray which is placed on the floor in the middle of the guests or in the dinning rooms. The host serves the meal.The food is cooked in a variety of ways and methods,from tradional to modern. Many different and delightful foods are served in Saudi Arabian cuisine.
Fill in the blanks:-
1.Staple food of S.A is dates.
2.Main drink of the people of S.a is Ghawa.
Draw/stick pictures of dates/kabsa.
A very small part of S.A is suitable for growing crops. Most of the water needed for irrigation and domestic use is obtained by desalting the sea water.The main agricultural products are wheat.rice.alfalfa,vegetables and dates.
Saudi Arabia is one of the largest producers of petroleum in the world.Now the government of Saudi Arabia is developing different types of industries also.
The money earned from exporting petroleum is used to improve the standard of living of the people.
Industries such as petrochemicals, fertilizers ,cement , iron , steel etc have been developed.
The currency of SA is Riyals and Halalas
SA is the largest producer of oil.
Fill in the blanks
1. The currency of Saudi Arabia is Riyals and Halalas.
2. The most important natural resource of Saudi Arabia is Petroleum.
3. Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of oil.
Question and Answers.
1. What is the currency of SA?
Ans: The Currency of SA is Riyals and Halalas.
2. What are the main agricultural products in SA?
Ans : The main agricultural products is SA are wheat, vegetables, dates etc.
PROJECT : Draw / Stick the currency (any five) of SA
1. The Islamic era is based on Hijrah
2. The holy Kabah is in the city of Makkah.
3. The Islamic year is according to Lunar.
4. The prophets (PBUH) mosque is in Madinah.
5. The holy pilgrimage is called Haj.
6. Ramadan is the holy month of fasting for muslims.
Project :- Draw the National Emblem of Saudi Arabia.
1. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia.
2. Jeddah is the port city of Saudi Arbia.
3. Abha is the hill station of Saudi Arabia.
4. Jebail is the industrial city of Saudi Arabia.
5. Makkah and Madinah are the two holy cities of SA

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