CBSE Class 10 English Active and Passive

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A. Introduction

A.1  Complete  the  following  sentences  using  the  correct  form  of  the  verbs  given in brackets.

A.2  When do we use the passive voice?

1. It is a big college. More than a hundred teachers ____________________ (employ)  there.

2. _________________________ (somebody/ clean) the office yesterday?

3. How much of our country's land area _______________________ (cover) by forest?

4. The hostel gates _______________ (lock) at 8.00 pm everyday.

5. The  parcel  _________________  (send)  a  month  ago  and  it  __________________  (arrive) only yesterday.

6. Where  _______________________  (these  photographs/take)?  In  Mumbai?  ______________________________ (you/ take) them, or somebody else?

Did you use the same type of construction in your answers? 

What are the two types of construction called?



Example: Look at the following sentences:

a) My grandfather established this steel factory in 1940.

b) This steel factory was established in 1940 by my grandfather. We use the passive voice when we are more interested in the action than the  person who does it or when we do not know the active subject .

Read the following sentences and using the given clues, find out the reason for  the use of the passive construction as in the Example above.

1.  He was killed in the World War II.

Clue: Who must have killed him? Is it obvious?


2.  The Bank was looted last night.

Clue: Have the police caught the culprits?


3.  Sachin Tendulkar is looked upon as a sporting icon.

Clue: By whom?


4.  This sort of road-side restaurants can be seen everywhere in this city.

Clue: How will you write it in active voice?


5.  When he arrived at the airport, he was arrested.

Clue: Rewrite the sentence in active voice. Is it a little awkward?


6.  Employer: On account of tight financial condition, bonus will not be paid this 


Clue: If it is some good news, what voice will the employer use?


7.  I got my hair cut.

Clue: Look at the construction using 'got'.


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