CBSE Class 11 Business Studies - Communication services

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CBSE Class 11 Business Studies - Communication services

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These services are helpful to the business for establishing links with the outside world like suppliers,customers,competitors etc.

Typesof communication services:-

POSTAL SERVICES:_ The Indian posts and telegraphs department provided various following postal services facilities:

 Financial facilities:- It include the following:-

 Monthly income schemes

 Saving account deposits,Fixed deposits and Recurring deposits

 Money order facility

 Public Provident Fund(PPF)

 National Saving Certificates(NSCs)

 Kisan Vikas Patra

Mail Facilities:- It include the following:

 Parcel facilities,transmission of articles from one place to another

 Registration facility to provide security of the transmitted articles

 Insurance facility to provide insurance cover for all risks in the course of transmission by post.

Allied facilities:- It include the following:-

 Greeting post: A range of delightful greeting cards for every occasion

 Media Post: An effective tool for Indian Companies to advertise their brands through postcards.envelopes,telegrams,etc.

 Speed Post: It has many links with major countries across the world.

 E-Bill Post: The latest facility of the Indian Postal department to collect bill payment across the country for BSNL and Bharti AIrtel.

 Direct Post: It is for direct advertising.

 International Money Transfer: Remittance of money from 185 countries to India through collaboration with Western Union financial services

 Passport facilities: Faciltating passport application.

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