CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Value Based Questions

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Value Based Questions

Computer Science

Class 12

Question 1: Ramanathan’s friend Suryansh visited his office for giving an invitation for his wedding. During the visit, he requested Ramanathan to work on his office computer to send an urgent email. While working on the computer, Suryansh was tempted by seeing some important documents on the desktop and cleverly uploaded them on his online folders without taking his friend’s consent.

(i) What name from the following would you give to the above act committed by Suryansh?

(a) Trojan

(b) Cyber Crime

(c) Virus

(ii) What values are shown by Ramanathan and Suryansh?

Question 2: Samsung Smartphone had implemented two features of Apple iphones without Apple’s consent.

(i) What values according to you is depicted in the above mentioned scenario.

(ii) Differentiate between Open Source and Proprietary Software.

Question 3: A group of students started a spam email chain during Online Examination time.

(i) What do you mean by Spam Mails? How can you protect your mailbox from Spam mails?

(ii) As a student what initiative would you take in the common concern of ‘Network Overload Problem’. Give two suggestions.

Question 4: Company XYZ decides to computerize the data of its entire employee. Answer the following questions based on the following code:

class Company


char companyname[30];

char location[20]


void getCompData();

void displayComp();


class Employee : public Company


int eno;

char ename[20];



float Remuneration;

void AssignRenum();


long mobile;

void getEmpData();

void Display();


(i) Which type of Inheritance is depicted by the above example?

(ii) Identify the member functions that cannot be called directly from the object of class Employee.

(iii) Write names of all the member(s)( accessible from the member function of class Employee.

(iv) What is the size of an object of class Employee.

(v) Someone leaks the data about the mobile number of Employee to the third party. As a programmer what would you do to prevent the situation? What values according to you is it able to support the above situation? 

Question 5: Differentiate between Hackers and Crackers. What values is shown by Hackers?

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