CBSE Class 12 Tangkhul Boards 2020 Sample Paper Solved

CBSE Class 12 Tangkhul Boards 2020 Sample Paper Solved. CBSE has recently released the class 12 sample papers for subject Tangkhul. These suggested sample papers are released every year by CBSE ahead of the class 12 board exams so that the students can understand the pattern of question paper and type of questions which is expected to come in the Class 12 board exams. Students can refer to the attached question paper along with marking scheme to understand what they can expect in the board exams in 2020. Its always better to solve the question paper first and then refer to provided answers.


1. Mikahai tuikhumkhahi pākazaklaga khangahān binghi A,B,C kala D wui eina khamashung phākhuida kapisanglu.
Mikumowui mirin mithot kachida sinā lupā makhangahom maleimana. Hila theikhuiya kaje hieina mikumo rotkhamarātna. Kha mikumona lanli khangahom thāda khangatei khikhali mangahom mana. lan leihaiakha kharing kharak mathāmeida zālaga phasā phāmei okthuipaiya. Phasā phāhaiakha ningla mathāmeipapama. Ning ringphāhaiakha phasā phāmeihaoda ning ot, yāng ot sālala sāshapmeikhāra kala kazātla mazamada okapeila okpeimeiya. Kha lan hi nguida shijin haiakha hiwui makaphā hila khāngkapai maningmana. Hiwui eina yuishāt yangshāt, mikpāishi khangarok kala kathi kasārla shokta mirinla chingri maokthuipaimana. Kha nawui skhalei lan saikora chila mikumo ithumwui vang nada, kathāi kachām bingli, chotchāngda khaleibinglila ngarin ngasakakha nawui lan chi ākachangana. Mikumowui kannākhavai, reisang khavai kala okathuihi ttekmatei ngasak khavaili shijinki kajina.
Dynamite phākashoka Alfred Noblewui lan chi wortam mathāsangkhavai, chingri okthuikhavai, ngalei akha eina akha mashitri pānkhavai “Noble Peace Prize” mikhavaili maheisangmi haisāla chungda tongkhavai, mi chungmeida thikapaiya dynamite kasemli heisanghaisā sikaje mi kayākha chungmeida kakhanang kachot samphang haira rakhala? Alfred Noblewui aming kazat kala awuivang eina  mibingna ringkaphā kankhanā samkaphang hi awui dynamite phākashok wuivang maningmana, kha awui lan chi khamathā ot kasāli shikajinwui vang einana.
Lan zakshimeithui kaji otla, mathāmeithui kaji otla sāshapa. Kaphā ot sākhangai, lan khalei mi chungmeida leisāsi kaje ithumwui okathui hi maringphāmei maralā?

A. Mikumona malungchāngmeikapta khangahom hi ________ na.
(a) shimlui khamathā (b) kashan kachon khamathā
(c) kashak kazā khamathā (d) lan
B. Mikumowui okapeiwui angayung hi ______________ eina kharāna.
(a) phasā kaphā (b) kazāt makhalei
(c) lan khalei (d) kashak kazā khamathā
C. Kachikathāli akachanga lan ho khala?
(a) kathāi kachām, chotchāngda khaleibingli.
(b) na kankhanā samkaphanga lan chili.
(c) mangasun kapai lan chili.
(d) shimlui mathuisang kapai lan chili.
(D) Alfred Noblewui aming kazathi _____________________.
(a) dynamite phākashokwui vangna.
(b) chingrihai khangasakwui vangna.
(c) awui lan chi khamathā ot kasāli shikajinwui vangna.
(d) katamnaoli lupā milaga kakatomwui vangna.

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