CBSE Class 8 Computer Science Sample Paper Set I

CBSE Class 8 Computer Science Sample Paper Set I.Sample Papers are the very important for every student. The sample papers should be practiced to gain extra marks in examinations. The sample papers have been prepared based on summative assessment1 and summative assessment 2 pattern. The sample papers have been prepared based on pattern of last year examinations and as per latest changes in the syllabus. Students, teachers and parents can download all CBSE educational material and very well prepared worksheets from this website.  All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, have also been submitted by CBSE teachers and students. 

Q1. Choose the correct answer:

a) Which one of the following is search engine?

i) Netscape    ii) Java    iii) Alta Vista     iv) Internet

b) What does URL stand for?

i) united route link            ii) uniform resource locator

iii) uniform reduction link   iv) None of above

c) All Web Addresses start with this:

i) htp   ii) http://    iii) http:/    iv) www

d) What is the name of the language you use to write a Web page?

i) HTTP    ii) FTP    iii) URL    iv) HTML

e) At which of the following sites would you most probably buy books?

i. ii.

iii. iv

f) What does TCP stands for?

i. Transmission Central Protocol

ii. Transmission Control Protocol

iii. Transparent Central Protocol

iv. Transparent Control Protocol

g) Image file of which format can be inserted in HTML?

i) JPEG    ii) GIF     iii) Both a & b     iv) None of these

h) HTML is written in the form of tags, surrounded by:

i) {}    ii) []     iii) < >     iv) ( )

i) The devices used for communication between computers are:

i) Modems    ii) Network cards    iii) Printers    iv) Both a & b

j) By default list created in HTML is a:

i) Numbered    ii) Bulleted     iii) Both a & b    iv) None of these

Q2. Fill in the blanks: 

a) In M S Front Page, there are …………………… ways to view the Web site.

b) The tools of photoshop are in …………...

c) <TD> tag is used to add ………………. to the tables.

d) The ………………. attribute is used to get a border around the image.

e) ……………… attribute of <OL> tag is used to define the style of bullet.

f) An …………… is a graphic with one or more hot spots.

g) …………… is a link from one web page or file to another including a picture or multimedia file or to an e-mail address or program.

h) The protocol provide ………….. for the computers attached to a network

i) The default extension of a html file is……………

Q3. Check the statement whether is it true or false. 

a) There are three folders of dreamweaver.

b) The root folder is present in main server.

c) The menu bar contains a list of commands.

d) Number of pixels per inch is known as resolution.

e) E-commerce is a way of enabling business over the Net.

f) The connectivity of a computer network can only be wired.

g) Once the picture is inserted in web page, we cannot resize or move an image.

h) You cannot add a hyperlink to an interactive button.

i) Marquee is a feature which scrolling text across a Web page.

j) A webpage can have a background picture.

Q4. Write the action for the following short cut keys: [5]

i) Ctrl + K ii) Shift + F4 iii) Ctrl + R iv) F4 v) Ctrl + Shift + I

vi) Shift + Ctrl + N vii) Shift + F7 viii) F5 ix) Ctrt + D x) Ctrl + T

Q5. Differentiate between: [5]

i) Intranet and Extranet ii) Template and wizard iii) Dodge tool and burn tool

iv) Spot healing brush tool and healing brush tool v) Marquee tool and Lasso tool

CBSE Class 8 Computer Science Sample Paper Set I

Q7. Give the definition for the following:

i)Visual Basic ii) Image Map iii) Theme iv) Views v) Cell Padding [5]

Q8. Write the HTML code for the following web page

CBSE Class 8 Computer Science Sample Paper Set I

(Please Note: Background Colour – Teal, Font - Comic Sans MS, Colour - Maroon for list and heading. Font - Times New Roman and Colour – Yellow for 2nd Paragraph. Colour of horizontal line – Red for first two and Aqua for last three)

Q9. Answer the following questions in short:

a) What are the default colors of the LINK and the VLINK attributes? [1]

b) Which is basic object of access [1]

c) What is a Marquee? [1]

d) Name the objects of access. [1]

e) What do you mean by reports? [1]

f) What does a small triangle at the tool’s right bottom corner indicate in Photoshop? [1]

g) Name any four components of the Photoshop window? [1]

h) What are Filters used for in Photoshop? [1]

i) What are the four different types of e-commerce? [1]

i) Name a few sites where you can shop online? [1]

Q10. Answer the following questions:

a) Write the steps for making CD in Photoshop. [3]

b) What are the steps adding hyperlink to dreamweaver? [2]

c) How does networks classified according to geographical area? [2]

d) Give the steps for changing background and foreground colour in Photoshop [2]

e) What are the steps adding image to dreamweaver? [2]

f) Explain the data types of access

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