CBSE Class 8 Computer Science Sample Paper Set H

CBSE Class 8 Computer Science Sample Paper Set H. It’s always recommended to practice as mane sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

Q.1 Answer any five questions : 

a) What is an overloaded operator? Explain with example.

b) Write 4 properties of CommandButton control.

c) Explain Message box and Input box.

d) Explain storyboard and preview window.

e) Write the steps to add photos and videos in movie maker

f) Name 5 data types of Visual Basic and explain any 2 types.

g) Define Variable and write any one rule for naming variable.

Q.2 Write assignment statements that convert the following formula to their Visual Basic equivalents:

X=(a-b) × (a-4)2

Q.3 In Visual Basic, What is the result of each of the following formula?

a) 1 + (2 * 2) / (6 - 4)

b) 125 / 7 + 7

c) 36 ^ (1 / 2) / 27 ^ (1 / 3)

Q.3 Fill in the blanks : 

a) A null string is sometimes called a …………………

b) A ………………….. helps to differentiate a control from other controls because the property shows appearance and behavior of a control.

c) To add music to your project click on “Add music” under ………………… group in Home tab.

d) Windows Movie Maker can be downloaded from ……………… site.

e) The video editing software for Windows is ……………… .

Q.4 Design VB form and give necessary coding for Division of 2 numbers.

(using double data type)

Q.5 Multiple Choice Questions : 

a) You can import digital files from

i) CD ii) Smartphone iii) Digital Camera iv) All of these

b) To show wave form of audio in your project, select _______ tab.

i) View ii) Edit iii) Project iv) Visual Effects

c) Option Explicit can be used

i) For defining variables explicitly ii) Before any source code

iii) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ iv) none of these

d) Press _______ to execute the VB program.

i) F1 ii) F3 iii) F5 iv) F7

e) The video may not be distributed in which of the following ways/ formats?

i) DVD and Web streaming ii) CD-ROM

iii) QuickTime movies and iPod iv) JPEG and BMP 

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