CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Structure of Atom MCQs Set B


Question: Which of the scientist were able to prove that atom is no longer non-divisible?

  • a) Michael Faraday
  • b) Chadwick
  • c) Dalton
  • d) Thomson

Answer: Michael Faraday


Question: Which of the following is never true for cathode rays ?

  • a) They are electromagnetic waves.
  • b) They produce heat.
  • c) They produce mechanical pressure
  • d) They possess kinetic energy.

Answer: They are electromagnetic waves.


Question: Cathode rays are deflected by

  • a) by both
  • b) an electric field only
  • c) magnetic field only
  • d) by none

Answer: by both


Question: Which of the following statement is not correct about the characteristics of cathode rays?

  • a) Characteristics of cathode rays depend upon the nature of gas present in the cathode ray tube
  • b) Characteristics of cathode rays do not depend upon the material of electrodes in cathode ray tube
  • c) They travel in straight line in the absence of an external electrical or magnetic field.
  • d) They start from the cathode and move towards the anode.

Answer: Characteristics of cathode rays depend upon the nature of gas present in the cathode ray tube


Question: Which of the following statements about the electron is incorrect?

  • a) The mass of electron is equal to the mass of neutron
  • b) It is a basic constituent of all atoms.
  • c) It is a constituent of cathode rays.
  • d) It is negatively charged particle

Answer: The mass of electron is equal to the mass of neutron


Question: While performing cathode ray experiments, it was observed that there was no passage of electric current under normal conditions. Which of the following can account for this observation ?

  • a) Air is a poor conductor of electricity under normal conditions
  • b) Carbon dioxide is present in air
  • c) Dust particles are present in air
  • d) None of the above

Answer: Air is a poor conductor of electricity under normal conditions


Question: Which is not true with respect to cathode rays?

  • a) Move with speed same as that of light
  • b) Can be deflected by magnetic fields
  • c) Charged particles
  • d) A stream of electrons

Answer: Move with speed same as that of light


Question: What is the optimum conditions required to study the conduction of electricity through gases.

  • a) Low pressure and high voltage
  • b) Low pressure and low voltage
  • c) High pressure and high voltage
  • d) High pressure and low voltage

Answer: Low pressure and high voltage


Question: In discharge tube experiment stream of negatively charged particles travel from

  • a) cathode to anode
  • b) Electrons does not travel
  • c) anode to cathode
  • d) None of these

Answer: cathode to anode


Question: Millikan performed an experiment method to determine which of the following ?

  • a) Charge of the electron
  • b) Mass of the electron
  • c) e/m ratio of electron
  • d) Both (a) and (b)

Answer: Charge of the electron


More Questions...............................


Question: Which is correct statement about proton ?

  • a) Proton is ionized hydrogen atom
  • b) Proton is nucleus of deuterium
  • c) Proton is ionized hydrogen molecule
  • d) None of these

Answer: Proton is ionized hydrogen atom


Question: The lightest particle is

  • a) positron
  • b) neutron
  • c) proton
  • d) None of these

Answer: positron


Question: When beryllium is bombarded with alpha particles (Chadwick’s experiment) extremely penetrating radiations, which cannot be deflected by electrical or magnetic field are given out. These are

  • a) A beam of neutrons
  • b) Alpha rays
  • c) A beam of neutrons and protons
  • d) A beam of protons

Answer: A beam of neutrons


Question: The discovery of neutron became very late because

  • a) neutrons are chargeless
  • b) neutrons are fundamental particles
  • c) all of the above
  • d) None of these

Answer: neutrons are chargeless


Question: Neutron is discovered by

  • a) Chadwick
  • b) Yukawa
  • c) Rutherford
  • d) Dalton

Answer: Chadwick



  • a) Electrons, neutrons, protons
  • b) Electrons, protons, neutrons
  • c) Neutrons, protons, electrons
  • d) Protons, neutrons, electrons

Answer: Electrons, neutrons, protons


Question: Which of the following properties of atom could be explained correctly by Thomson Model of atom?

  • a) Overall neutrality of atom
  • b) Spectra of hydrogen atom
  • c) Position of electrons, protons and neutrons in atom
  • d) Stability of atom.

Answer: Overall neutrality of atom


Question: When atoms are bombarded with alpha particles, only, a few in million suffer deflection, others pass out undeflected. This is because

  • a) the nucleus occupies much smaller volume compared to the volume of the atom
  • b) there is only one nucleus and large number of electrons
  • c) the force of attraction between alpha particle and oppositely charged electrons is very small
  • d) the force of repulsion on the moving alpha particle is small

Answer: the nucleus occupies much smaller volume compared to the volume of the atom



  • a) all positive ions are deposited at small part
  • b) all negative ions are deposited at small part
  • c) proton moves around the electron
  • d) neutrons are charged particles

Answer: all positive ions are deposited at small part


Question: Nucleons are

  • a) neutrons + protons
  • b) neutrons + protons + electrons
  • c) neutrons + electrons
  • d) only neutrons

Answer: neutrons + protons




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