CBSE Class 11 Chemistry s Block Elements MCQs Set A

CBSE Class 11 Chemistry s Block Elements MCQs Set A with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 11 Chemistry with answers have been prepared as per the latest 2021 syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 11 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions for important part of exams for Grade 11 Chemistry and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter wise MCQs for NCERT Class 11 Chemistry and also download more latest study material for all subjects

I. MCQ - Choose Appropriate Alternative

1. The oxides of beryllium are.

(A) Acidic (B) Basic (C) Ba+2 (D) Mg+2

2. Which ion will have the maximum value of heat of hydration?

(A) Na+ (B) Cs+ (C) Ba+2 (D) Mg+2

3. Which one of the following is not an alkali metal?

(A) Sodium sulphate B) Potassium sulphate (C) Zinc sulphate D) Barium sulphate

4. The element cesium bears resemblance with.

(A) Ca (B) Cr (C) Both of the above (D) None of the above

5. Chile saltpeter had the chemical formula

(A) NaNO3 (B) KNO3 (C) Na2B4O7 (D) Na2CO3H2O

6. The ore CaSO42H2O has the general name.

(A) Gypsum (B) Dolomite (C) Calcite (D) Epsom salt

7. Down's cell is used to prepare.

(A) Sodium carbonate (B) Sodium bicarbonate

(C) Sodium metal (D) Sodium hydroxide

8. Which element is deposited at the cathode during the electrolysis of brine in Nelson's cell?

(A) H2 (B) Na (C) CI2 (D) O2

9. Ionic radius of potassium is.

(A) 60 pm (B) 133 pm (C) 99 pm (D) 169 pm

10. Among alkaline Earth Metals, the highest heat of hydration is of.

(A) Be (B) Sr (C) Rb (D) Cs

11. The chemical formula of sylvite is.

(A) Na2CO3. H2O (B) KCI (C) KCI. MgCL2. 6H2O (D) NaCI

12. The chemical formula of Alumite (Alum stone) is.

(A) KCI. MgCI2. 6H2O (B) KCI (C) Na2B4O7. 10H2O (D) K2SO4 Al(SO4)3. 2Al(OH)3

13. Among alkali metals the lowest atomic number is of.

(A) Rb (B) K (C) Sr (D) Li

14. Due to the high reactivity nature of the alkali metals, they are found in.

(A) Free in nature (B) Bounded with other elements

(C) Not free in nature (D) All of the above

15. Magnesium is an essential constituent of.

(A) Storaata (B) Plants (C) ChlorophyII (C) None of the above

16. Which of the alkali earth metal has radioactive nature.

(A) Be (B) Rb (C) Both of the above (D) Na

17. Calcium Phosphate Ca3 (PO4) and calcium fluoride CaF2 are essential part of living organisms.

(A) Bones, egg shells (B) teeth (C) Sea-shells (D) All of the above

18. Dolomite is a compound of which elements.

(A) Be (B) Mg (C) Ca (D) Ba

19. The melting point and boiling point of which alkaline earth metal is high.

(A) Sr (B) Mg (C) Be (D) Na

20. The super oxides are formed by the elements.

(A) K, Rb, Cs (B) K, Na, Cs,

(C) K, Li, Na (D) None of the above

21. Potassium, rubidium and caeslium are so highly reactive that they react with ice even at .

(A) -100°C (B) -200°C

(C) -50°C (D) -0°C

22. Among the alkaline earth metal which has least reactivity even upto 800°C

(A) Ba (B) Cs

(C) Li (D) Be

23. Plaster of paris is formed after heating upto 100°C

(A) Mg(NO3)2 (B) CaSO4, 2H2O(gypsum)

(C) NaNO2 (D) LiNO3

24. The root system of several plants have been greatly enlarged by the application of.

A) Sulphur B) Gypsum

C) Both of the above D) None of the above

25. When deficiency of calcium exists various substances are accumulated in plants in harmful concentration which are.

(A) Lime  (B) Aluminium (C) Aliminium and Manganese  (D) None of the above

26. Which alkali metal behave different by from others?

(A) Mg (B) Na   (C) Rb (D) Li

27. Spodumene, petalite, halite, natron, alinite are the common minerals of.

A) Alkali metals B) Alkaline earth metals

C) Both of the above D) Li

28. Sodium is prepared by the electrolysis of.

(A) Simple NaCI in Down,s cell

(B) Molten NaCI in Down,s cell

(C) Molten sodium hydroxide in down's cell

(D) None of the above

29. Lime is used in.

(A) Glass industry

(B) Glass and paper industries

(C) Paper industries

(D) None of the above

30. The elements which are very abundant in earth crust are__________

a) Si & Aℓ b) Ca & Mg

c) B & Aℓ d) All

31. The oxides of Be are ___________

a) Acidic b) Basic

c) Amphoteric d) None

32. Carbonates of lithium are not stable like that of sodium due to _____

a) Low electronegativity

b) Low electropositivity

c) Low charge density d) Not know yet

33. Which one of the following is not an alkali metal?

a) Francium b) Caesium

c) Rubidium d) Radium

34. Which of the following sulphates is not soluble in water?

a)Sodium sulphate b) Potassium sulphate

c) Zinc sulphate d) Barium sulphate

35. The ore CaSO4.2H2O has the general name____

a) Gypsum b) Dolomite

c) Sodium metal d) Sodium hydroxide

36. Crystals of Na2CO3. 10H2O when exposed to air, _______

a) Lose water and remain solid

b) Gain water and remain solid

c) Gain water and become liquid

d) Remains unchanged.

37. The deliquescence is a process in which a solid________

a) Absorbs moisture and remains solid

b) Absorbs moisture and turns to liquid form

c) Loses water of crystallization

d) Increases the number of water of crystallization

38. In diaphragm cell, level of brine in anode compartment is kept slightly higher which prevents

a) Hydroxide ions to reach anode

b) Chlorine gas to mix

c ) Anode to decay d) All

39. Alkali metals form bonds

a) Ionic b) Covalent

c) Metallic d) Co-ordinate covalent

40. The alkali metals, which have radioactive isotopes

a) Li b) Na

c) K d) K and Rb

41. Halite is the mineral of

a) Sodium b) Potassium

c) Lithium d) Cesium

42. Na2SO3.10H2O is the mineral of sodium and is called

a) Spodumene b) Halite

c) Natron d) Sylvite

43. Which one of the following is dolomite?

a) MgCO3 b) MgCO3.CaCO3

c) CaCO3 d) BaSO4

44. The high electrical conductivity of alkali metals is due to the

a) Free motion of valence electrons

b) High I.P

c) Lesser atomic radii

d) None of these

45. Sodium imparts color to Bunsen flame

a) Green b) Violet

c) Blue d) Yellow

46. All alkaline earth metals are white except

a) Mg b) Ca c) Be d) Sr

47. Metals, which are higher that water, are

a) Alkaline earth metals

b) Coinage metals

c) Alkali metals

d) All of these

48. Except lithium, the hydroxides of all alkali metals are

a) Strongly acidic b) Strongly basic

c) Weakly basic d) All of these

49. The carbonates and phosphates of which elements are insoluble in water

a) Na and K b) Na and Be

c) Li and Mg d) All of these

50. All alkaline earth metals react with water at room temperature to release hydrogen and give basic solutions except

a) Be and Ca b) Be and Mg

c) Ca and Mg d) Mg and Sr

51. Lithium only forms normal oxides when burnt on air but when sodium burnt in air it forms

a) Normal oxides b) Sub oxides

c) Peroxides d) Super oxides

52. The super oxides of alkali metals are generally represented by

a) M2O b) M2O2

c) MO2 d) M2O3

53. The nitrates of which group decompose on heating with the formation of nitrites and evolution of oxygen

a) IA     b) II A

c) III A  d) IV A

54. A small amount of calcium chloride or mixture of KCl and KF is added to NaCl in Down’s cell

a) To make it good conductor

b) To decrease the m.p of NaCl

c) To increase the ionization of NaCl

d) To decrease the ionization of NaCl

55. Liquid sodium in the Down’s cell is collected at a temperature of

a) 700°C b) 600°C

c) 500°C d) 400°C

56. The product, which is obtained at cathode in the Down’s cell is

a) Liquid Sodium b) Dry chlorine

c) Water d) Hydrogen

57. Which is manufactured by the electrolysis of fused sodium chloride?

a) NaOH b) NaHCO3

c) Na d) Na2CO3

58. Which of the following does not conduct electricity?

a) Boron b) Gallium

c) Indium d) Thallium

59. Which alkali metal is rare and found in a small amount in all – igneous rocks?

a) Li b) Na

c) K d) Fr

60. The ingredient of baking powder is

a) NaHCO3 b) NaOH

c) Na2CO3 d) NaCl

61. The formula of plaster of Paris is

a) CaSO4 b) CaSO4.H2O

c) CaSO4.2H2O d) 2CaSO4.H2

62. Which of the following is fluorspar?

a) CaO b) CaCO3

c) CaF2 d) NaOH

63. Potassium is kept in

a) Water b) Alcohol

c) Ammonia d) Kerosene oil

64. Which one has high m.p?

a) NaCl b) NaBr

c) Nal d) NaF

65. Which one of the following is most basic?

a) Al2O3 b) SiO2

c) P2O5 d) MgO

66. Gypsum is

a) CaSO4.2H2O b) CaSO4.H2O

c) CaSO4        d) MgSO4

67. Which one is commonly used as a laboratory desicator?

a) Na2CO3 b) NaCl

c) CaCl3 d) NaOH

68. The radioactive alkaline earth metal is

a) Be b) Mg c) Ra d) Ba

69. Which one of the following elements has its compounds which are diamagnetic and colourless?

a) Be b) Sr c) Na d) All of these

70. Which metal is an important component of transistors?

a) Ag b) Au c) Ra d) Os

71. Which impurities are present in common salt?

a) Na2SO4 b) CaSO4

c) CaCl2 d) All of these 

72. K can displace Na from NaCl due to

a) Greater I.P of K

b) Greater I.P of Na

c) More electropositivity of K

d) More electropositivity of Na

73. The alkali metal, which is artificially prepared

a) Na b) Rb c) Fr d) Cs

74. The chemical use for the production of CO2 in the fire extinguishers is

a) NaOH b) NaCl

c) NaHCO3 and dilute acid

d) NaHCO3 and NaOH

75. LiCl is more soluble in organic solvents than NaCl because

a) Li+1 has higher heat of hydration than Na+

b) Li+1 has lower heat of hydration than Na+

c) LiCl is more covalent than NaCl

d) Lattice energy of NaCl is less than that of LiCl

76. Which compound is used for uric acid treatment in human beings?

a) Na2CO3 b) NaHCO3

c) Li2CO3 d) NaNO3

77. Which element is used in T.V picture tube?

a) Na b) K c) Ca d) Cs

78. Which one is used in the manufacture of chalk pencils?

a) Marble b) Gypsum

c) Epsom salt d) Baking soda

79. Plaster of Paris has a structure

a) Cubic b) Monoclinic

c) Hexagonal d) Orthorhombic

80. Potassium super oxide (KO2) is used in breathing equipments for mountaineers and space craft because it absorb

a) Oxygen and giving out CO2 at the same time

b) N2 and giving out CO2 at the same time

c) CO2 and giving out O2 at the same time

d) Pollutants and giving out O2 at the same time

81. The hydroxide, which is called milk of magnesium and is used for treatment of acidity in stomach, is

a) Ca(OH)2 b) Mg(OH)2

c) Sr(OH)2 d) Ba(OH)2

82. Mg+2 is smaller the Na+1 because

a) Mg+2 has fewer electron than Na+1

b) Mg+2 has greater electron than Na+1

c) Mg+2 has greater atomic number than Na+1

d) Mg+2 has low I.P than Na+1

83. Which of them has almost same electronegativity?

a) Be, B b) B, Al

c) Be, Al d) K, Na

84. A mixture formed by mixing one volume of slaked lime Ca(OH)2 with three or four volume of sand and water to form a thick paste is called

a) Lime water b) Dead water

c) Quick lime d) Milk of lime

85. If the compound has the same crystal structure and analogous formulae, they are called

a) Isotopes b) Allotropes

c) Isomers d) Isobars

86. Out of all elements of group IA, the highest heat of hydration is for _______

a) K b) Rb

c) Cs d) Li

87. The nitride ion in lithium nitride is composed of

a) 7 protons and 7 electrons

b) 10 protons and 7 electrons

c) 10 protons and 10 electrons

d) 10 protons and 5 electrons

88. When NH3 is passed over heated sodium at 300oC, the product formed is

a) NaNH2 b) NaNO2

c) Na(NH3)2 d) Na3N

89. Sodium metal can be stored under

a) Benzene b) Kerosene

c) Alcohol d) Water

90. Chile sulphur is

a) NaNO2 b) KNO2

c) NaNO3 d) KNO3



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