CBSE Class 11 Chemistry MCQs - p-Block Elements

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p-Block Elements

I. MCQ - Choose Appropriate Alternative

1. Which metal is used in the thermal process because of its activity.

(A) Iron (B) Copper (C) Aluminum (D) Zinc

2. Aluminum oxides is

(A) Acidic oxide (B) Basic oxide (C) Amphoteric oxide (D) None of these

3. Chemical composition of colemnite is.

(A) Ca2B6O11. 5H2(B) CaB4O7. 4H2(C) Na2B4O7. 4H2(D) CaNaB5O9. 8H2O

4. Which element forms an ion with charge 3+.

(A) Beryllium  (B) Aluminum (C) Carbon (D) Silicon

5. Which element among the following belongs to Group IVA of the periodic Table.

(A) Barium (B) Iodine (C) Lead (D) Oxygen

6. Boric acid cannot be used.

(A) As antiseptic in medicine (B) For washing eyes 

(C) In soda bottles (D) For enamels and glazes

7. Which of the following elements is not present abundantly in earth's crust.

(A) Silicon (B) Aluminum (C) Sodium (D) C

8. The chief Ore of aluminum is.

(A) Na3AIF6 (B) Al2O3. 2H2(C) l2O(D) Al2O3. H2O

9. The Group IIA of the periodic table comprises the elements.

(A) Boron, aluminum, gallium, indium and thallium. (B) Boron gallium, thallium.

(C) Aluminum, calcium, strontium. (D) All of the above

10. Boron is non-metallic because of

(A) Large size and higher nuclear change (B) Small size and higher nuclear charge

(C) Small size and smaller nuclear charge (D) None of the above

11. The increase in the atomic size in group is

(A) Regular (B) Irregular(C) Both  (D) None of the above

12. Orthoboric Acid is a mineral of.

(A) Aluminum (B) Silicon (C) Calicium (D) Boron

13. Aluminum is the third most abundant elements in earth crust after.

(A) Oxygen (B) Silicon (C) None of the above (D) Both of the Both

14. Bauxite is an ore of.

(A) Aluminum (B) Boron (C) Carbono (D) Gallium

15. Which of the elements of Group IIA are rare and only obtained as by-products.

(A) Gallium thallium (B) Thallium indium (C) Gallium indium (D) Gallium thallium indium

16. Borax is the sodium salt of tetraboric acid. It is most important of all among.

(A) Borates (B) Carbonates (C) Bicarbonates (D) None of the above

17. Borax occurs as natural deposit called tincal in the dried up lakes of.

(A) Tibet (B) California (C) Tibet & California (D) Virginia

18. Group IV A of the periodic table comprises elements.

(A) Carbon silicon (B) Tin, carbon , silicon

(C) Carbon, silicon, tin and lead (D) None of the above

19. The non-metals in Group IV A are.

(A) Carbon, silicon (B) Tin and Lead (C) All of the above D) None of the above

20. The elements of Group IV A are character sized by a set of .

(A) Three valence shell electrons (B) Four valence shell electrons

(C) Five valence shell electrons (D) Two valence shell electrons

21. Group IV A elements form.

(A) Super oxide (B) Oxides (C) Dioxide (D) All of the above

22. The property of catenation among the carbon and silicon .

(A) Increase on moving down the group form carbon to lead (B) Decrease on moving down the group from lead to carbon.

(C) Decreases on moving down the group from carbon to lead (D) Stable on moving down the group from carbon to lead.

23. The oxides of carbon are

(A) CO and CO(B) CO, CO2 and C3O2 carbon sub oxide

(C) CO, CO2, C2C(D) None of the above

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