CBSE Class 11 Chemistry MCQs - Mole Concept

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Mole Concept

I. MCQ - Choose Appropriate Alternative

1. The formula, which gives the simple ratio of each kind of atoms present in the molecule of compound, is called __________. (Molecular Formula, Empirical Formula, Structural Formula)

2. The formula, which expresses the actual number of each kind of atom present in the molecule of a compound, is called __________. (Empirical Formula, Molecular Formula, Structural Formula)

3. Mole is a quantity, which has __________ particles of the substance. (One billion, 6.02 x 1023, 1.013 x 105)

4. The simplest formula of a compound that contain 81.8% carbon and 18.2% hydrogen is __________. (CH3, CH, C2H6)

5. The empirical Formula of a compound __________. (is always the same as the molecular formula, Indicates the exact composition, Indicates the simplest ratio of the atoms)

6. Very small and very large quantities are expressed in terms of __________. (significant figures, Exponential Notation, Logarithm)

7. Two moles of water contains __________ molecules. (6.02 x 1023, 1.204 x 1024, 3.01 x 1023)

8. One mole of Cl- ions contains __________ ions. (6.02 x 1023, 1.204 x 1024, 3.01 x 1023)

9. 220 gms of CO2 contains __________ moles of CO2. (One, Five, Ten)

10. In rounding off __________ figure is dropped. (First, Last, No)

11. Precision is linked with __________. (Individual measurements, Actual results, Accepted Value) 

12. Accuracy refers to how closely a measured value agrees with __________. (Individual result, Actual result, Average value)

13. 6600 contains __________ significant figures(2, 3, 4)

14. 3.7 x 104 contains __________ significant figures. (2, 3, 5)

15. 9.40 x 10-19 contains __________ significant figures. (2, 3, 5)

16. The figure 39.45 will be rounded off to __________. (39.4, 39.5, 39)

17. __________ means that the result obtained in different experiments are very close to the accepted values. (Accuracy, Precision, Significant Figure)

18. The average weight of atoms of an element as compared to the weight of one atom of carbon taken as __________ is called the atomic weight. (12, 13, 14)

19. 58.5 is __________ of NaCl. (Atomic weight, Formula Weight, Molecular Weight)

20. 18.0 a.m.u is the __________ weight of water. (Atomic, Formula, Molecular)

21. 28 gms of nitrogen will have __________ molecules. (6.02 x 1023, 12.04 x 1023, 3.01 x 1023)

22. 22.4 dm3 of CO2 is __________ 22.4 dm3 of SO2. (Heavier than, Lighter than, Equal to)

23. 100 gms of water is equal to __________ moles. (5.56, 27.78, 6.25)

24. The reactions, which proceed in both the directions are called __________ reactions. (Reversible, Irreversible, Neutrilization)

25. The reactions, which proceed in forward direction only are called __________ reactions. (Reversible, Irreversible, Ionic)

26. Molecular weight is used for __________ substances. (Ionic, Non ionic, Neutral)

27. Formula weight is used for __________ substances. (Ionic, Non ionic, Neutral)

28. The modern system of measurement is called __________ system. (SI, Metric, F.P.S)

29. The S.I unit of mass is __________. (kilogram, gram, pound)

30. One mole of glucose contains __________ gms. (100, 180, 342)

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