CBSE Class 11 Chemistry MCQs - Periodic Classification of Elements

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Periodic Classification of Elements & Periodicity

I. MCQ - Choose Appropriate Alternative

1. Which of the following pairs are chemically dissimilar?

(A) Na and K (B) Ba and Sr (C) Zr and Hf (D) Ca and Zn.

2. The total number of inner transition elements is

(A) 10 (B) 14 (C) 28 (C) 30

3. The alkali metal which is liquid at 15oC is

(A) K (B) Cs (C) Na (D) None

4. Which of the following ion will form most water soluble hydroxide?

(A) K+ (B) Ni2+ (B) Zn2+ (C) Al3+

5. Which of the following has greatest tendency to lose electron?

(A) F (B) Fr (B) S (C) Be.

6. The oxide of which of the following elements will be acidic in character

(A)Mg (B) Rb (C) Li (C) CI

7. Which of the following is isoelectronic with carbon atom?

(A) Na+ (B) Al3(C) O2(D) N+

8. Which of the following ions are paramagnetic in character?

(A) Zn2+ (B) Cu+ (C) Ni2+ (D) Ag+

9. Ca2+ ion is isoelectronic with

(A) Mg2+ (B) Na+ (C) Ar (D) Kr

10. Gradual addition of electronic shells in the noble gases causes a decrease in their

(A) Ionization energy (B) atomic radius (C) Boiling point (D) density.

11. Which of the following has highest first ionization potential?

(A) Carbon (B) Oxygen (C) Nitrogen (C) Boron.

12. Which of the following has the smallest size?

(A) Na+ (B) Mg2(C) Al3+ (D) CI

13. Which of the following element has the maximum electron affinity?

(A) F (B) S (C) I (D) CI.

14. Which of the following is isoelectronic as well as has the same structure as that of N2O ?

(A) N3H (B) H2O  (B) NO2 (C) CO2

15. The atomic radius increases as we move down a group because

(A) Effective nuclear charge increases (B) Atomic mass increases

(C) Additive electrons are accommodated in new electron level (D) Atomic number increase.

16. Which one of the following is an incorrect statement?

(A) The ionization potential of nitrogen is greater than that of chlorine

(B) The electron affinity of fluorine is greater than that of chlorine

(C) The ionization potential of beryllium is greater than that of boron

(D) The electronegativity of fluorine is greater than that of chlorine.

17. Electron affinity depends on

(A) Atomic size (B) Nuclear charge 

(C) Atomic number (D) Atomic size and nuclear charge both.

18. Two elements whose eletronegativities are 1.2 and 3.0, the bond formed between them would be

(A) Ionic (B) covalent (C) Coordinate (C) metallic.

19. Ionic radii are

(A) Directly proportional to square of effective nuclear charges (B) Inversely proportional to effective nuclear charge

(C) Inversely proportional to square of effective nuclear charge (D) Directly proportional to effective nuclear charge.

20. Which of the following oxides is atmospheric in character?

(A) CaO (B) CO(C) SiO2 (D) SnO2

21. Mark the correct statement:

(A) Na+ is smaller than Na atom (B) Na+ is larger than Na atom

(C) CI- is smaller than CI atom (D) CI- and CI are equal in size

22. Who introduced the zero groups?

(A) Lothar Meyer (B) Lockery (C) Mendleev (D) Ramsay

23. Element, of group I-B are called

(A) Representative elements (B) Transition elements (C) Rare earth (D) Coinage metals

24. The element with Z = 24 is placed in the period

(A) 5 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4

25. Which is the part of metalloids?

(A) NA and K (B) F and CI (C) None of these (D) Cu and Au

26. Which one of the following has the maximum electron affinity?

(A) I (B) Br (C) CI (D) F

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