CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Redox Reactions MCQs


Question: Which of the following process takes place in oxidation process?

  • a) Addition of oxygen
  • b) Addition of hydrogen
  • c) Addition of chlorine
  • d) Removal of oxygen

Answer: Addition of oxygen


Question: The loss of electron is termed as

  • a) oxidation
  • b) reduction
  • c) combustion
  • d) neutralization

Answer: oxidation


Question: When a strip of metallic zinc is placed in an aqueous solution of copper nitrate the blue colour of the solution disappear due to formation of

  • a) Zn2+
  • b) Cus
  • c) ZnS
  • d) Cu2+

Answer: Zn2+


Question: The correct order of electron releasing tendency of the metals Cu, Zn and Ag is in the order

  • a) Zn > Cu > Ag
  • b) Zn > Ag > Cu
  • c) Cu > Zn > Ag
  • d) Ag > Zn > Cu

Answer: Zn > Cu > Ag


Question: What is the oxidation number of elements in the free or in the uncombined state ?

  • a) 0
  • b) –1
  • c) +1
  • d) +2



Question: ‘Oxidation number of H in NaH, CaH2 and LiH, respectively is

  • a) –1,–1, –1
  • b) –1, +1, + 1
  • c) +1, +1, –1
  • d) +1, + 1, + 1

Answer: –1,–1, –1


Question: Which of the following is the correct representative of stock notation for auric chloride?

  • a) Au(III)Cl3
  • b) Au(II)Cl2
  • c) Au(I)Cl2
  • d) None of these

Answer: Au(III)Cl3


Question: Oxidation number of N in HNO3 is

  • a) + 5
  • b) + 3.5
  • c) – 3.5
  • d) –5

Answer: + 5


Question: The oxidation number of chromium in potassium dichromate is

  • a) + 6
  • b) – 5
  • c) – 2
  • d) + 2

Answer: + 6


Question: Oxidation number of cobalt in K[Co(CO)4] is

  • a) –3
  • b) +3
  • c) +1
  • d) –1

Answer: –3


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Question: Oxidation number of carbon in CH2Cl2 is

  • a) 0
  • b) –4
  • c) +4
  • d) –2



Question: The oxidation state of osmium (Os) in OsO4 is

  • a) +8
  • b) +6
  • c) +7
  • d) +4

Answer: +8


Question: Which of the following transition metal has zero oxidation state ?

  • a) [Fe(CO)5]
  • b) NOClO4
  • c) NH2.NH2
  • d) CrO5

Answer: [Fe(CO)5]


Question: In which of the compounds does 'manganese' exhibit highest oxidation number ?

  • a) KMnO4
  • b) MnO2
  • c) Mn3O4
  • d) MnSO4

Answer: KMnO4


Question: A metal ion M3+ loses 3 electrons, its oxidation number will be

  • a) +6
  • b) –3
  • c) +3
  • d) 0

Answer: +6


Question: The correct name for NO2 using stock notation is

  • a) nitrogen (iv) oxide
  • b) All of these
  • c) nitrogen dioxide
  • d) nitrogen per oxide

Answer: nitrogen (iv) oxide


Question: The oxide, which cannot act as a reducing agent, is

  • a) CO2
  • b) NO2
  • c) SO2
  • d) ClO2

Answer: CO2


Question: The oxidation state of Fe in Fe3O4 is

  • a) 8/3
  • b) + 2
  • c) + 3
  • d) + 6

Answer: 8/3


Question: In oxygen difluoride, the oxidation number of oxygen is

  • a) + 2
  • b) – 2
  • c) – 1
  • d) +1, – 2

Answer: + 2


Question: Oxygen has an oxidation state of +2 in the compound

  • a) F2O
  • b) None of these
  • c) CO2
  • d) H2O

Answer: F2O




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