CBSE Class 11 Chemistry s Block Elements MCQs Set B


Question: Group 2 elements are called alkaline earth metals why? Choose the correct reason(s).

(i) Hydroxides formed by group 2 elements are alkaline in nature.
(ii) Their metal oxides are found in the earth’s crust.
(iii) Their oxides are alkaline in nature
(iv) Group 2 elements react with alkalies

  • a) (i), (ii) and (iii)
  • b) (i) and (ii)
  • c) (ii) and (iv)
  • d) (ii) and (iii)

Answer: (i), (ii) and (iii)


Question: Which of the following alkali metal is highly radioactive?

  • a) Francium
  • b) Rubidium
  • c) Caesium
  • d) None of these

Answer: Francium


Question: Which of the following statements is not correct for alkali metals?

  • a) Alkali metals exist in free state in nature.
  • b) Alkali metals are the most electropositive metals
  • c) These metals have the largest size in a particular period of the periodic table.
  • d) None of these

Answer: Alkali metals exist in free state in nature.


Question: Which of the following has largest size ?

  • a) Na
  • b) Na
  • c) Na+
  • d) Can’t be predicted

Answer: Na


Question: Ionization potential of Na would be numerically the same as

  • a) electronegativity of Na+
  • b) ionization potential of Mg
  • c) None of these
  • d) electron affinity of Na+

Answer: electronegativity of Na+


Question: Which one of the following properties of alkali metals increases in magnitude as the atomic number rises ?

  • a) Ionic radius
  • b) Melting point
  • c) Electronegativity
  • d) First ionization energy

Answer: Ionic radius


Question: Which of the following has density greater than water?

  • a) Rb
  • b) Na
  • c) Li
  • d) K

Answer: Rb


Question: The elements of group 1 provide a colour to the flame of Bunsen burner due to

  • a) low ionization potential
  • b) low melting point
  • c) softness
  • d) presence of one electron in the outermost orbit

Answer: low ionization potential


Question: The metal that produces red-violet colour in the nonluminous flame is

  • a) Rb
  • b) Ba
  • c) Ag
  • d) Pb

Answer: Rb


Question: The alkali metals have low melting point. Which of the following alkali metal is expected to melt if the room temperature rises to 30°C?

  • a) Cs
  • b) K
  • c) Na
  • d) Rb

Answer: Cs


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Question: In the case of the alkali metals

  • a) the cation is smaller than the atom
  • b) the cation and the atom have about the same size
  • c) the cation is larger than the atom
  • d) the cation is less stable than the atom

Answer: the cation is smaller than the atom


Question: The element which on burning in air gives peroxide is

  • a) sodium
  • b) caesium
  • c) lithium
  • d) rubidium

Answer: sodium


Question: Which one of the alkali metals, forms only, the normal oxide, M2O on heating in air ?

  • a) Li
  • b) Rb
  • c) K
  • d) Na

Answer: Li


Question: Which of the following is used as a source of oxygen in space capsules, submarines and breathing masks ?

  • a) KO2
  • b) Li2O
  • c) Both
  • d) None of these

Answer: KO2


Question: Which hydride is most stable

  • a) LiH
  • b) KH
  • c) NaH
  • d) CsH

Answer: LiH


Question: The most stable compound is

  • a) LiF
  • b) LiCl
  • c) LiBr
  • d) LiI

Answer: LiF


Question: Which of the following represents a correct sequence of reducing power of the following elements?

  • a) Li > Cs > Rb
  • b) Cs > Li > Rb
  • c) Rb > Cs > Li
  • d) Li > Rb > Cs

Answer: Li > Cs > Rb


Question: What is the colour of solution of alkali metals in liquid ammonia?

  • a) Blue
  • b) Violet
  • c) Bronze
  • d) Green

Answer: Blue


Question: Which is most basic in character ?

  • a) CsOH
  • b) NaOH
  • c) KOH
  • d) LiOH

Answer: CsOH


Question: Which compound will show the highest lattice energy

  • a) NaF
  • b) RbF
  • c) CsF
  • d) KF

Answer: NaF




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