CBSE Class 11 Chemistry p Block Elements MCQs Set B


Question: The non-metal oxides are ____x____ whereas metal oxides are ___y ____ in nature.

  • a) x = acidic or neutral, y = basic
  • b) x = neutral, y = basic
  • c) x = acidic, y = neutral
  • d) x = basic, y = acidic

Answer: x = acidic or neutral, y = basic


Question: Which of the following is most abundant in the earth crust ?

  • a) Aluminium
  • b) Thallium
  • c) Boron
  • d) Gallium

Answer: Aluminium


Question: Which of the following properties of aluminium makes it useful for food packaging ?

  • a) Low density
  • b) Non toxicity
  • c) Good thermal conductivity
  • d) Good electrical conductivity

Answer: Low density


Question: Which of the following is/are true regarding gallium?

(i) It has unusually low melting point (303 K).
(ii) It exist in liquid state during summer.
(iii) It has a high boiling point (2676 K).
The correct option is

  • a) (i), (ii) and (iii)
  • b) (i) and (ii)
  • c) (i) and (iii)
  • d) (ii) and (iii)

Answer: (i), (ii) and (iii)


Question: The element which shows least metallic character is

  • a) Boron
  • b) Gallium
  • c) Indium
  • d) Aluminium

Answer: Boron


Question: Which one of the following has the lowest m.p.?

  • a) Ga
  • b) B
  • c) Al
  • d) Tl

Answer: Ga


Question: Which of the following does not form M3+ ion?

  • a) Boron
  • b) Indium
  • c) Aluminium
  • d) Gallium

Answer: Boron


Question: The group 13 element that is liquid during summer and used for measuring high temperature is

  • a) Gallium
  • b) Boron
  • c) Aluminium
  • d) Indium

Answer: Gallium


Question: Thallium shows different oxidation states because

  • a) of inert pair effect
  • b) of its amphoteric character
  • c) of its higher reactivity
  • d) it is transition element

Answer: of inert pair effect


Question: Aluminium chloride is a/an

  • a) Lewis acid
  • b) Bronsted - Lowery acid
  • c) Arhenius acid
  • d) Lewis base

Answer: Lewis acid


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Question: The strongest Lewis acid is

  • a) BI3
  • b) BCl3
  • c) BF3
  • d) BBr3

Answer: BI3


Question: Which metal is protected by a layer of its own oxide?

  • a) Al
  • b) Au
  • c) Ag
  • d) Fe

Answer: Al


Question: Aluminium vessels should not be washed with materials containing washing soda because

  • a) washing soda reacts with aluminium to form soluble aluminate
  • b) washing soda reacts with aluminium to form insoluble aluminium oxide
  • c) washing soda is easily decomposed
  • d) washing soda is expensive

Answer: washing soda reacts with aluminium to form soluble aluminate


Question: When Al is added to KOH solution

  • a) hydrogen is evolved
  • b) oxygen is evolved
  • c) no action takes place
  • d) water is produced

Answer: hydrogen is evolved


Question: Which of the following does not react with aqueous NaOH ?

  • a) B
  • b) Al
  • c) Ga
  • d) Tl

Answer: B


Question: Boron forms covalent compound due to

  • a) Both
  • b) higher ionization energy
  • c) small size
  • d) None of these

Answer: Both


Question: NH3 and BF3 form an adduct readily because they form

  • a) a coordinate bond
  • b) an ionic bond
  • c) a hydrogen bond
  • d) a covalent bond

Answer: a coordinate bond


Question: In borax bead test which compound is formed?

  • a) Meta-borate
  • b) Tetra-borate
  • c) Ortho-borate
  • d) Double oxide

Answer: Meta-borate


Question: Boric acid is polymeric due to

  • a) the presence of hydrogen bonds
  • b) its acidic nature
  • c) its monobasic nature
  • d) its geometry

Answer: the presence of hydrogen bonds


Question: Orthoboric acid when heated to red hot gives

  • a) pyroboric acid
  • b) boric anhydride
  • c) metaboric acid
  • d) boron and water

Answer: pyroboric acid




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