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Lord Ullin’s Daughter

Author: Thomas Campbell Author: Thomas Campbell

1. “And by my word! the bonny bride In danger shall not tarry; So, though the waves are raging white I’ll row you o’er the ferry.”

Q. a. Who speaks the above lines and to whom?

Ans. These lines have been spoken by the boatman to the chieftain.

Q. b. Who is the ‘bonny bride’?

Ans. She is Lord Ullin’s daughter who has married the chieftain.

Q. c. What is the reason for the chief and his beloved to hurry across the ferry?

Ans. They had married each other without the consent of Lord Ullin. So he and his men have been chasing them to separate them.

2. By this the storm grew loud apace, The water-wraith was shrieking; And in the scowl of heaven each face Grew dark as they were speaking,

Q. a. What change takes place while they were talking?

Ans. The storm has turned furious.

Q. b. The word ‘water-wraith’ means :

Ans. It means the spirit or the ghost of sea.

Q. c. What does the darkness of the sky symbolise?

Ans. The darkness of the sea symbolises the approaching danger.

3. But still as wilder blew the wind, And as the night grew drearer, Adown the glen rode armed men, Their trampling sounded nearer.

Q. a. How does the situation become more risky for the lovers?

Ans. The situation becomes more risky for them because Lord Ullin and his men were approaching nearer and nearer.

Q. b. ‘Trampling’ suggests :

Ans. It suggests the sound of horses’ hoofs.

Q. c. Words like ‘Adown, ‘rode’ are :

Ans. These words are extremely old fashioned (archaic)

4. Lord Ullin reached that fatal shoreHis wrath had changed to wailing.

Q. a. The adjective ‘fatal’ has been used to describe the shore because :

Ans. It was from that shore that Lord Ullin saw the waves engulfing his daughter.

Q. b. ‘His wrath had changed into wailing’, means :

Ans. Forgetting his anger, Lord Ullin started crying over the possibility of his daughter meeting the watery grave.

Q. c. The reason why Lord Ullin came to the shore was to :

Ans. To stop his daughter from eloping with Chieftain.

5. Read the following lines and answer the questions that follow “His horsemen hard behind us ride; Should they our steps discover, Then who will cheer my bonny bride When they have slain her lover?”

Q. a. Who is ‘his’ in line 1? Who does ‘us’ refer to?

Q. b. Explain − ‘cheer my bonny bride’.

Q. c. Why would the lover be slain?

Answer: (a) Lord Ullin is ‘his’ here. ‘Us’ are the Scottish Chieftain and Lord Ullin’s daughter, his beloved.

(b) The Chieftain’s worry is that in case he is killed by Lord Ullin, his lonely beloved will have nobody to console and support her.

(c) The lover would be slain because Lord Ullin did not approve of the match and was angry at the chieftain for eloping with his daughter.

Answer the following question in about 30-40 words:

Q. 1. Why does Lord Ullin’s anger change into weeping on seeing his daughter ?

Answer: Lord Ullin noticed that the storm won’t spare his daughter. He feels helpless and guilty. His anger cools down and he starts moaning for his child.

Q. 2. The lady faces a dilemma here. What is it? What choice does she finally make ?

Answer: Lord Ullin's daughter has to make a decision between choosing the 'stormy land' or the 'stormy sea' that is, the fury of her father or the tempestuous weather. Mortally afraid of her father's fury she chooses to venture into the stormy sea and run the risk of getting drowned in the stormy sea.

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