CBSE Class 9 English Literature Notes

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CBSE Class 9 English - Literature. Learning the important concepts is very important for every student to get better marks in examinations. The concepts should be clear which will help in faster learning. The attached concepts made as per NCERT and CBSE pattern will help the student to understand the chapter and score better marks in the examinations.





I chatter, chatter, as I flow

To join the brimming river,

‘Men may come and men may go,

But I go on for ever’

i) Identify the poem and the poet

ii) Explain ‘brimming’. What picture does it create?

iii) Explain the last two lines of the poem.

12B) ‘I am touching the feet of a teacher, not my grand daughter’. 

i) Name the lesson and it’s author.

ii) Who says this to whom?

iii) Why does the speaker resort to such a noble gesture?

12C) I am not in the least surprised. It is a most delightful little place. Its appearance is modest, but it has a charm of its own. I can tell you by just looking at you that it would suit you admirably, as you suit it, if you will permit me to say so. Coming from me, it may surprise you to hear that you already appear to be at home. The choice of a frame is not so easy when you have such a delightful pastel to place in it.

i) Identify the speaker of these lines.

ii) Its appearance is modest….what does it stand for?

iii) I can tell you by just looking at you that it would suit you admirably, as you suit it..what does it reveal about the speaker?


12.A) For a good Cause, if you are determined, you can overcome any obstacle, I will work harder than anybody but I will do it. For learning there is no age bar.

1. Identify the speaker

2. When does the speaker say these lines?

3. What does the “good cause” refer to?

12.B) Copies are not always good. We could only imitate you and imitations are no better than parodies. We are so different. Think of it………Europeans go to America to earn money and Americans come to Europe to spend it.

1. Identify the speaker.

2. What does “we are so different” mean?

3. Why does the speaker outwit the other?

12.C) Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions given below:

I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I Took the one less travelled by And that has made all the difference.

a) What do the two diverging roads symbolize?

b) What impact has the path trodden by the poet made on his life ?

c) Which road does the poet choose and why ?


1. In 1953, Hooper was a favoured young man. A big genuine grin civilized his highly competitive natu

a) Hooper was a favoured young man. What does it mean?

b) What was the profession of Hooper ?

c) What does the author mean by the word ‘civilized’ ?

2. You are an exception. Frenchmen usually have to consult about ten people before they get a move on .Listen : Do you or don’t you want to sell this house ?

a) who is ‘ You’ here ?

b) How does the speaker rate Frenchmen?

3) Who is the speaker of these lines?

3. The field and the cloud are lovers

And between them I am a messenger of mercy

I quench the thirst of the one

I cure the ailment of the other

a) Why is the rain called a messenger of mercy?

b) Whose thirst is quenched?

c) Who is ailing? What is the ailment being referred to here?


12 (a) Read the following extract and answer the questions given below

“While you were upstairs, I have been thinking a lot about your Papa and Mamma”

1. Who speaks these words ?

2. How does the statement differ from the earlier statement made by him ?

3. Estimate the character of Gaston in the context given ab

12 (b) “I am the laughter of the field and tears of heaven.”

a) who is the speaker of these lines ?

b) Explain the metaphorical meaning of the lin c) How does rain bring smiles to fields ?

HOTSExplain the line by comprehending the lines given below and build up a small literary composition.

“ I am the laughter of the field and tears of heaven 

a) Bridal laugh and bridal tear –

b) It is a state of pleasant pain

c) It quenches the thirst of one and cures the ailment of other

d) The real existence and pleasure of life lies in carrying human progeny .

12 (C) He was a 23- kilo Missile of joy. He hit Chuck above the belt, causing him to fight to keep his balance.

a) Who is ‘he’ referred here?

b) What do you mean by “a 23-kilo missile of joy “ ?

c) What did he realize instantly ?


12 (a) “ I was a man once, I’m a beast now. They made me what I am.”

a) Who speaks these lines and to whom ?

b) Who are the ‘they’ referred to here ?

c) What does the speaker want to say in this context ?

12 (b) If I’d known, I was paving the way

To cavities, caps and decay The murder of fillin’s Injections and drilin’s

I ‘d have thrown all me sherbet away

a) Why does the narrator have to look up the dentist’s nose?

b) Is the poet repenting? Why?

c) What were the ‘perils’ that the narrator spotted in her teeth?

12 (c) Secretly Marcy cried as she watched the big man’s grin fade away. Severe face lines set in like cement as Chuck stared at the ceiling for hours, then out of the window and then at Duke.

a) Why did Marcy cry?

b) Explain “ severe face lines set in like cement”. c) Define ‘grin’ in the context.




1. Why is the rain considered to be ‘divine’ in the poem ‘song of the rain’?

2. Why is Gaston not interested in buying the villa in the beginning?

3. ‘It was like lighting a fuse’. explain the context of the above statement.


1. What is the reason for Lord Ullin’s wrath/anger?

2. What did the Professor mean by “intelligent reading”?

3. How was the convict treated in the prison by the prison authorities?


1. What do the “roads” symbolize in the poem “The Road Not Taken”?

2. Why was wedding considered to be a great event by the children in those days?

3. What advantages of the villa are presented by Julliette?


1. What is the impact of the solitary reaper’s song on the poet?

2. Give two reasons to show that Jessica was proud of her fami

3. What impression do you form of Gaston after reading the play “Villa for Sale”?


1. Write are the characteristic features of the fourth stage as mentioned in the poem “Seven Ages”.

2. How was Bramble’s nature in total contrast to his physical abilities?

3. Do you think the punishment given to the convict was justified? Give reason



1. What do the roads symbolize in the poem “The Road Not Taken”?

2. Why is the rain considered to be divine in the poem “The Song of the Rain”?

3. What does Shakespeare compare the world to and why?


1. What is the cause of Lord Ullin’s wrath?-

2. What guesses does the poet make about the theme/subject of the reaper’s song?

3. Describe the two roads seen by the poet.


1. What was the poet’s attitude towards brushing teeth?

2. Who is suffering from an ailment? How does the rain cure it?

3. What effect or impact does the reaper’s song have on the poet?


1. How does the brook create music in its flow?

2. Write about the characteristic features of the fourth stage as mentioned in the poem The Seven Ages. What is special or unique about the boatman in the poem Lord Ullin’s Daughter?


1. Why has the poet compared the reaper’s song to the two birds?

2. Which road does the poet choose and why?

3. How does nature take the help of the rain to adorn herself?




1. How is the brook a symbol of life?


2. Imagine you are Lord Ullin. Write a page in your diary expressing your feelings and emotions on seeing your daughter being engulfed by the angry waves.


Brook a symbol of life

1. The brook’s journey from its origin till it’s final destination –joining the brimming river is like a man’s journey of life from birth to death.

2. The youthful vivacity of the brook is comparable to the dashing dynamism of the young people in their youthful da

3. in the early days, a child is very agile, active and energetic like the brook in its early stag In the middle stage, the brook changes its pace and takes slower movement. It is compared to a middle aged man who murmurs and loiters to express diluted passion.

4. Before reaching its destination, it flows in a zig zag way, noiselessly and stealthily as a man in his old age who becomes wiser and sober waiting to be one with the almight

5. Just as the course of the brook is not always smooth and straight, man also undergoes happy and sad moments, faces challenges and odds alike and finally leaves for his heavenly abod


Heart-broken, shattered cursed myself for being responsible for the tragic loss of my daughter- unable to understand the feelings and emotions of my beloved daughter-

No father should ever face this kind of traumatic experience. I am responsible for her death, I can never forgive myself for the sin committed by me.( remember her as a child; remember her love and her gentle ways; regrets not understanding her feelings; repents being the cause of her death)


Music has the power and quality of transcending man made barriers. Justify the statement in the context of the poem “The Solitary Reaper”


1. Imagine yourself to be the convict in the play “The Bishop’s Candlesticks”. Write a page in your diary expressing your feelings and emotions at the benevolent attitude of the Bishop which brought about a reformation in you.


1.Music is divine----it is well said that sweetest songs are those that convey the saddest thoughts-----the poignant suffering of human beings is well documented in the poems or songs of great poets------the theme of the reaper’s song was undoubtedly packed with pathos/suffering which would surely appeal and move a sensitive heart----- an aching or sensitive heart cannot but respond to the pain and suffering of general humanity------- one need not understand the language---- the magical spells of melody transcend all barriers of dialect, language etc.

2.The bishop’s kindness, generosity, simplicity, and sympathetic attitude was marvelous ---his human touch and positive attitude transformed me---- heart and soul---- society branded me as a criminal----- never bothered to find the reason why I resorted to stealing-----his love and affection worked wonders and developed faith in church/god. He has given me a rebirth-----I will be deeply indebted to him for his noble gesture.

SET – 3

1. Write a letter to your younger brother advising him about dental hygien


2. For a good cause you can overcome any obstacl I will work harder than anybody. For learning there is no age bar. As grandmother in the lesson (How I taught my grandmother to read) write a page in your diary expressing your feelings of joy and happiness when you were able to read and write independently.


1.Children enjoy doing things much against the wishes of their parents, teachers and elders------ eating things that are bad for their health------ junk food, lollipops, caramels, chocolates, chewing gums and candies are some things that they are greatly fond of---

They fail to understand their harmful effects----they ruin their general health--- result in dental problems, cavities, tooth aches and tooth decay--- one has to face the trauma of filling cavities, treatments etc which are not only painful but also expensive.----the need of the hour is to take good care of health, dental hygiene and enjoy life

2. My joy knew no bounds----- I was in a state of ecstasy---- I could read Kashi Yatra,-- I am no longer an illiterate----I am independent and need not depend on others.--- I am proud of my little grand daughter who made my dream come true----I wish and pray god that all grandmothers should have such lovely grand daughters who leave no stone unturned to help them realize their dreams----determination and confidence should lighten our path to face all challenges and ordeals in our life resolutely.

Learning has no prescribed age. It continues from womb to tomb---from cradle to grave.

SET – 4

1. “My announcement is a welcome son All can hear but only the sensitive can understand. “ Bring out the underlying theme conveyed through these lines.


2. Duke was undoubtedly an extra ordinary d Justify the statement.


1.Life comes to a halt without rains-----no regeneration process takes place in the absence of rain----vibrant beauty of nature disappears-----perennial sounds of brooks are no longer heard-----Cascading waterfalls, brimming brooks, turbulent streams become mute.The nuances of rain is pulsating and throbbing--- Only a sensitive heart, a keen eye and a sharp ear can appreciate the beauty of nature.

2.Duke is a dog who seems to possess human qualities. He acts according to the situation as if he has understood the seriousness of the situation. ------ when he finds his master paralyzed, he pushes, prods and pulls him along to enable him to take a few steps.----- this continues and becomes a daily schedule for his master to cover a few extra steps which finally takes him to the office.---Duke shows great devotion and loyalty and enormous intelligence no doctor or physiotherapist is capable of.

In short Duke has provided a second birth to Hooper.

SET- 5

1. Bring out the underlying theme or significance of the poem “The Road Not Taken”.


2. Describe how Lord Ullin’s daughter met her watery


1.Roads in the poem symbolizes the choices we make in our life In the spring of one’s life, all avenues look charming, captivating and promising. Life once passed cannot be re begun afresh.----since there is no scope for retreating, one has to be cautious and prudent while taking decisions. One has to exercise prudence to explore the different choices facing all the risks and undertaking ventures differently in order to create his own entity and identity. Great men don’t do different things; they do the same thing in a different way. In order to be unique in society, one has to be innovative and creative and should be able to carve his own niche.

2.Lord Ullin’s daughter defies her father and elopes with her lover. They are chased by her father’s men. They risk to cross the logyle even in the stormy weather. The boatman comes to their rescue but by that time the weather becomes too hostile and they are caught in a storm. Lord Ullin reaches the fatal shore and his wrath changes into wailing. He is in a state of helplessness as he remains a silent spectator watching his daughter engulfed by the angry and violent waves.

Question No. 15



Q1. Imagine yourself to be grandmother of the story “How I taught my Grandmother to Read”.

Write a letter to your son who stays in the city describing how you learnt to read and write.


Vill & PO Kameshwar Dt Gopalganj Karnataka

Dear Gadhadar,

It was indeed a pleasure to be able to read your letter all by me for the first time today. Son, the joy of being literate has no bounds. Don’t be surprised. It’s true my child, your illiterate mother has learnt how to read and write.

It was the other day when your daughter had gone for a marriage to the other village and I failed to read the serial. ‘Kashi Yatre’ in the newspaper which is usually read to me by her, I felt the pangs of being illiterate. I at once decided that I would learn how to read and write. My determination and urge to learn was duly fueled by my granddaughter. Your child agreed to be my teacher and we set our deadline for Saraswati Pooja Day. I made it son, I made it. My ‘teacher’ is great indeed. We worked very hard together. Undoubtedly learning has no age bar. My teacher has gifted me with a copy of the novel “Kashi Yatre” which has been published recently. I cannot describe the joy when I opened the gift and read the name of the novel all by myself.

I will remain ever grateful to my granddaughter who has made me experience the joy of being literate. Rest is fine here. Do take care of yourself.

Your loving


Q2.Imagine yourself to be the Granddaughter of the story “How I taught my grandmother to read”. Write a page of diary after Grandmother nominates you as her teacher to learn how to read and write.

Ans: (Hints)

Determination of Grandma--- her maturity and understanding--her age no bar—her enthusiasm, diligence, humility---your responsibility---planning of the course.


1. You are the granddaughter of the story “How I taught my grandmother to Read”. Write a letter to your friend telling her about how you taught Grandmother to read and writ

2. “For learning there is no age bar” Comment with reference to the story “How I taught my grandmother to Read”.

3. “I am touching the feet of a teacher not my granddaughter” Why did the speaker touch the feet of the granddaught Do you think she did the right thing? Justify the statement with reference to the story, “How I taught my grandmother to read”.

4. Write a page in your diary about your plans to gift grandma with the novel “Karmaveera” on the day she would fulfill her aim to read and write.

5. Give a character sketch of Grandmothe

6. Grandmother was restless when the narrator was away for somet Why? Comment on the urge of learning of the sixty two year old woman in the story “How I taught my grandmother to Read”.

7. The narrator’s Grandmother identifies herself as the protagonist of the novel ‘Kashi yatre’. Justify your answer with instances from the story “How I taught my grandmother to read.”

8. Grandmother is literate now. She wants to carry out this message to all illiterate women of all She wants an adult school to be opened in her village. She writes a letter to the Pradhan of the Gram Panchayat. Write the letter.



Q1. You are Chuck Hooper’s wife Marcy. You remained overwhelmed at Duke’s dedications towards the recovery of your husband. Write a letter to your friend describing how Duke has become your saviour.


2nd Cross New Towers London

10th Nov 2012

Dear Anne,

You will be glad to learn that my husband Chuck is able to walk now and has also joined office. It is all because of our pet dog Duke, the Doberman Chuck had brought. I was a little reluctant at the beginning though I agreed to have him later. I had actually sent Duke to a

kennel after Chuck’s accident but brought him back to give Chuck company during his bedridden days after he was released from hospital.

Duke appeared to be an epitome of hope and determination. There was some sort of understanding between Duke and Chuck. Duke always stayed with Chuck and helped him whenever needed. It was Duke who helped Chuck make efforts to put his first step. Duke miraculously managed to re-awaken the dead spirit of Chuck to live and Chuck started walking step by step every day. It was clear that Duke understood his master’s grief and determined to help him get over the state of helplessness. Whenever Chuck lost his balance, Duke would be by him like a post. Indeed God has sent an angel to my home in disguise of Duke.

That my dear husband is not only walking but also working today is nothing but a miracle. Duke’s loyalty, affection and determination were instrumental in the recovery of his master. Unfortunately when his master is fit today, Duke is no more to enjo y the delight of seeing his master back in his original form. Duke met with a motor accident and breathed his last a few days back. I have posted few of his photographs in my Facebook account for all of you. God give his soul rest and peace.

With lots of love


Q2.Marcy writes a tribute in the local newspaper for her dog Duke. Write the tribute.

Ans:- (Hints)

---realization of Dukes dedication---Chuck’s attachment towards Duke---Chuck’s recovery with Duke---Her change of attitude towards Duke.


1. Duke was an extraordinary d What special qualities of Duke support the above statement?

2. Write the character sketch of Chuck Hoop

3. Chuck Hooper is now able to move his limb He writes about his helpless feelings while lying in bed after the accident. Write the page of his diary.

4. You are Chuck Hooper, you go for short walk everyday with Duke and you are improving ph You decide to visit your workplace. Write a page of your diary about your plans.

5. In the story ‘A Dog named Duke,’ who is the actual hero? Justify your answer with reference to the st

6. Imagine yourself as Chuck Hoop Write a page of your diary after Duke dies in the accident.

7. Imagine yourself to be Chuck Hoop Write a page of diary describing your move step by step with the help of Duke till June 1st.

8. “He would be with a reproachful eye on Hooper”. How did Duke express his feelings for his master? What do you think he had in his mind?

9. Describe the relation between Duke and Chuck Hoop



Q1. Professor was an epitome of perfection and knowledge but an undesirable human being.

Justify the statement with reference to the chapter ‘The man who knew too much’.

Ans:-The professor had great knowledge of the subjects taught at the training camp. He was very hard working. The training manuals were at his tongue tip. His perfect salute on the pay table was admired by all, his arm sway was perfect. His enthusiasm knew no bounds, that, after thirty miles of walk he merrily sang. He was very observant as he could identify the North American Harvard trainer without even taking a glance upwards. He could speak on any subject nonstop with perfection and with great knowledge. Undoubtedly he was well read, but unfortunately he had certain traits which made him an undesirable human being. He also made enemies. He had the most irritating habit of interfering in other’s affairs and boasting about his knowledge everywhere. He would comment on every situation without fail. This showed his immaturity and foolishness. These actions overshadowed his intelligence and knowledge so much that his fellow mates and instructors remained offended at his behavior and disliked him. Thus Private Quelch nicknamed Professor though was an epitome of knowledge and perfection remained an undesirable human being.

Q2. You are a trainee in the military training camp where Private Quelch is a fellow trainee. You write a letter to your friend telling him about Private Quelch. Write the letter.


Military Training Camp

19th Sept 2012

Dear Jack,

I received your letter just yesterday. I am sure your queries about the camp will be well satisfied once you get to know about my fellow mate Private Quelch.

Private Quelch is popularly known as Professor in the camp. Well friend, this man is an epitome of knowledge and is y intelligent. I would say I also had a very good impression about this man at the beginning of the training days. His promptness and knowledge about whatever topic been taught made him the centre of attraction and we named him Professor. A lean lanky stooping man with horn rimmed spectacles, he can recognize the type of an aeroplane by its sound.

Unfortunately this man could not remain in our good books for long. He has the bad habit of poking his nose in all affairs irrespective of person or place. His over enthusiasm and showy nature made him an irritating creature. Not to be forgotten is the incident of his interference in the class of Corporal Turnbull on hand grenades. He was simply punished b y

being transferred to cookhouse duties. The man who had come to train himself for the commission landed in the kitchen. But there too his boastful nature of knowing more than anyone did not go away. In fact we were surprised to see his equal enthusiasm in the kitchen detail as he had in any of the training classes.

Whatever his negative traits may be he will definitely leave an everlasting impression on all he comes in contact with. More interesting stories about this man when we meet.



Q3. Justify the title “The Man who knew too much”

Ans: (Hints)

Appropriate and logical—Quelch‘s knowledge- a surprise---his showy nature---air of superiority-

--loses sympathy--- becomes undesirable.


1. Private Quelch has been humiliated many a times yet there was no trace of anger, regret or shame in the man. He never learnt. Comment.

2. Describe Corporal Turnbu Narrate the incident that occurred during his class on hand grenades.

3. Private Quelch writes a page in his diary a) While at training at the training depot.

b) After he was transferred to the Cookhouse dut

c) Giving his opinion of the claims taken by the sergeant and Corporal Turnbu

4. One of the trainees writes a letter to his mother describing his training at the Training depot with special reference to the prof

5. What was the first lesson taught at the training depot? Who interpreted and what was the consequence of the interruption.

6. “On pursuit of his ambition he worked hard” Justify the statement.

7. Outline a character sketch of Private Quelch.

8. Was the ‘Professor’ who knew too much really intelligent or a show off? Comment.

9. Private Quelch writes a letter to his wife after he was transferred to the cookhouse duti Write the letter.

10. Corporal Turnbull analyses the punishment he gave Private Quelch after he reaches h He feels that he had been a little too harsh on him. He writes his feelings in his diary. Write the diary.



Q1 .Mr. Bill Bramble writes his diary after he decides to quit boxing. Write a page of his diary.


10th Sep 2012, Monday Time: 10PM

My bedroom

I thank the Almighty for gifting us Harold – a prodigy for a son. The child is so very different from other children. He is sensitive and I fear he might be hurt easily. He is a model of goodness and intelligence. I really do not understand God’s mysterious ways. Here he gifts me with a prodigy and there my profession is that of a boxer. What will happen the day my Harold finds out what his father actually does? It will break his heart. I and my wife are passing through turmoil everyday keeping the identity of my profession away from our son. No! It will be impossible to hide it from Harold as he grows up. Moreover he is an avid reader and the news of my bouts will not escape his eyes. His head will hang in shame once he finds out that his father is ‘Young Porky’.

I will give up boxing. So what if I am the proud professor of a left hook? My son is more important to me. I will find some respectable job soon. I cannot see my Harold hurt and ashamed because of his father’s profession.

Bill Bramble

Q2. Imagine you are Harold Bramble . He has made a pen-friend a month back. He writes a letter to his pen-friend telling about his parents and school.

20th Dec 2012,


Dear Mary.

You must have finished your term exams by now. I did not want to disturb you so I haven’t written earlier. We have just been introduced and we still have to know each other a lot. It was indeed nice to know about you in your last letter.

Well friend, to start with I am the only child of my parents the Brambles. My father is a renowned boxer in London. His actual name is Bill Bramble but he is known as ‘Young Porky’ in the ring. He is a proud possessor of a left hook. He can beat any boxer in a twenty -round contest. There is always news of my father’s boxing feats in the leading newspapers of London. As a person he is the mildest, most obliging of men and very modest. He is the best father in the world. Despite his busy schedule he always spares quality time for me. My mother is a simple woman, a dutiful house wife and a very dear mother. She thinks I am her prodigy child. She takes extra pride in all my achievements, be it academics or co-curricular activities. I am very fond of her. Sometimes she is over sensitive about me and I become a little upset. She still treats me as a two year old and I feel troubled at her behavior. But I

know this is only because of my mother’s love for me. I do not tell her anything. Who in this earth is so lucky to have parents like mine? I treasure them.

My school is good enough. The teachers there are loving and caring. We have several competitions regularly and I join them too. I have won quite a few prizes. The students in my school are nice with a few dons here and there. Well it is nothing to be worried but my mother is always anxious about it. There is always a mixture of pupils in all schools. M ine is nothing exceptional. The best thing that happens in school is that my classmates are found glued in front of the television set in the Activity room to watch my father’s boxing competitions whenever it is telecast. They are great fans of my father .I feel great to watch them. I am sending you a few photographs and paper cuttings of my father’s performance.

I have told you a lot about myself. Waiting on’ pins and needles ‘to receive your reply.

With regards

Harold Bramble


1. Imagine you are Jerry Fisher the coach of Bill Bramb You are shattered and annoyed at the decision of Bill to quit boxing. You visit Bill’s house and give a piece of your mind to him. Write a letter to your friend describing your agony and how you succeeded in making Bill fight the bout.

2. Justify the title of the story “Keeping it from Harold” with reference to its ironical endin

3. Give a character sketch of M Bramble.

4. Imagine yourself to be Harold. Write a diary entry expressing you feelings when you come to learn about your father’s actual profession.

5. The actual profession of Bill Bramble if revealed would benefit both Brambles and their son. Comment.

6. Give a brief character sketch of Harold? Why was Harold considered a prodigy?

7. “But Percy was like that. Enemies said that he liked the sound of his own voice”. Who was Major Percy Stokes? Comment on the nature of P What advice did he give the Brambles?

8. Give a character sketch of Young Pork

9. How did Harold defy the laws of heredity? What was Harold’s reaction when he came to know about his father’s profession?



Q1.The hero of the story “best Seller” meets the father of Jessie. He had been quite apprehensive about the meeting. He writes a letter to his friend expressing his feelings.


20 Loyad Street


Dear Richard,

Today I went to see Colonel Allyn who is Jessie’s father. As the time of meeting the old man neared, I started feeling nervous. I was repetitively reminded of Jessie’s statement that her father would never accept me as her life partner. Though I would not give up,I was scared. This is a secret I share with you. The gentlemen showed pride in his personality and I had to gather courage to speak out the purpose of my visit. I told him that I had come to seek permission for the hand of his daughter. I could hardly look at his face and struggled to keep eye contact with him.

The colonel was a jolly good fellow and shared many anecdotes and humorous stories of his younger days. The meeting lasted for two hours and by then I knew I had impressed the old man. Colonel Allyn gave his nod to see his daughter and my battle was half won. I was sure I would get Jessie. Truly speaking I enjoyed the meeting.

I was very eager to write to you about this meeting and share my feelings. I will be let you know every detail as things proceed. Rest is fine.


John A Pascud

Q2. Give a character sketch of Jessie Allyn.

Ans:-Jessie was a good looking graceful, charming elegant girl. He falls in love with her at first sight. She was the daughter of a Colonel and was well aware of his social status. She was very protective about the name of the father and did not give any chan ce to John who had been following her. She was smart and observant and ultimately tells Pascud that he was wasting his time as her father would surely refuse him. She did not give any undue advantage to strangers as she knew the limits of her freedom. She was also very fond of her father and respected his authority. She was modern in thought and could travel alone. She was traditional too as she did not give liberty to anyone to come near her without her father’s approval.

She was a loving daughter and a loving wife after she married John Pascud. Her modern and traditional traits together made her a woman of high status in the eye of her husband.

Q3. Justify the title “Best Seller” (Hints)

Apt and logical—profession of John Pascud—his opinion of best sellers—sells his love story— character ironical ending.


1. There are instances of irony in the story “Best Sellers”. Describe the ironical element

2. The author wished John Good luck and called him Trevelyan. Justify your answer with reference to the st

3. Imagine yourself to be Jessy Allyn. Write a page of your diary after your meeting with John Pascud near the ancestral mansion.

4. John A Pascud is a hypocrit Comment.

5. Pascud contradicts his own comments on ‘Best Seller’ in real life- Explain.

6. Describe the meeting between Pascud and Colonel Allyn.

7. Imagine you are Colonel Allyn. Write a page of your diary after your meeting with Pascud.




It is a fictional storyabout three friends and their dog. The story is written in first person and a lot of humor and anecdotes are found in it.

The author Jim, his friends Harris and George live with various illusionary diseases and therefore decide to take a break and go down the river for a holiday. They decide to camp on the boat on fine days and stay atan inn when it rains.

There are several incidenst like packing, journey to historical places, cheese story which ar e exaggerated and evoke a lot of laughter.


Q1. Character sketches


1. Jim: - hypochondriac –dislikes sea voyages--romantic nature—comfort seeker— overconfident (eg: cheese story packing)—dislikes tomb visit—enjoys boat trip—vain about appearance and clothes—believes in God.

2. Harris:-has fits of giddiness—likes pretending—practical—restless when hungry

3. George:-quietest of all—speaks in medical terms—most sensible—lazy and overweight— enjoys good food.

4. Montmorency:- a dog – looks innocent - like an angel--very mischievous- chief ambition to meddle around-has many friends-killed a dozen chickens-does not enjoy boat trip- faithful to friend

5. Uncle Podger: - funny character-fussy- pretends to be independent-very dependent—careless—absent minded—blames others—boastful—tires the whole household

Q 2. Give an account of the PACKING incident. How do the three friends behave during the Packing incident?

Ans : Hints

All three have different ideas—each wanted the other to pack—lack of organizational capacities—packed and unpacked several times—broke things-- all three careless, disorganized and forgetful.

Q3. Harris attempts to make scrambled eggs. Describe his attempt.

Ans: Hints

Offered to cook—proud of his culinary skills—friends provided with required provisions – was worried about spoiling his attire—put all eggs in pan -- stirred with fork—burnt himself—dropped everything—danced around stove—was left with a burnt bit of the dish—blamed the stove.

Q4. Montmorency’s encounter with the cat was also another exaggerated incident in the story Comment


Montmorency the dog – hated cats—cried joyfully at the sight of cat trotting—reached the cat at great speed—cat unaware of impending danger—found enemy in front – turned round—sat in the middle of road—looked questioningly—he felt nervous—silent message was passed – cat continued to trot—went back in the rear unhappily—shrank whenever ‘cats’ was pronounced thereafter—sudden reformation in Montmorency.

Q5. Punting is not as easy as it looks. Describe the incidents in support of the statement. Ans : Hints

Punting not easy—requires practice-- two incidents occur—a sad one -- a funny one— young boy fell in the grip of death—was careless—walked off the punt altogether—punt drifted away—left clinging to pole—pole sank slowly with boy—writer went to punt— without pole—drifted away—saw a fishing punt—two fisherman in punt—they called out—writer came near them—caught him—saved him.


Q1. There are a number of funny situations in the novel. Describe any two incidents which evoke laughter.

Q2. The Writer’s visit to the British Library made a terrible psychological impact in the mind of the writer – Elucidate.

Q3. The three friends decide to take a journey to the sea in the name of ‘Change’ they required. Elaborate

Q4. Describe the cheese episode in the novel. Does the author’s presentation of the episode in such exaggerated manner create true humor and laughter?

Q5. Describe the three friends briefly.

Q6. Jim takes pride of his appearance and taste of clothes. Describe incidents to justify the statement.

Q7. Relate the story of Hers Slossem Boschen.

Q8. Three Men in a boat was meant to be a Travelogue. Describe an incident from the novel to support this statement.

Q9. Briefly narrate the humor of tow lines.

Q10. Describe the Comic song sung by Harris.

Q11. Give two instances that reveal Jim’s love for history and old buildings.

Q12. Describe the maze at Hampton Court according to Harris.

Q13. “We are but the veriest, sorriest slaves of our stomach” says the author. What incident justifies the given statement?

Q14. Harris is intoxicated and hallucinates. He becomes a funny figure once his intoxication subsides. Narrate the incident.

Q15. The Police suspected George to be a criminal. Why?

Q16. Describe Sonning.

Q17. How did the dead body look like? What was the true story of the woman whose dead body was found floating in the Water?

Q18. Camera prompts a man to look dashing and beautiful. Elaborate.

Q19. State why ‘Barley Mow’ is the best place to stay overnight?

Q20. Jim was fond of locks. Why? How is the area of the river demoralizing?

Q21. “Two lonely Black eyes” makes its effect on Harris & Jim. Comment.


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