CBSE Class 9 English Keeping It From Harold Notes

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 Keeping it from Harold

Author: P.G. Wodehouse

Based on your reading of the story, answer the following questions by choosing the correct option.

(a) Mrs. Bramble was a proud woman because __________.

Answer: she was the mother of a genius child.

(b) "The very naming of Harold had caused a sacrifice on his part." The writer's tone here is __________________.

Answer: gentle.

(c) Harold had defied the laws of heredity by ______.

Answer: being good at academics.

d) Harold felt that he was deprived of the respect that his classmates would give him as _________.

Answer: they did not know his father was the famous boxer, 'Young Porky'.

Answer the following question in about 30-40 words:

Q. 1. Why was it necessary to keep Harold's father's profession a secret from him ? Answer: Harold’s father was a professional boxer but Harold was a scholarly child with a very gentle and sophisticated behaviour. Mr. Bramble and his wife considered that boxing was an inferior profession and it may become difficult for Harold to accept the image and qualities of his father as displayed by any professional boxer. Hence, they thought it was necessary to hide his father’s profession from him.

Q. 2. Do you agree with Harold's parents decision of hiding from him the fact that his father was a boxer ? Why/Why not ?

Answer: I agree with Harold’s parents’ decision of hiding from him the fact that his father was a boxer. Parents always think for the well being and good caring of children. They considered that a professional boxer was looked upon as a low-profile entertainer, and most of the people in the society did not respect a boxer. Therefore, they had a very good intention about their plan to keep it away from Harold.

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