CBSE Class 9 English A Dog Named Duke Notes

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 A Dog Named Duke

Author: William D. Ellis

Read the extract and answer the questions that follow:

1. “Secretly, Marcy cried as she watched the big man’s grin fade away. Severe face lines set in like cement as Chuck stared at the ceiling for hours, then out of the window, then at Duke.

(a) Marcy cried secretly because:

(b) Identify the figure of speech from the above lines:

(c) The big grin was replaced by severe lines because:

Answer: (a) She didn’t want Chuck to be upset

Explanation: Chuck couldn't feel cheered up even after Duke's arrival at home. Marcy also felt bad at Chuck's predicament.

(b) Simile

Explanation: See line "Severe face lines set in like cement..." A simile is a literary device where the writer often uses words 'like' or 'as' to compare two different ideas. Metaphor makes comparison without using words 'like', 'as' etc. Imagery covers Metaphor, Simile and personification.

(c) There was no improvement in his condition

Explanation: Here, the question is asking the reason for his sadness, option iii explains it.

2. Based on your reading of the story answer the following questions:

(a) With reference to Hooper, the author says, "Everything was going for him", what does it imply?

(b) Duke never jumped on Chuck again because _____________

(c) The author says that Duke 'knew his job'. The job was _____________

(d) "_______ even Duke's presence didn't reach Chuck ". Why? Answer:

(a) he had everything that a man aspires for.

(b) Duke realized that Chuck was not well and could not balance himself.

(c) to get Chuck on his feet.

(d) Hooper was lost in his own grief and pain.

Answer the following question in about 30-40 words:

Q. 1. Duke was an extraordinary dog. What special qualities did he exhibit to justify this ?

Answer: Duke was an extra-ordinary dog with special qualities, when Chuck came from the hospital, Duke jumped on him and he knew instantly that he was never to jump on him again. From that moment, he took up a post beside master’s bed around the clock. Duke encouraged his master to get up by poking his nose under Chuck’s elbow and lifting it up. Finally, chuck and duke began walking together.

Q. 2. What problems did Chuck present when he returned to the company headquarters ?

Answer: Chucks moving back to the company's headquarters presented several tough problems. Looking at the way he had fought to get back to his normal life, no one had the heart to tell him that he would not be able to handle his old job. Yet it was impossible to work as a salesman if you can't move about and can work for just one hour in a day.

Q. 3. Why do you think Charles Hooper's appointment as Assistant National Sales Manager is considered to be a tribute to Duke ?

Answer: Charles Hooper’s appointment as assistant national sales manager is considered to be a tribute to Duke because just as Duke helped Chuck to walk again, step by step Chuck’s appointment advanced the objectors of the company step by step. 

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