CBSE Class 4 Mathematics Long Short Assignment Set B

CBSE Class 4 Mathematics-Long Short(1). Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.

Q1. In the marathon race people run about 50 km .Track of the stadium is 500m

long. Find out :-

a) How many rounds of the track Manish has to take to complete a marathon

on a stadium track?

b) How many rounds Manish would have taken if he covered the distance of

3500 m?

Q2. If the length of the rectangular field is 600m and breadth is 400m.What will

be its perimeter?

Q4. From a rope measuring 35 m 80 cm, two pieces measuring 9 m 16 cm and

13 m 20 cm were cut. Find the remaining length of the rope?

Q5. Sheetal travelled 83 km 640 m by train and the rest of the distance by bus. If

she travelled 100km in all. Find the distance she travelled by bus?

Q6. Raj took part in 200m race. He fell down after running a distance of

155m60cm. What distance was left by him to complete the race?

Q7 a) Arrange in columns and find the sum:-

1)50 m;36km18m;20km360m

2)66m75cm; 15cm; 80m20cm

b) Arrange in columns and find the difference:-

1)80km – 67km435m

2)100m – 75m16cm

Q8.Mohan walks along the boundary of a triangular park whose sides are 20m,

35m and 25m.What is the distance he has to cover in five complete rounds of

the park?

Q9. A handkerchief is of the shape of a square. If the length of a side of the

handkerchief is 30cm, find the length of its boundary.

Q10. Find the perimeter of rectangles which have:

a) Length=20cm,breadth=12cm

b) Length=5m,breadth=3m

c) Length=4.6m,breadth=3.9m

d) Length=150m,breadth=125m

e) Length=95m,breadth=75m

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