CBSE Class 8 Science Sample Paper Set Y

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1. Potable water should be

a. Colourless b. odourless c. tasteless d.all the above

2. Select the correct statement.

a. Speed of violet colour is maximum and red colour is minimum.

b. Violet colour bends the least during dispersion

c. speed of red colour is maximum and violet colour is minimum.

d. Dispersion of white light can be seen when it passes through a rarer medium.

3. The fibre which resembles wool

a. Terylene b. Rayon c. Acrylon d.Nylon

4. Which of the following facts are true for sound?

i. Sound needs a medium for its propagation

ii. Sound propagates fastest in gases.

iii. Speed of sound is faster than speed of light.

iv. sounds with frequencies below 20Hz are called infrasonic sounds.

a. Only i b. both i&ii c. both iii&iv d. both i&iv

5. What is the principle behind the treatment of industrial waste?

6. _________________ controls the amount of light entering the eye so that the image can be formed on the .

7. Why is blind spot of the eye called so?

8.How is calorific value of fuel related to its efficiency?

9. It is not advisable to wear synthetic clothes in science laboratory. Why?

10. What are asteroids?

11. How do agricultural activities contribute to water pollution?

12. Identify the eye defects in the given cases and suggest suitable remedies for the same.

a. Image formed behind the retina .

b. a thin membrane develops over the lens.

13. Can water become fit for drinking by adding alum or filtering? Justify.

14. The speed of light in a given medium is taken as an indicator of its optical density. Explain.

15. Explain the reason behind the formation of Echo.

16. What would happen if

a. we keep a glass tube in the innermost Zone of the flame?

b. unburnt carbon particles are released in air?

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