CBSE Class 8 Science Sample Paper Set P

CBSE Class 8 Science Sample Paper Set P. It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1. What happens when you hammer

i. a metal ii. a non-metal (I)

2. What would you observe when a strip of zinc is dipped in the solution of copper sulphate? (I)

3. Identify the following metals that:

(a) replaces silver from silver nitrate solution.

(b) bums in oxygen with a bright white light. (I )

4. What is audible range for human ear? (I )

5. What is meant by echo? (I)

6. Take a pot and put polythene bags, empty glass bottles and broken plastic toys. What will you observe after some time? Give reason. ( I )

7. How does sowing by seed drill ensure better growth of crops? (I)

8. Give reasons:

(a) The handles of screw drivers made up of plastics. (I )

(b) We should not wear synthetic clothes while working with fire in the kitchen. (I)

(c) It is better to keep anima Is in the wildlife sanctuary than at zoo. ( I )

(d) Fishes and birds migrate every year. (I)

(e) Rollers are used for transporting luggage. (I)

(f) Talcum powder is put on a carom board before a game. (I )

(g) School bags have wide straps. (I )

(h) Houseflies and cockroaches are not the causative agent of any disease. Yet we are advised tokeep them away from our food... ( I )

(i) Polyester is quite suitable for making dress materials. (I l G) Ringing bells in temples are made of metal. !I) (k) If you put one end of a metal in hot water, you feel hot at the other end. (I )

0) Foodstuffs with acid components should not be stored in metallic containers. (I) (m) Tincture of iodine is applied on wounds. (I ) (n) Iron is used in constructing bridges and houses. (I)

9. What is the chemical nature of polyester? What are polycot and polywool? 12) IO. You must have heard a slogan "Say_ no to plastics". Give two reason in support of this practice. (2) ll. Differentiate between:

(a) Biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials

(b) Thermosetting plastics and Thermoplastics 1

12. One day Meera went to a jeweler’s shop with her mother. Her mother gave an old jewellery to the goldsmith to polish. Next day when they brought the jewellery back, they found that there was a slight loss inits weight. What is the reason behind the loss in weight? t.2)

13. The sound of thunder is heard after few seconds to the flash of lightning. Explain the statement to support your answer.

14. On a hot summer day, a little mosquito produces buzzing sound near your ear at a rate of about 3000 wings beats per five seconds. What is the frequency, in hertz of this sound? (2)

15. Give two examples to explain that friction is a necessary evil.

16. What do you understand by rusting? How can you prevent this process?(2)

17. Shyam took a piece of burning charcoal and collected the gas evolved in a test tube: (a) How will he find the nature of the gas?

(b)Write down the word equation of all the reactions taking place in this process. (2)

18. Calculate the pressure exerted on a cuboid of 4x3m dimensions placed on the ground when force applied on ground is 60N. (2)

19. Identify the part which produce sound in the following instruments:

a) Dholak b) Flute c) Sitar d) Guitar (2)

20. Why objects moving through fluids are given a special shape? What is the name given to these special shapes? (2)

21. Endemic species are more prone to extinction than non endemic species. Justify the statement. (2)
22. (a) Why milk is instantly cooled after boiling during pasteurization?
(b) Name the preservative used in i) jams and jellies ii) pickles (2)
23. Why do mountaineers suffer·nose bleeding when they move towards higher altitude? (2)
24. Compare the properties of metals and non-metals with respect to
(a) Formation of oxide
(b) Conductivity
(c) Ductility (3)
25. How does the amount of nitrogen remain constant in atmosphere? Explain with the help of a flowchart.(3)
26. What is the impact of deforestation on a) environment b) urban..areas?
27. State any three changes that a force brings about on a body. Give one example of each.
28. (a) Why is water essential for plants?
(b) In what way traditional methods of irrigation are different from modem methods? 
(c) Explain any one modem method of irrigation which conserves water? 
29. How are microorganisms useful in
a) agriculture b) medicine
c) kitchen
e) industries
d) environment
30. What is electroplating? How are steel spoons plated with silver? Explain with the help of a diagram.(5)
1. Which one of the following is a good conductor of electricity?
A. Iron      B. Plastic
C. Wood    D. Glass
2. Sodium metal is stored in
A. Water        B. Alcohol
C. Kerosene   D. Ether
3. Which fibre is also known as regenerated fibre?
A. Acrylic    B. Polyester
C. Rayon    D. Nylon
4. The energy required to overcome friction is mainly converted into
A. Sound energy    B. Heat energy
C. Light energy      D. Chemical energ
5. A batsman hits a cricket ball which then rolls on the level ground. After covering a short distance the ball comes to rest. The ball stops due to
A. Magnetic force           B. Frictional force
C. Gravitational force     D. Muscular force
6. Sound can propagate through
A. Vacuum as well as gases B. Only through gases and liquids
C. Only through gases and solids D. Any of the three states of matter
7. Which out of the following does not conduct electricity?
A. Copper         C. Dilute sulphuric acid
B. Alcohol         D. Vinegar
8. Which of the following reproduce only inside a host cell?
A. Bacteria B. Virus
C. Fungi D. Protozoa.
9. Which of the following is not true for organic manure?
A. It enhances water holding capacity of soil       C. It provides humus to soil.
B. It has a balance of all plant nutrients.             D. It improves texture of soil.
I0. What do black buck, elephant, python and golden cat together represent in a forest?
A. Flora           B. Fauna
C. Ecosystem   D. Species

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