CBSE Class 8 Science Sample Paper Set M

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CBSE Class 8 Science Sample Paper Set M. It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.


Q1. What is the process of scattering seeds by hand known as? [1]

Q2. Name a non-metal that is a good conductor of electricity. [1]

Q3. What is the SI unit of force? [1]

Q4. Name any two types of animal tissue. [1]

Q5. What is the study of microorganisms called? [1]

Q6. Which type of charge is free to move about – positive or negative? [1]

Q7. When are kharif crops sown? [2]

Q8. Why potassium and sodium are stored under kerosene? [2]

Q9. Why do we stain specimens before viewing them under a microscope? [2]

Q10. What determines the pitch of a percussion instrument? [2]

Q11. What functions do cilia have in paramoecium? [2]

Q12. What happens when a plastic ruler is rubbed vigorously with a woollen cloth? [2]

Q13. What are weeds? Give two examples of it. [3]

Q14. Define alloy. Give two examples of it. [3]

Q15. What are noncontact forces? Mention two types of forces which can act from a distance. [3]

Q16. What are ultrasonics? Name two animals which can hear sounds that we cannot hear? [3]

Q17. What are diatoms? Give two uses of diatoms. [3]

Q18. What are conductors? Give two examples of it. [3]

Q19. Mention three uses of carbon. [3]

Q20. What is a streamlined body? How is it helpful for a body to have such a shape? [3]

Q21. Why is the nucleus called the control room of the cell? [3]

Q22. How are protozoans in the bodies of termites and the bacteria in our intestines helpful? [3]

Q23. What are lightning conductors? [3]

Q24. Your father bought few fruits from the market and asked everybody to wash it properly before eating. Your sister was in a hurry and hence she ate an apple without washing it.[3]

a) Why did your father ask to wash the fruits before eating?

b) What are the harmful effects of pesticides on human?

c) Should the Government ban pesticides? Justify your answer.

Q25. Draw a well labelled diagram of any two of the following : [3 x 2 = 6]

a) Animal cell b) The human ear c) The gold-leaf electroscope

Q26. With the help of a diagram describe the nitrogen cycle? [5]

Q27. Describe how friction helps and how it creates a problem when you cycle. [5]

Q28. a) Why is the cell known as the structural and functional unit of life?

b) Why is the plasma membrane called selectively permeable?

Q29. Why is a virus thought of as something in between the living and nonliving? How do viruses multiply within a host cell? [5]

Q30. a) What are echoes? Why do we not hear them all the time? [5]

b) How are echoes used in medicines?


Q31. Removing the chaff from the grain is called [1]

a) threshing b) harvesting c) winnowing d) weeding

Q32. Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity? [1]

a) Aluminium b) Silver c) Copper d) Iron

Q33. Which of the following is not true? [1]

a) Friction wears down machine parts. c) Friction helps us walk.

b) Friction produces heat. d) Friction helps a ship move through water.

Q34. Cheek cells are [1]

a) epithelial cells b) epidermal cells c) vascular cells d) guard cells

Q35. Blood is a type of [1]

a) epithelial tissue b) connective tissue c) nervous tissue d) muscular tissue

Q36. Algin is derived from [1]

a) bacteria b) algae c) fungi d) protozoans

Q37. Penicillin is obtained from a [1]

a) protozoan b) bacterium c) mould d) mushroom

Q38. The decibel is a unit that measures [1]

a) frequency b) loudness c) pitch d) quality

Q39. A gold-leaf electroscope can be used [1]

a) only to detect a charge b) only to find the nature of a charge

c) only to measure a charge d) to detect, measure and find the nature of a charge

Q40. Charge flows from a charged body to an uncharged one [1]

a) until the entire charge from one flows into the other

b) until they both carry the same charge

c) until they both become uncharged

d) continuously

Q41. An element is soft and can be cut easily with a knife. It is very reactive and cannot be kept open in air. It reacts vigorously with water. This element is most likely to be: [1]

a) magnesium b) potassium c) phosphorus d) aluminium

Q42. If we release a magnet held in our hand, it falls to the ground. The force responsible for this is: [1]

a) muscular force b) magnetic force c) electrostatic force d) gravitational force

Q43. What helps us distinguish between the same note of the same loudness produced by two musical instruments ? [1]

a) pitch b) frequency c) harmonics d) amplitude

Q44. The process of conversion of sugar into alcohol is called: [1]

a) nitrogen fixation b) moulding c) fermentation d) infection

Q45. The cell wall in plant cells is made of: [1]

a) proteins b) fats c) cellulose d) plasma

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