CBSE Class 8 Science Sample Paper Set J

CBSE Class 8 Science Sample Paper Set J. It’s always recommended to practice as mane sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.


Q1. What is cutting of mature plants called? 1

Q2. What is the term given to lowest temperature at which a substance burns. 1

Q3. Define Deforestation. 1

Q4. Name the process of reproduction in hydra. 1

Q5. Name the device used to test whether an object is carrying a charge or not. 1

Q6. What is carbonization? 2

Q7. Draw a well labelled diagram of a candle flame. 2

Q8. Give the units of frequency and loudness. 2

Q9. State the laws of reflection and draw the diagram. 2

Q10.What is an earthquake and how is it measured? 2

Q11.What is lightning conductor? How does it work . 2

Q12. Differentiate between zygote and foetus. 2

Q13.Explain the process of formation of petroleum. 3

Q14.What is meant by combustion?Write any two conditions necessary for combustion? 3

Q15. Identify the part which vibrates to produce sound in the following instruments. 3

i. Dholak

ii. Sitar

iii. flute

Q16. What are the characteristics of the image formed by plane mirror? 3

Q17. What is a constellation name any two constellations and draw sketches to show the relative positions of prominent stars in them. 3

Q18. I)Define light year. (1 +1+1 =3)

ii) what are artificial satellites ?

iii) What are their uses (Any Two).

Q19. Mention one use each of (i) Coke (ii) Coal gas (iii) Bitumen. 3

Q20. I) What are the advantages of using manures. (2+3=5)

ii) Explain how fertilizers are different from manures.

Q21. Define asexual reproduction.Name two methods of asexual reproduction .Explain any one and draw the diagram. (5)

Q22. (a) Differentiate between zoo and sanctuary. (2+3)

(b) Explain how deforestation leads to reduced rainfall.


Multiple choice questions(5 Marks)

Choose the correct option and write in the answer sheet

Q23. One of the following is a Rabi crop-

i) Wheat iii)Soyabean

ii) Paddy iv) Cotton

Q24. Which of following is an extinct species?

i) Elephant ii) cat

iii) Pig iv) dodo

Q25. The part of the human ear which vibrates when sound is produced is:

i) Pinna or external year

ii) Ear drum

iii) Bones inside

iv) Auditory Nerve

Q26. The part of the eye without any sensory cells is:

i) Rods iii) Blind spot

ii) Cones iv) Retina

Q27. The outermost layer of earth is called

i) Crust iii) Outer core

ii) Mantle iv) Inner core

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