CBSE Class 8 English Sample Paper Set 8

CBSE Class 8 English Sample Paper Set 8.Sample Papers are the very important for every student. The sample papers should be practiced to gain extra marks in examinations. The sample papers have been prepared based on summative assessment1 and summative assessment 2 pattern. The sample papers have been prepared based on pattern of last year examinations and as per latest changes in the syllabus. Students, teachers and parents can download all CBSE educational material and very well prepared worksheets from this website.  All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, have also been submitted by CBSE teachers and students. 


A.1.Read the given passage carefully: [1x4=4]

Because goldfish can be kept easily in small ponds and aquariums , they make good pets, but like many other pets, they must have proper care and the right kind of place to live. A two-inch fish requires a minimum of two gallons of water containing sufficient oxygen to support life. Some Oxygen will make its way into the water of an aquarium from the air that touches the surface. Plants in an aquarium also help to furnish oxygen. Snails help to keep an aquarium clean. Thus, with plenty of plants and snails the water in an aquarium does not have to be changed frequently.

It is important that goldfish should not be overfed. They can be fed such things as dried insects in addition to commercially prepared goldfish food, but they should never be fed more than once a day .This ensures prolonged life.

Write the option that you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet:

A.1. (i) Which of the following statements is true ?

(a) Goldfish should be given food only once a day.

(b) Snails eat up the goldfish in an aquarium.

(c) Plants provide food to the snails.

A.1.(ii) Which of the following helps supply goldfish with oxygen?

(a) snail (b) plants (c) dried insects

A.1.(iii) What is important to remember when feeding goldfish ?

(a) They should be fed more than once a day.

(b) They should be fed with plnts and insects.

(c) They should be fed only once a day.

A.1. (iv) Pick out the word that is opposite in meaning of the word given: FREQUENTLY

(a) often (b) rarely (c) slowly

A.2. Read the given passage carefully: [1x4=4]

A Japanese professor has produced evidence to show that computer games can have a bad effect on children .Parents are worried in case the violence of many of the games will cause their children to become more aggressive and violent themselves. The other worry is that video games will prevent their children from developing their creativity. Professor Kawashima of Tohuko University conducted a research that showed that computer games may stunt the development of children’s brain. He further stated that playing computer games stimulates activity in only one part of the players’ brain, the part associated with vision and movement. The frontal lobes of their brain, associated with learning, memory,emotion and self-control
are underdeveloped.
Read the questions given below and write the option you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet.
A.2.(i) Evidence shows that the impact of computer games can be:
A.2.(ii) Computer games stimulate:
(a) all branches of the brain
(b) only the part associated with vision and movement.
(c) nothing
A.2.(iii) The frontal lobes of the brain are associated with:
(a) vision and movement.
(b) learning, memory, emotion and self-control
(c) hearing
A.2.(iv) The term ‘aggressive’ means:
(a) calm and composed (b) ready to attack and cause harm
(c) self-disciplined
A.3. Read the given passage carefully, and answer the questions that follow:
“Who among you will take up the duty of feeding the hungry?” Lord Buddha asked his followers
when famine raged at Shravati.
Ratnakar, the banker, hung his head and said, “Much more is needed than all my wealth to feed the
Jaysen, the chief of the King’s army, said, “I would gladly give my life blood, but there is not enough
food in my house.”
Dharmapal, who owned broad acres of land , said with a sigh, “The drought demon has sucked my
fields dry. I know not how to pay the King’s dues,”
Then rose Supriya, the poor mendicant’s daughter. She bowed to all and meekly
said, I will feed the hungry.”
“How?” they cried in surprise. “How can you hope to fulfill that vow?”
“I am the poorest of you all,” said Supriya, “and that is my strength. I have my coffer and my store at
each of your houses.”
A.3.1.Fill` in the blanks: [1x4=4]
(a)…………………….was the first to reply. His profession was…………….
(b)The next reply came from………………….. He was………………….
(c)……………….was the next one to answer. He owned………………
(d)The last one to answer was ………….She was the daughter of a……….....
B.1. You are Sandeep Goyal .Write an application to your principal asking for character certificate. [2]
B.2. Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to your birthday party. [3]
B.3. You are Mahesh Roy, Head Boy of your school. Write a notice in not more than 50 words informing the students about the forthcoming historical tour to Udaipur. Give all the necessary details regarding the cost and duration.
B.4. Write a paragraph on the importance of sports in a student’s life. Use the inputs given below. [4]
*sports- a necessary part of student- life
*play for physical fitness
*need not be competitive
*constructive time spent
*teaches sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, determination
*overall personality development
C.1.Fill in the blanks using the correct degree of adjective given in brackets: 
(a) Some girls in the class are …………….than Radha. (slim)
(b) I don’t like this dress as it is not as ……………as I thought. (lovely)
(c)I have two sons, the younger one is an MBA and the ………… a doctor. (old)
(d) I got the …………… in the theatre. (comfortable)
C.2.Complete the following sentences choosing from the given options: 
(a) Do you have ………… food left?
(i) any (ii) many (iii) some
(b) I have two pens , one is black and the………….is blue.
(i)second (ii) one (iii) other
(c) …………….children are well mannered.
(i) this (ii) one (iii) My
(d) Here is …………….pen that you have been looking for.
(i) a (ii) the (iii) an
C.3. Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate modals: [4x¼=1]
(a) Piyush ……….run ten kilometers without pausing.
(i) may (ii) can (iii) could
(b) How …………you defy the orders of your boss?
(i) dare (ii) need (iii) should
(c) ………… do me a favour?
(i) shall (ii) may (iii) will
(d) We ---------------------- show respect to our elders.
(i) ought to (ii) used to (iii) need
C.4. Fill in the blanks choosing the correct words from the brackets: [4x¼=1]
(a) You can succeed only if you ……………..yourself to your circumstances. (adopt / adapt)
(b) I was impressed by her ………………simplicity. (Childish / childlike)
(c) Many students get less marks in exams because their writing is……………(illegible/eligible)
(d) We enjoyed our trip to the ……………buildings of the city.

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