CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper SA2 2010 (7)

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CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper SA 2 2010 (7). Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.


1. Which one is a chemical change  ?  Rusting of iron or melting of iron.

2. Why is it advised not to use copper or brass vessels to store pickles or curd ?

3. Thermal power plants are setup near coal or oil fields. Give reason.

4. Which is having more resistance ?  A 100 W bulb or a 60 W bulb ?

5. What is the main ore of mercury ?  How mercury is obtained from this ore ?

6. What is meant by the term pH of a solution ?  The pH of rain water collected from two cities  A and B was found to be 6 and 5 respectively.  The water of which  city  is  more acidic  

7. Write the balanced chemical  equation  for the chemical  reaction  between Manganese dioxide  and Aluminium powder. What happens if Manganese powder is  heated with Aluminium oxide ?

8. A white powder is added while baking breads and cakes to make them soft and fluffy.What is  the name of the powder ? What are the main ingredients  in it ? What are the functions  of each ingredient  ?

9.  Explain the significance  of peristaltic  movement that occur all along the gut during digestion.

10.   You are given  with  two solar  cookers, one with  a plane mirror as reflector and the other with  concave mirror as reflector. Which  one is  more efficient  ? Give  reason for your answer.

11.   State  the law that relates  current through  a conductor and the potential  difference between its  ends. Represent the law mathematically.

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