CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Question Paper Set O Solved

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CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Question Paper Set O Solved. Students can download the last year board exams question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.

1 Give any one characteristic of EM radiations.

2 Draw the structure of Diborane (B2H6), explaining the formation of “banana bond”

3 Can the oxidation number of any atom present in a molecule be zero? Give example

4 Why H2S always acts as reducing agent?

5 Give any one preparation of hydrogen peroxide.

6 Chlorophyll, the green colouring matter of plants which is responsible for photosynthesis,contains 2.68% of Mg by mass. Calculate the number of Mg atoms in 2g of chlorophyll.

7 “The effect of uncertainty principle is significant only for motion of microscopic particles and is negligible for the macroscopic particles.”

Justify the statement with the help of a suitable example.

Also state the Heisenberg`s uncertainty principle.


Hydrogen atom has only one electron, so mutual repulsion between electrons is absent. However, in multielectron atoms mutual repulsion between the electrons is significant. How does this affect the energy of an electron in the orbitals of the same principal quantum number in multielectron atoms? How is the energy order for Hydrogen different.

8 Identify and give the reason for the phenomenon shown in the adjoining figure.

CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Question Paper Set O

Also give any one of its outcomes.

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