CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Question Paper Set I

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CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Question Paper Set I. Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practiced to get better marks in examinations.


1. Define empirical formula of a compound :

2. Why can 2P sub-shell accommodate more electron than 2S-subshell ?

3. Which out of Nitrogen and oxygen has lesser electron gain enthalpy Why ?

4. Why is lithium iodide more covalent than lithium fluoride ?

5. What would have happened to the molecular motion in a gas if the molecular collisions were not elastic ?

6. Name the two factors which influence the spontaneity of a process.

7. What is the effect of the addition of CH3OH on the following equilibrium. 

class_11_Chemistry_Question_ Paper_1

8. Calculate the oxi no. of underlined element in following compounds 

(a) KClO3 (b) K2Cr2O7

9. With the help of gas laws, deduce an expression for the gas equation. What is the utility of gas equation.

10. Calculate the heat of formation of KOH (s) from the following data :

K(s) + H2O(l) + aq → KOH (aq) +1/2H2 (g) ; ΔH=-200.8 KJ

H2 (g) + 1/2O2(g) → HO2(l); ΔH=-286.0 KJ

KOH (s) + aq → KOH (aq); ΔH=-58.60 KJ

Please click the link below to download pdf file of CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Question Paper Set I.


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