CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Worksheet Set A

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Computers Worksheet for Class 10

Class 10 Computers students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf in standard 10. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 10 Computers will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 10 Computers Worksheet Pdf

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Revision Worksheet

Class – X Subject – Information Technology

NAME : DATE:10.9.13

Q1. Fill in the blanks.

a) Web sites are located on _________.

b) A ___________ is used to browse the web.

c) When you visit a web-site, the first page that opens is called ___________ of the site.

d) is an example of an/a ____________.

e) HTTP is a ______________________________.

f) In XML the _____________________ element is required to close after all tags.

g) __________________is a program that is downloaded on your computer to harm your data.

h) XML attribute value should always be enclosed in _____________________

i) A ____________________is a person who attempts to maliciously hack computer or computer networks.

j) ‘Href’ attribute is used with <A> tag to specify the ____________________of the link.

k) ______________and _________________are the two types of viruses.

Q2. State whether True or False.

a) Internet is a service available on WWW.

b) Arpanet was set up by NASA.

c) Cc component of an email message has the same role as the bcc component.

d) When data is downloaded from the net, data is transferred from the user’s computer to the web server.

e) FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

Q3. Read the following paragraph and answer the questions that follow.

XYZ Chemicals Ltd. has advertised for some vacancies in its office. Eligible candidates have to apply online for these posts. After the last date for receiving the applications, the company shortlists some candidates and informs them through email. The candidates have to appear at company’s office for an online test and interview through video conferencing on a specified date. After video conferencing the selected candidates are again informed through email.

1. How are the following features/services beneficial for the applicants and the company?

a. Inviting applications online.

b. Informing the candidates through email.

c. Conducting online test.

d. Holding the interview through video conferencing.

2. How is it possible for the candidates to send the following through email?

a. Bio-data which they have created using a word-processor.

b. Photograph which they have scanned and saved as a .jpg file.

Q4. Answer the following questions.

1. Identify domain name(s) and URL(s) from the following list:


b. DoYoga




2. What do you mean by Modem? How does it work?

3. Define the following terms: - a) Video Conferencing b) Search Engine

4. What is Email? Explain the format of Email.

5. Expand the top level domain name: - a) .com b) .edu c) .org d) .gov e) .in

Q5. Carefully study the webpage given below. Identify 10 tags that have been utilized in creating this webpage and write the usage of each of them.

Q.6 Read the paragraph and answer the questions that follow.Sonia wants to design the website but she doesn’t know the language in which website is designed. Then her friend Amit told HTML language is the best language to design a website. Sonia starts learning HTML programming. After one month she tells the teacher that now she is perfect in HTML programming. Teacher asks Sonia to answer these questions, if she is perfect in HTML programming.

a) Which tag in HTML is used to the break the line?

b) What is the use of comment tag in HTML?

c) Which tag is used in HTML to insert image?

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