CBSE Class 11 Computer List Of C++ Programs Worksheet

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CBSE Class 11 Computer Worksheet - List of C++ Programs

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1. Write a C++ program to display “Hello World!” on the output screen.

2. Write a program to display Multiplication Table of a number inputted by the user.

3. Write a program to read the coefficients A, B, C of the following quadratic equation and display the

roots with appropriate message (nature of the roots).

A.X2 + B.X + C = 0

4. Write a menu based program to compute the area and perimeter of the following geometrical figures:

(i) Circle

(ii) Square

(ii) Rectangle

5. Define the following user defined functions:

double pow (double x ,int n) to calculate and return Xn ;

double fact (int n) to calculate and return factorial of n ;

Using these two defined functions, write programs to calculate the sum of the following series:

a. Sin Series

b. Cos Series

c. Exponential Series

6. Rewrite the above programs without using the functions pow( ) and fact( ).

7. Define a function to get an integer number N as argument and display all numbers of the Fibonacci

Series equal or less than N. Also write a minimal C++ program to use this function.

8. Define a function SOD to get an integer number as argument and return the sum of the digits of

that number. For example, if the argument is 1537, the function should return 16 (which is sum of

1 + 5 + 3 + 7). Also write a minimal C++ program to use this function.

9. WAP to read a string and determine whether that is a (non case sensitive) palindrome or not.

Eg. Madam is a palindrome.

(note ‘M’ & ‘m’ are equal in this non case sensitive example)

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