CBSE Class 11 Computer Getting Started With C++ Worksheet

CBSE Class 11 Computer Worksheet - Getting Started with C++

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Chapter 7:Getting Started with C++

1. What are literals ? Explain the different types of literals being used in C++.

2. Which of the following are valid/ invalid operands :

height , main , rollno-5 , my address , 2day , class

3. What is the difference between ‘5’ , 5 and “ 5” ?

4. Identify the errors in the following program :

void main()


int x






5. Explain the two different ways to give comments in C++.

6. Differentiate between ‘<<’ and ‘>>’ operators.

7. ‘Every C++ program must have a main().’ Why ?

8. What will be the output of the following code :

(i) cout<<” #\n**\n###\n****\n “;

(ii) char a= ‘@’;

cout<< a;



( to be done in the lab during practical periods )

1. To create a formatted output screen as given in the lab.

2. Write a C++ program that accepts marks and displays the percentage.Assume maximum marks is


3. Write a program that accepts the temperature in percentage and displays in Fahrenheit

4. Write a program that accepts length , breadth and then displays the area and perimeter of a


Note :

1. All programs must have a comment entry on the top indicating what exactly the program is


2. Proper messages should be given for input and output operations.

3. All programs should be properly indented.

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