CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Environmental Chemistry Worksheet Set A

CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Worksheet - Environmental Chemistry - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.





Q1. What do you mean by environmental pollution? Give e.g. of degradable & non-degradable pollutants.

Q2. Explain tropospheric pollution.

Q3. Name the different regions of the atmosphere along with their altitude.

Q4. State reason why CO acts as a pollutant, although it is colorless & odorless gas?

Q5. Although CO2 is non-toxic, it is causing major environmental problem. Comment.

Q6. Write a short notes on :- a) Global warming (b) Green House effect (c) Depletion of ozone layer.

Q7. Why does rain water have normally a pH 5.6? When does it become acid rain?

Q8. Write a note explaining acid rain?

Q9. What are particulate pollutants? Explain the viable & non-viable particulates?

Q10. What is smog? Explain the types of smog.

Q11. Write down the reactions involved during the formation of photochemical smog?

Q12. What are the harmful effects of photochemical smog & how can they can be controlled?

Q13. What chemical reactions are occurring in the stratosphere? How are Freons creating a hole in the ozone layer?

Q14. What do you understand by ozone hole? What does it occur mainly over Antarctica?

Q15. Write the main effects of depletion of ozone layer?

Q16. What is ground water pollution? How does it take place?

Q17. What are oxygen demanding wastes? Define BOD. How is it determined?

Q18. What are the harmful effects of the following, if they are present in drinking water;-

     (a) Fluoride (b) Lead (c) Sulphate (d) Nitrate

Q19. What are the different sources of soil pollution? Name the pollutants being added by them.

Q20. What are the international standards for drinking water?

Q21. What are industrial wastes? Explain them in terms of biodegradable & non-biodegradable wastes?

Q22. Explain the strategy that has been adopted to control environmental pollution?

Q23. How should the management of domestic waste be done?

Q24. Comment on the statement – Green Chemistry is an alternative tool for reducing pollution?

Q25. Give some examples of the achievements of green chemistry.

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