CBSE Class 11 Psychology Human Development Worksheet Set B

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Worksheet for Class 11 Psychology Chapter 4 Human Development

Class 11 Psychology students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Chapter 4 Human Development in Grade 11. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 11 Psychology will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Chapter 4 Human Development Class 11 Psychology Worksheet Pdf

 Human Development
Objective Questions
1. Development is the pattern of progressive, orderly and changes that begin at conception and continue throughout life.
2. Transmission is very complex.
3. Development is influenced by an interplay of biological, cognitive and processes.
4. The actual material or a person's genetic heritage is known as__________.
5. The way an individual's genotype is expressed in observable and measurable characteristics is known as _________.
6. _________refers to the changes that follow an orderly sequence and are largely dictated by genetic blueprint.
7. contextual view of development emphasizes the role of environmental factors in the development of an individual.
8. Prenatal stage lasts for .
9. Environmental agents that cause deviations in normal development that can lead to serial abnormalities or death is known as _________.
10. Imaginary audience and personal fable are two components of adolescents _________.
11. Allows the child to apply logic more abstractly and hypothetical thinking also develops.
a. Sensorimotor
b. Formal Operational
c. Concrete Operational
d. Preoperational
12. Which is the immediate environment setting in which the individual lives.
a) Mesosystem
b) Exosystem
c) Microsystem
d) Chronosystem
13. Genes exist in isolation and development occurs within the context of an individual's environment - State whether the statement is (True or False)
Theory Questions
1. Define the word Growth and Development?
2. What is maturation?
3. What is genotype and phenotype?
4. What is Evolution?
5. Explain the context of development of Urie Bronfernberner?
6. Explain the Indian context of development according to Durganand Sinha?
7. What are teratogens and how they are affecting prenatal stage development?
8. What are the various major reflexes seen in the new born?
9. Explain the cognitive development in childhood according to Jean Piaget?
10. What is cephalocadal and Proximodistal sequence of development?
11. What are the various characteristics of Pre operational development?
12. Explain moral development theory of Kohlberg?
13. Explain the concept delinquency?
14. What is substance abuse?
15. Explain various eating disorders?
16. Explain the cognitive development in adolescents?
17. What are the various observable features in old age?

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