CBSE Class 10 E Publishing And E Office Worksheet Set B Solved

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Worksheet for Class 10 Other Subjects E Publishing And E Office

Class 10 Other Subjects students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for E Publishing And E Office in Grade 10. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 10 Other Subjects will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

E Publishing And E Office Class 10 Other Subjects Worksheet Pdf

1. A) Which of the following activities will be handled under cyber law:
i. Stealing mouse from an office.
ii. Deleting some files, images, videos etc. from a friend’s computer with his consent.
iii.Sending a friendship request to an unknown person.
iv.Harassment through emails and web chatting messages.
B) Help Anubhuti in identifying suitable protocols for the following purpose:
i. To transfer files on the internet.
ii. To remotely login a customer’s PC to provide him technical support.
C) How a Hacker is different from a Cracker? Mention any two netiquettes.
Shivansh, a class IX student has just started using internet. Explain him the use of browser application along with the name of any two popular browsers. Also suggest him a web based office application name through which he can write, edit and collaborate in a document from anywhere-anytime.
2. A) What are the two orientations available under page setting? 
B) How the term table and cell are related with each other in „Writer‟? Explain with the help of an example.
C) Mr. Ramashankar has written a document on the topic “Global Warming” in word processing application named “Writer”. He wants to check his document for spellings. Help Mr. Ramashankar by telling him the main steps for the same.
D) Ms. Aditi, an editor in a leading newspaper has received an article on “Seven wonders of the world” in which she has to exchange the word “Taj Mehal” with the word “The Taj Mehal”. Which tool she should use and how?
E) Define the term main document and data source with reference to mail merge option.
Briefly mention the main steps of Mail Merge.
3. A) Which symbol is used to be placed in front of the column letter and row number in a cell reference to make it absolute reference?
B) Ms. Shipra, an IT professional in a Global Educational Institute has created following performance sheet in a spreadsheet application. Help her in writing functions to find out maximum marks, total, average and remarks

CBSE Class 10 E Publishing And E Office Worksheet Set B Solved 1

Note: Remarks is based on the average as per the following criteria:
What is a chart in any spreadsheet application? Discuss the importance of charts briefly. Mention the name of any four types of charts commonly used in any spreadsheet application.
4) A) Sanya is working on her social science project work. She is facing following issues with the images used in the project:
• One of the image is small in size and she want to enlarge the physical size of the image
•  She needs the mirror image of the photograph. Suggest the suitable tools for the same.
B) Sachin has to send his photograph to the passport office for the processing of his passport but his photograph clicked by the photographer is very dark due to insufficient light. Which colour tool will he use to lighten the color pixel of the photograph. Also write the steps for the same.
5) A) Mention the full form of the following:
i. TIFF                   ii. JPEG
B) What is e-Publishing? How it differs from traditional publishing? Mention any two main advantages of e-Publishing.

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